Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The time goes by soo fast!!!!

Ok, so I am pretty sure I have no idea where this cycle went! This cycle has been so fast with Elder Cuscagua and I feel like it is going TOO fast! I obviously miss you guys lots, but I don't want to be home yet! This week has been a different one and I can honestly say that God has touched our lives and helped us meet with people that are really ready to accept the gospel!
First off, sad news.... We got a call from Laura and we went to see her. She was really sad looking and I knew that it had something to do with her parents. Just a little while earlier she came to my mind and the random thought that her parents had done something. We get there and she is outside her house. She explains to us that she has some debts and stuff and that her dad (even though she is 39) said that she is not allowed to live in that house if she is listening to us or going to church. Her parents are really irreligious and don't even really believe in God... It was so sad to have to leave her. She told us that she would read the book of mormon and within the next little while she is going to do everything possible to move out of her house and be able to get baptized. Satan really is trying to stop this incredible work, but as long as Elder Nor and Elder Cuscagua are living representatives of christ, HE WON'T WIN!!!!!!
Also, we went with Mario this week and his son told him that he got home after drinking lots and was inside the house asleep.... :/ his son is also listening and can progress but has a couple of issues that we are tryingt o work out right now, but we are going to do everyting possible! 
Ok MIRACLE ALERT!!!!! We were going to a lesson and a guy on the sidewalk said hi to us and told us that his brother asked him to find us and ask us to come over on monday night. We went, and he has truly been prepared by God to accept the gospel in his life! His name is Daniel and he suffers from chronic depression and has tried to take his life quite a few times, but now he wants to grow closer to god. He is separated from his wife and has a young son that he can't see. He wants so badly to be good. He has already read almost all the pamphlets and we are working right now on the plan of salvation to help him know a little bit more of the atonement and where he came from! He came to church, and he loved it! He is going to be baptized the 14th of june! we are so excited for him!
Ok, so now we are going to talk about Jorge, Jacobo, and Caroline! Jorge and Jacobo are brothers in law and they actually contacted us. We felt a little uneasy like they were going to rob us....but... they didn't. They asked us to go to there home. We get there and we teach the gospel of jesus christ: Faith, repentance, baptism, endure to the end, and exaltation and eternal life with God, Jesus Christ and our families. After teaching it, Jorge asks us "is that it?" Well yeah we replied. He then says "I can do more. I want to do more. I know I can help more people!" The angels literally decended down from heaven singing halleluah! This people are so incredible and they all came to church this week! I love them so much and I know that they will be incredible members if we can ehlp them feel the holy ghost and become converted!
So this week we almost weren't in the house.
Monday: went to the temple to the doctor and then the offices and stuff.
Tuesday: Daddy-son day with the president! Just kidding haha but it was with trainers and their kids to help us be better.
Wednesday: Went to chopo to do blood test and brain scans to see what's going on with me
Thursday: Weekly planning as a zone in the stake center
Friday: in the house, but we went to the paper store and bought me an awesome stress relieving ball with a smiley face on it! haha :)
Saturday: We studied in the house and ran all over looking for our investigators to remind them to come to church
So, our president has us doing something really great! Each week we study one gospel principle (all week) and then at the end of each week in our letter to the president we write what we have learned and bear our testimony. I would like to extend the same invitation to you all! This week I studied patiente (I wonder why). I invite each of you to read the scriptures a little bit each day about a specific topic to help you gain a testimony of the truth. To the people who don't have a book of mormon, you are going to need it :) please talk to the local missionaries!
I know this church is true and I know that this work (in the words of my mom) "is not for sissies" haha love ya mom! I know that we need to enjoy our lives because if we enjoy it, we will learn more from it! I was reading an incredible talk from the October General conference by Richard G. Maynes about how to gain a testimony. He explained that "like physical health, if we want to have a strong testimony, we have to pay the price of dedication, discipline, and perseverance! I know that this church is true and hope to see you all at the other end of this week doing great and still being awesome!
Love ya lots!
Elder Norr
P.S. WE still haven't been able to go to the doctor to examen the brain scans so we will have to talk about that next week!

Monday, May 19, 2014

well, only God knows...

this week has been really different.... We have been trying so hard to do everything we need to to help us find more people to teach, and I know that this work is really God's! We had lots of people that we contacted in the last week give us an appointment to return and visit them, and they were there! I have never felt the spirit so strongly in the lessons as I have this last week! I truly have a stronger testimony that this is the Lord's church! So, I am going to try to be better with letting you guys know about our investigators. First, Laura Flores. One word... "CHOSEN"! This woman is incredible and wants the Gospel so bad in her life. She has a 13 year old son that we still don't know, but she has such a great desire! In her guided visit of the church building, we explained the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy, showed her the sacrament table and the baptismal font. After the visit, she told us that she is going to quit her job to only work part time to be able to come to church and learn more about the gospel! I already love her so much! Then there is Mario Salazar. He is awesome, and came to stake conference with us. He has a couple problems, but he has the desire to grow closer to God and help other people. Another couple is Katia and Ernesto. They want to know more about eternal families and all of their questions fit perfectly into the plan of salvation! They didn't come to church, but I think they can progress great!
ok, so now that that part is done, we have some other stuff that went down. I got kinda sick on Friday night at he house of a member and we had to go to the doctor on Saturday morning... at the temple!!! we called all the doctors and all of their phones were shut off, so we called president and went to the temple to get checked out! I can honestly say that the spirit, even on the temple grounds, is so much stronger than other places. We got to he doctors office and there were a few other missionaries and a mission president. Got to talking to them, and the mission president knows Ez! His name is President Whitehead! Then, this sister named "sister Evans" came into the office. I hear her say that she is from Garland! I look at her for a second and then ask her if she has a brother in law named Dane Harris. Dear in the headlights look! It turns out that it is Liz's (dane's wife's) little sister! The world is small people! So it turns out that I don't do to well with stress... The doctor said that i have to go do some tests at the lab: a blood test and a brain scan! Yep, a brain scan! Apparently I need to learn to relax. No big, God knows what is going to happen and I have faith that he put me here for a reason and I still haven't reached my expiration date! :)
The church is so true! I can see it each day as we find willing brother and sisters who have the desire to remember what they once knew! I know that I am here for a reason, and only God knows what reason that is; but i can do everything in my power to help him fulfill that reason! Hope you are all doing great and if you have any questions, talk to the missionaries!
Love you all and hope you have an incredible week!!!
Love Elder Norr :)
I don't really remember the pictures, but one is Elder Cuscagua passed out on the bed and the others are us bowling, the mexican sunrise and the temple

Friday, May 16, 2014

not much to say...

Well, this week I don't have much to say because I spent 2 hours yesterday talking my families ears off haha :) This week has been good, but it hasn't been the easiest week; we find lots of people, but it is hard to get the people to commit to do the things that God wants them to do. I have truly come to a greater understanding of personal agency this week. The people have the right to make their own decisions, and if they don't want to accept the will and commandments of God, I'm not going to waste my time (kind of a strong statement, but it's true) As representatives of Christ, we are here to find the chosen people that will accept this incredible gospel and use it in their lives to have eternal life someday with their families. Many are called, but few are chosen! I will find the chosen ones!!! I love this gospel and I love all the incredible blessings and truths that I have in my life because of it! I know that I am here in Mexico to work hard, and I can honestly say that it is hard work to work hard. We have another 2 weeks before the cycle ends and we are going to do everything possible to prepare people to be baptized the next cycle! This work is God's work and nothing is going to stop it from moving forward! I know this church is true and I am a witness of this gospel. If anyone wants to know the TRUTHS of God, I will tell them! I love my family and I know that everything happens for a reason! God leaves each of us and wants us to be happier each and every day!!! We will see you on the flip side of this next week and I guess we will have to wait with faith to see what happens!!! :) Love ya much and hope you all have an awesome week! :)
Love Elder norr

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

9 Months Out----Ummm... THROWBACK!!!! 9 MONTHS?!?!?!

Ok, well the truth is that I don't have much to say this week, but it has honestly been a pretty hard week. We have been going out each day and talking to people and seeing what's up. We talk to lots of people, but this week we didn't have to much success with investigators. We had 2 this week and when sunday rolled around no one went to church. We have decided that now is the time to change. We have decided that we need to be more bold with the people because too many people here think  that we are just here to help them understand the bible... We are going to be more direct with the people because if they don't know what God wants of them then they will never progress. Our Zone Leader said something that really hit me today in our zone meeting. He said that if we cannot look our investigators and members in the eyes and tell them the truths of the gospel, we don't have a testimony of the Gospel.... Pretty strong right? But true! We need to be the disciples that Christ needs; the ones that will tell other people what the truth is even though the people may not accept it so warmly. I have been reading a lot of "our search for happiness" by M. Russell Ballard and he shared an experience that really got me pumped. He said that he recieved a call from some missionaries that sounded really excited. He asked them why and they told him that they had got him the opportunity to speak at a college of theology to help a bunch of ministers know why our church is true! He went in and had 45 minutes to talk and then the minister and people would ask questions. The first question was about the gold plates (book of mormon). The answer... READ IT! The second question "if we aren't baptized in the mormon church then we can't be saved?... Ok now you can probably imagine what he was thinking sitting in front of 45 leaders of other churches, but he said " thankfully god will decide who does and doesn't enter his kingdom, but i must be honsest in telling you that whatever eclesiastical authority that you profess to have in your church... is incomplete. WOW!!! I know that that question was meant for me because I have heard it so many times! The question that I now have is "are we willing to tell the truth to people about the gospel even though maybe they won't be so warm to the answer?" Tough question, but one we need to address. We need to focus on building a testimony of the truth! I know that a testimony is so important because it is th motor to our spiritual life!!! I know that God has given us the means to strengthen our testimony and then chances to build and share it! Ok, now I'm down (step down off my soapbox)
This week has been good! Elder Cuscagua loves salsa music and he is always dancing. WE have gotten so much closer and it is really as if he is my brother :) He is helping me learn how to dance salsa and then we are going to work on bachata, but I'm just sayin PREPARE YOURSELVES! I don't dance well, but who knows! :) haha
I can honestly say taht I have no idea what day we did  what this week. The weeks and days just blend into one! I wake up, do exercise, iron my shirt, make a smoothie, study for 4 hours and then we go to work. We eat at 2 and at 9 we get home. We plan for the next day and I shower and get into bed. Look at my journal and say "tomorrow". Wake up and here we go again! i can't even remember if the things that are coming to my mind we did this week or the last week! haha
I have decided that yes I want the days to pass quickly because that means I am working and will be able to be with my family, but I am really starting to understand how short the time is in the mission. My comp shared a comparison with me. There are 24 hours in the day and 24 months in the mission. We sleep 8 hours a day, eat an hour, prepare and hour and a half and study four hours as welll as walking like 6 hours a day. If we make the connection, then 8 months of my mission i am sleeping, 1 month eating, a month and a half preparing and doing exercise, 4 months studying the scriptures, and 6 months walking. That leaves us with about 3 months preaching the gospel. WHAT HAPPENED TO 2 YEARS??? I really had my eyes opened in that moment. We really need to use each day as much as possible!
So, now I have 9 months and I opened up my journal today to the day before i entered the MTC. I said so many things. I expressed my love for the gospel and my excitement to be open and spiritual about the truths I have learned in my life. I talked about wanting to be a warrior of the lord and I really can't believe how much time has passed! I need to be better! I know that we can do more! I am about running out of time, but you all know that this next week I will be calling the fam, unable to speak engish and crying, but that's ok! Just so my entire family can know. We will call on sunday in the afternoon. I don't know what time it is in vegas now that we had the time change, but we are planning like 5 or 6 in the afternoon. Hope everyone can get ready!
This church is true!!! I know it and I will say it in the eyes of anyone who asks! I know we need to humble about the things we do because the Lord doesn't just see what we do, but how and why we do it! God lives! Christ is his son and he lives and guides his church today!!! I love my family! Each and everyone one of you! The gospel changes lives!
Have a great week and know I love ya guys!!!!
Love Elder Norr
P.S. yes mom, they are apples in carmel with grape jello powder, a cup of sugar with raisins and dried apple chunks with who knows what else!!!!

These are the new omega 3 pills that i take to help with the change in climate in mexico to help me focus better and prevent problems with blood pressure. Only problem.... They are ENORMOUS!!!!!... More pictures next wee! Oh, and by the way, i found a new place to buy good knee bands, and what's better? they cost 6 bucks! SCORE!" Love ya bye
 ok, well my camara is being weird so here are some pics! This dog is awesome, but the family leaves is up on the roof all day and never plays with it.... We love playing with it each time we go to the house to wash clothes and it always comes running out from under this cement thing because it is excited to see us!!

Week in a minute... literally!‏

This week has wen't SOOOO FAST! I swear I was writing you guys yesterday! This week has been awesome, but like normal, it has had its ups and downs. To start off we found 7 new investigators this week: Martin, Carlos, Gilberty, Juana, Silvia, Jose, and Ester. They are in 2 groups of 3 and a man. They are awesome, but they are having a hard time committing to things and reallying jumping into the truth of this message... We were really excited for Sunday, but when we went by to pick everyone up, no one was going.... :/ None of our investigators went to church this week.... but that's ok, we are going to focus on the importance of the church this week to help these incredible people understand the importance of going to the house of the Lord each sunday.
Ummmm... This week has been pretty exhausting. We have done 15 contacts everyday and we have been really striving to have 9 lessons everyday! But we had lots of great experiences this week! One of which I will never forget. We were walking down the street, and I thought we should knock this door. I tell my son, Elder Cuscagua to start off. The door opens "hey we're representatives of......" Door closes... hard... My son turns to me like a deer in the headlights and doesn't know what to think. Then he starts to laugh and I told him that now he knows what it feels like sometimes to be a missionary. But other than that guy, we found lots of people who expressed interest in hearing this message. We have been focusing on making a plan for the contacts. A scripture from the bible to help people understand a little bit of what we're saying and then a testimony about the restored gospel...WORKS!!!
Everyone is talking about easter. I honestly didn't know that yesterday was easter... I know what day it is, but not the date. I have to ask someone if I want to know the date because time goes SO FAST!

I have been really focusing on my dependence on the Lord this week. I find that lots of times when things start getting hard, I just put my head down and think I have to truck through it. THAT IS NOT THE CASE! We, as the Lord's children, have the right to his help when we live worthily. I have really been trying hard to not think about what Elder Norr would do, but rather what Christ would have me do. I can honestly say that this week has been one of the happiest weeks of my mission and I have loved walking on the streets letting people know about this message!
I can truly testify that God loves us and he is there to support us in our trials. He wants us to be happy and helps us know how through scripture study, prayer, the holy ghost, the prophet, the ensign.... EVERYTHING. God has given us EVERYTHING to help us be happy, and we need to learn how to do those things. I know that God lives and that this is his church and his Gospel. I know that if we need help, we get on our knees, and then our feet, and God prepares the path. I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary! It truly helps me understand not only the spiritual stuff (which is incredible) but also the temporal stuff including what type of man I want to be. I know this work is a call from God to each and every one of us, and we need to answer that call with diligent service and obedience.
I love you all, and hope you have an awesome week!!!
Love Elder Norr
didn't take too many pictures this week..