Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Soul Searching...

Well, you are probably wondering why I put such a corny title to my email this week, but I'll tell you why! I no longer feel stressed, ovrewhelmed, or down! You know why? because after 10.5 months of serving my mission, I have finally decided to be myself! I realized that when I got set apart as a representative of christ, I became lame... I have been trying to be someone that I'm not for the last 10 months of my mission, and the truth is that I was pretty much lying to everyone! So, this last monday night I got thinking about who I am and what is really important in the mission. I made my list, and I decided to be the person I have always been. The truth is is that I like to talk to people, I like to talk about the gospel, and I like to have fun and be myself. This week... I DID IT! Just decided that I'm not going to suffer trying to fit into everyone elses expectations! I LOVED THIS WEEK! It was easier to get up, to do exercise, to eat, to love my companion, to love the members, to ENJOY THE MISSION! 

Ok, so now that my incredibly deep testimony about who I am is over, lets talk about what went down this saturday..... BAPTISM!!!!! This time Jacobo! The darker skinned man that was taking photos outside the church with his brother in law! It was so great, but we had a couple of challenges... First of all, the ward decided to show up to clean the church while we were getting ready. The put the chairs up and mopped, leaving a "wet floor" sign, don't pass plastic stand thing! so, after waiting a while to enter the church again, we put the chairs back and started the baptism. It was awesome! This next weekend we are going to baptise jorge and carolina, but we need to see if we can get them married first.... either way, jacobos baptism and confirmation was so great!

Mexican Rain! Just a heads up, monsoon season in las vegas doesn't come close... So we had to go the part of our area that is farthest from 
our house. We left with clear blue skies and just our satchels and shirts. We walk the 30 blocks to get to where we were going to meet with other eldres to get some papers, and it begins to sprinkle. Ah, no big... Half way crossing the street I was afraid we were going to have another noah's ark moment. We got soaked before even crossing the street and then we decided that we were already wet enough with dirty rain that we needed to head back to the house... I was so soaked, you could see my skin through my shirts and my pants went that uncomfortable thick, hard, soaked feeling while my shoes became little titanics, slowly filling up with water until it became uncomfortable to walk... and you know what? I LOVED IT! These are the types of things that make memories and help us be grateful. Rainy season has officially started until october and this same thing is probably going to happen at least a couple times a week...

I really don't have much time because we need to go to the family home evening in the church, and this keyboard is chafa (sucks) and I can't even type a word without some kind of problem. Thsi is going to be a short one, but it still has all the same love. I appreciate all the love and support you guys give me! 

I would just like to end with my testimony. This church is true! I know that christ lives and directs his church! I testify that God wants to make us better, but we need to use what we already have first! I know that we are each where we need to be, and if we do our best, we willa ll be in the same place someday! (celestial kingdom) I hope you all have a great week!

Love ya!
Elder Nathan Bill Norr

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another crazy week!

Well how are you all doing? I hope you guys are all doing good because this week has been a crazy one! So let's start off with tuesday; so we get a call from the secretaries and we have to go to polanco (one of teh wealthies areas in the city). I thought "ok, if we "have" to go haha so we got up early and we set off for polanco. My son, Elder Cuscagua finally got to experience the metro haha there were literally people shoving people in and pretty much crushing people against the walls of the train to get in. I literally couldn't take deep breaths there were so many people haha but we get there and all the elders went in for there visas, but I had to stay out with Elder Smith who came with his comp. What do two missionaries do in the richest area in Mexico City do when they don't have anything to do? They go to teh ferrari-maserati dealership around the corner to look at awesome cars! It was pretty awesome and then we went to a jewish store that sells a lot of american candy and stuff. I bought some bit-o-honeys! WHOO!
After all this we go back and then my comp finishes and we get on a bus taht is going to take us to the metro... well that's what we thought... The bus parks and the driver tells us to get out... Umm. dude, I gave you 10 pesos to get us to the metro... He tells us that the metro is completely in the other direction and that we need to take another bus that will leave in about 15 minutes... Lame. It was soo hot too! We finally get back to teh offices to get our backpacks and head back when the secretary tells us we can't leave or he'll be alone. He calls the elders that are still in Polanco and they say they won't be back for another 3 HOURS!!!!!....... So we were pretty much in the offices reading the conference ensign and stuff til they got back, but it was pretty chill :)
Wednesday: We are already awake, are eating breakfast, and studying when I get a call. The assistants... Hey you guys have to come to "los reyes" to the zone conference because you guys missed it yesterday... So we throw on the suits and head for the stake center in "los reyes" which is about an hour away in the hot, muggy metro... The good news, president is such an incredible man! He truly does talk with such a strong spirit and wants us to be better. He really does help me get excited about missionary work. I am going to miss him when he leaves in 3 weeks....
Thursday we had weekly planning and that was pretty fun!
Friday was the only day we actually worked all day and that felt pretty cool :)
satuday..................... DANIEL'S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
So, Daniel has been incredible! He has changed so much and i can see the love that he has for God and also the Love God has for him! He loves the book of mormon and he is the baptism I have waited all my mission to teach! his buddy from the ward baptized him (gerardo). but when he came out of the water he was smiling one of those huge smiles that you see in the grinch movies! He was so happy and when he shared his feelings after the baptism he said "they say that when you come out of the water, you feel different... and it's true!" I literally almost cried in this baptism! he is such a great man and I know that he will be an awesome convert!
Oh, and the investigators that you guys saw in teh pictures last week are going to get baptized in 2 weeks and are progressing so well! they like the bible so we are to look for lots of stuff from the bible now too (kinda harder for me), but they are so great too!
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Just letting you guys know.. I got TWO wonderful sons in the mission and I feel so blessed that the one that I am not with now called me up last night at like 10 to wish me happy father's day! :) That made me feel pretty good.
I am so grateful for the father that I have in my life and the incredible example he has always been for me; not just in the world stuff, but also in his dedication to serve God and magnify his calling. I have never seen my dad raise his voice and he has always helped me to understand the "why" of things and has always been there to love and support me (of course with my mom too). I love my parents lots and I thank them for giving me the example.
Families can be together forever through priesthodd ordinances! I know that I want to be with my family someday forever and I want the families here in mexico to be there too because I think you would all get along just GREAT! ;) Hope everything is going well and know that I am doing better. One step at a time. My comp shared a great example with me this week. In our lives we walk our path by sight and light, but then sometimes we come to a part where there is a giant dark hole in front of us. That is when we have to jump with faith in god that somewhere in the darkness we will find the path again. Sometimes we are going to have to fall for a bit, but if we jump with faith, God will support us in our trials!
Love ya lots! Be great! Go To church! Say your prayers! Read your scriptures! and Don't eat weird stuff, because it does damage! haha
Love Elder Norr
here is daniel's baptism! It was so awesome!

So we went to Tacos el "pecador" this week because they have some of the best tacos in all of Mexico City! It's like 10 blocks from my house! It is absolutely delicious and comes with my own bag of super spicy green salsa!

 My comp's chair just split in half this morning while he was eating his breakfast!
 I have decided that buying groceries in mexico is SO CHEAP! All of this food for the week cost me about 14 dollars!!!!!! LOVIN IT!

I'm more healthy than I thought...‏10 months out

So this week has been a good one! We had some pretty awesome and unforgettable experiences and I think that this has been a successful week! We have some pretty crazy plans right now so I only have like 5 minutes to write this letter...
First off, Photo shoot after church! So Jorge, Jacobo, and Carolina came to church with us again this week! They truly have been prepared by God to accept this gospel! I go outside after church and Jorge is taking a picture of Jacobo on the backside of the church. I told them we could take pictures in front of the plaque and they said awesome. We went out front and they were saying how they are going to send these pictures to all their friends to let them know about how awesome this Gospel is. They start posing and we are taking pictures. One of them has the book of mormon and the other the bible and we took a bunch of pictures with them! They have a date for the 21 of June!
second! Daniel! This guy is awesome, but he has been going through some problems lately with finding work. He won't accept a Job if he has to work on Sunday! He is truly such a great example for me! He is so ready to get baptized this saturday!!! I am so excited for him! I truly love this gospel and it is so sad to see people being held back by teh mischeivious behaviour of the adversary. The important part.... God will ALWAYS WIN! I know that this is just a small moment and that this Gospel will bless the life of Daniel and ours if we live it well!
Went to the psychologist and she gave me some exercises to do every 2 days and I have been doing pretty awesome! I feel more relaxed, but I would love to have another 3 or 4 hours in each day to be able to get thing done! We get up, do exercise, eat, get dressed, study, work, eat, work, eat, plan, sleep. It passes so quickly sometimes.... OH NO! 10 MONTH ALERT! This is weird... I still remember the airport in vegas when i said goodbye to the "padres"... Time really does pass so quickly!
Ok, so I am actually a lot healthier than I thought! We went with Dr. Herrera today to check my knee (the psychologist told us to go with him) and he also fixed an ingrown toenail. I asked him to check my colitis. He did and said "what colitis" Your intestines are just a little inflamed. Here are some meds and in a couple of weeks you'll be good, but don't eat lots of salsa. Turns out that the other doctor misdiagnosed my colitis and gave me that diet... DIET OVER! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also had to get my knees injected again... Kinda sucked, but that's ok :) Turns out that that little piece of my knee that always moved when I bent my knee was one of my ligaments. The doc injected me to take away the inflamation and fix the ligament. Healthy! Feelin good! Not to stressed! I testify that God knows that plan; we can find peace and comfort in that knowledge!
So we have to go, but I love you all lots and hope you guys are doing great! I truly know that this church is true, bt this week I have read lots about the pioneers and everything that they went throught to let us have this incredible gospel! I find my problem of people not wanting to talk to me in the street to be rather unimportant when compared to what they went through... I am so greatful for my parents for helping me have this incredible gospel in my life! The church is true! if you want to know that for yourself, don't ask me! Ask God! Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Norr
My comp and I decided to play avengers this week.. haha
My compe and I eating on friday! Chicken!

us with jorge, jacobo and carolina! They are so awesome

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blamin it on the parents... and I can't believe the members...

ok, so this week has been really different... We went to the doctor first off and went to the temple at like 9 in the morning. we get there, and they can't print my blood test results.... NO! We were at the temple til like 1:30... We then went back to our area (hour and 45 minutes) and ate. We then went back to where we did the blood tests and went to the temple... again. First off, I LOVE THE TEMPLE! It is truly a house of the Lord and there is no feeling like being on the temple grounds! We go to the doctor again and she pulls thw sheets out for my blood: What she said...
Now we move onto the brain scans...
"well, elder, you are 100% healthy...physically... But you have a problem with stress. You don't know how to relax and destress. That's why your body is having so many problems." Great! Apparently I don't handle stress too well... I wonder who i got that from?haha 
This week I have to go the the "pscycho"logist to get some help learning how to relax and express myself so that I don't explode or have more problems. All i can say, is that I'm blamin is on the parents.... haha

So, this week I am officially manding people to the Goma. That means that I do my best but when the leaders begin to chew me out for not doing everything, yep, that doesn't stay there. I realized that I have always been so focused on what the leaders yelled at me for not doing that I have overstressed and overstrained my body, and now I have to pay the price.... I have officially changed my point of few a bit and now whatever happens happens and I look to God to help me do more than what I can do on my own.

Ok, so the other thing before explaining the really spiritual stuff... I'm sick today.... Of the 1300 p├ęsos that we recieve each month, we have to spend like 750 pesos each on transportation... Needless to say, this months we ran out.... a week and a half ago. I have never had this problem before.... So last night, I at a piece of bread with some lime tea to help me relax while listening to Enya. That's right, I was living it chill. I finished my bread and tea and was still dying from hunger. I remembered that like 2 or 3 weeks ago some members gave us some bags of multigrain cereal. I grabbed my milk (that is not milk) and had myself about half a bowl. it tasted so bad that I had to stop eating it about half way. I wake up in the middle of the night "having to use the bathroom" and another 5 or 6 times in the next couple hours... The last time I was in the bathroom, the other missionaries asked me what I had eaten. I told them and they grabbed the bag. "expires January of 2014....."  Oh crap... That probably explains why.... So today I have lived with the family that talked to you guys on mother's day. I have slept a ton, and at one point, they turned on the TV and handed me the remote. Whoa! Lord of the Rings Moment! That wsa way too much pwoer for me! I just decided to turn off the tv after a minute or two and sleep. But today has been pretty good, just that I can't eat for another hour.... I am starving!!!!!!!

So, another part of my stress problems is my "diet". Yep, officially following the word of wisdom to a tee. I am now no longer allowed to drink soda, eat red meat, potatoes, broccoli, Coliflour, chocolate, fried pig skin called chichoron, fat, and french fries or anything else fried.... Yep, just fruits, veggies, white meats, jello, and red meat really sparingly... Yep, life is going to be good.

ok, so this week we had some awesome spiritual experiences.
First, we went with Jorge, Carolina, and Jacobo. We taught the restoration and explained a little bit about the book of Mormon. We asked jacobo to offer the final prayer and to ask God 3 questions: The book of mormon is true? Joseph Smith is a true prophet? and The church is true?. We told them we were going to wait a second after the prayer to see how we felt. We finished, and everyone opened their eyes.... except jorge... HE stayed there, on his knees, kind of moving back and forth. I said ok, and he didn't open his eyes. My comp and I looked at each other and then Elder Cuscagua says "jorge"... Nothing.... Again..."jorge"... This time like 5 seconds after, he responded "que?" (what?) we asked him to open his eyes. he opened his eyes and we asked him how he felt. He said that he was filled with peace and tranquilidad. (we just happened to talk about "how to recognize the spirit" in gospel principles) and we asked him if that would be an answer to his quiestions. He said yes!!!!! He promised to start reading the book of mormon! These people are chosen!

Ok, the other was with Daniel, the guy who struggles with depression. We taught the book of mormon and at the end of the lesson, we asked him if he had a question or doubt. He replied "for you guys? no. If I have any questions I will talk to God and see what he tells me. Ok, hay anything else? "nope, all the answers I need are right here (lifting up the book of mormon). My jaw (and my companions) dropped. This man is truly prepared by God to recieve this Gospel in his life.

I truly know that this church is true! And that i, in this time, have been chosen to be a representative of Christ! I love this work, and I know I am here to learn what God wants me to. Yes, that includes learning how to relax. I know that the things that I teach everyday are true and I stay here because I know that there are still people that need me!

I love you all. Don't eat expired food, it does damage. Take care of yourselves this week!

Love Elder Norr