Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nate's Homecoming Weekend

 My mom had a vision of this palm tree she really wanted to so for Nate's Party. Thanks to a handy son in law Ez build the structure and made it happen. It was a fiesta theme. Kimber made some really yummy churro cupcakes and 7-layer dip cups to tie into the tacos for the theme.
 She even cut the palm leave off of her plants in the yard

 That night after the party there was of coarse more swimming before was so hot it made it hard to not swim
 Sunday was Nate's homecoming. It was so good. Nate did an amazing job. Most missionaries talk about random people they taught without a real cohesiveness with the talk but Nate had a purpose to every story he told. After church Nate passed out the gifts he had brought home for everyone. They were really cool and beautiful.
 We also sat around and just hung out. Nate got out his guitar for Matt to play while we sang and just listened.

 It was a busy weekend and these 2 were feeling it. Don't they look so sweet together?!?
I think almost everyone got a nap on Sunday including these tired dads. Ez and Matt totally crashed
 That night while preparing for family prayer the kids were settled on the grass when Riggs decided to make it into a duck duck goose game. It was hard to not laugh eventually we got settle and completed family prayer.