Tuesday, December 30, 2014

really short one! Happy new year!‏

Well, this is oging ot bbe about three lines! Christmas was good! We had crapes and I got to talk to my family! Gotta love my peeps! We really didn't get a lot of days to work becuase of the rules down here in mexico, but this week we are hoping to get better! Hope everyone has a great new year!   I can believe tht we are already in 2015! I don't know why I am writing in italics now, but anyways.... We got to have an awesome lunch on christmas and we are planning on baptizing the familia orihuela hernandez this saturday!!!!! yay!!! IT should be awesome ! Please pray for them: Gerardo, Concepcion, Belen, and Miguel so that everything goes smooth for this week! I love you all! thanks for reading this weeks addition of "Mexican Memories" by Elder Norr! We hope to see you on this same page at this same time next week! Remember thtat God loves you and the christ died for you! Stay strong, and stay worthy of the blessings and protection that the gospel provides, because trust me, I know that it has great power! 

Elder Norr

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