Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good week!‏

Today has already been a really fun day! We decided to go take the bell tower tour (recommended by President Stutznegger) in the 500 year old catholic cathedral down in the center of the city. It was interesting. We got to walk up some really cool spiral stone stair cases, and then when we finally got up on top of the roof, we got to walk around and take pictures and stuff! It was pretty sweet! Sister Stutznegger told us that from the top, you can see the mexican city temple, but it was a pretty hazy day. 

Also, we had quite a few investigators come to church with us on sunday! We are hoping to baptize guadelupe's family this saturday, but first we are going to have a wedding in the morning!!!! Should be exciting!!!! Our ward mission leader brought his dad to church and he has been taking some interest in the gospel, and we also are working with an incredible woman named Prisila. 

So it was getting kinda late, and we decided to knock on the doors of the people that were obviously home on that street. We almost get down to the end of the street, and we decided to knock on another door. We knock, hear "it's the mormons" from inside the house, and then a 30-35 year old worman (prisila) walks out, opens the door, and tells us to come on in. She told us that she had asked the elders to come visit her over a year ago and they never went.... but we got there!!!! She said that she was looking for a church and then she remembered her friend Ingrid. She said she looked that she had a stable, nice life and that she was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints! THANK YOU INGRID! So we have been teaching her, and she has accepted the baptismal date for the 4th of July!!! Great way to celebrate independence day! From sin! haha

Well, other than that, we've just been having fun and working hard. The mission is going great, but I can't believe that here in a week or 2 I will be going into my last cycle. But life is good, and it only gets better! I hope you all know that I love you and the lord loves you! May he bless you in this upcoming week! The church is true! If it weren't, I wouldn't have come down to mexico for 2 years!

Have an excellent week!
Elder Norr
Also we were in luck!!!!! We ran into a world fair in the middle of the city! Got to go see tons of different people from all over the world sharing a little bit of their culture! Pretty awesome!

 This is a wooden staircase at the top of the bell tower! Each beam is one piece of solid wood! It is over 200 years old!
 These are the pictures that we took TODAY! We went into a 500 year old catholic cathedral and we went on a tour of the bell tower. They have tons of bells and really cool staircases. It was kinda weird being in a catholic cathedral taking a tour while there were church services, but it was also a really cool tour.
This is the familia Macedo! They are such an incredible family and probably one of my favorites! They are just so great! They gave us those hats that we have on! They say "MEXICO" on them! 

These are just pretty much some pictures from moving crew a few weeks ago

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We're still going strong!‏

Hello there everyone! I hope you are all doing very well on this fine day! I know that I am! This morning we got up and went to our area early for a service project; we rebuilt a roof! So we get there at about 8:30 and we go to get the laminate pieces. I was thinking like 4 or 5 feet tall laminate pieces that are about 3 feet wide that would way about 15 lbs! ummmm..... no...... We get there to pick up 30 FOOT LONG LAMINATES that are about 4 feet wide and weigh 120 lbs! Ummm..... this should be fun! So we had to carry 5 of these bad boys out of the factory and to the members home. after taking 3 we decided "let's just take the last 2 together"..... UGH! That thing was a beast! Holding 240 pounds of laminate above your head between 6 people doesn't sound that bad, but it was still pretty tough. Then came the fun part! Taking rickety wooder ladders and leaning them up again the house and holding this thing about our head and passing it to the elders and member that were up top! It was tough, but it was a really fun service! 

Rainy season has gotten here early!!! Really early! So it has been raining every afternoon at about 6 o'clock. The dark clouds settle in and the rain pour out. The first few days I didn't have an umbrella, but there was one specific day that we were walking and Elder Blotter DID bring an umbrella, but there was sadly not really room for two.... No big, I didn't mind getting a little wet. We were walking on the sidewalk of one of the main roads in our area and I look over at Elder Blotter cause we were talking. Cars had already been going past us, but while looking over, out of the corner of my eye I just see a red mini cooper that is flying down this road and all I see out of the corner of my eye is that this guys car is about a foot off the sidewalk and going through an ENORMOUS 25 foot long puddle up against the curb..... dang it....... I only see a 6.5 foot wall of water that punches me in the face and soaks me with dirty backed up drainage water.... It was cold. Elder Blotter was on the other side of me so he didn't get as wet, but I just got soaked! Anyways, that day we were walking around and we were just getting wetter. We decided to go with a very less active man that hasn't bee to church in over 20 years, and he is only 40. We show up to his house soaked to the skin and he lets us in. We felt we should share a conversion story about the anti-nefi-lehitas. We explain it and how they were truly converted to the gospel.... PAUSE

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: This man is inactive for some issues that his parents had with their marriage, and he still is holding an awful grudge towards his father and another member of the church.

PLAY: He looks at us as we are discussing a little bit, and he asks a question: "How did they forgive the people that killed all of their family members and friends? I have noticed that I have very strong feelings that I need to fix, and I would like to know how they did it so that I could also do it."

This was an AH HA moment because we had been wondering if this man was really understand that he needed to change. THis man had been thinking and was guided by the spirit to know that he needed to change. What a miracle!

This email is getting pretty long, but I just wanted to post an update on the familia Acosta Velazco. They are doing great! We are hopeing they get baptized next saturday! They are such an incredible family and I love them very dearly! I hope you can include them in your prayers!

The weeks get faster, but I am also noticing that I am learning even more things! The adversary is just a liar and a distractor. He doesn't have the power to remove answers from God or spiritual experiences so he just does his best to put so many things into our mind (including doubts, hobbies, business, job, etc.) that we get distracted enough to not remember the good things that we have recieved from God. Opportunities are like the bus. Even though we are waiting for them, all the adversary wants to do is distract us just long enough so that when we come back to our senses the bus has already passed. I know that christ came to help us overcome our weaknesses and be able to take advantage of the opportunities in our lives. He loves us. He has done everything for us. I know that the atonement really happened! It is the greatest sacrifice in history and even though not in history books, it is the historical event that we should know the most about. I know God lives and watches over us! I know you can all feel his love if you want to! Look for him every day! Help other find him! I know people are prepared for all of us!

Have an excellent week! Thank you for all of your love an support!
Elder Norr