Tuesday, December 30, 2014

really short one! Happy new year!‏

Well, this is oging ot bbe about three lines! Christmas was good! We had crapes and I got to talk to my family! Gotta love my peeps! We really didn't get a lot of days to work becuase of the rules down here in mexico, but this week we are hoping to get better! Hope everyone has a great new year!   I can believe tht we are already in 2015! I don't know why I am writing in italics now, but anyways.... We got to have an awesome lunch on christmas and we are planning on baptizing the familia orihuela hernandez this saturday!!!!! yay!!! IT should be awesome ! Please pray for them: Gerardo, Concepcion, Belen, and Miguel so that everything goes smooth for this week! I love you all! thanks for reading this weeks addition of "Mexican Memories" by Elder Norr! We hope to see you on this same page at this same time next week! Remember thtat God loves you and the christ died for you! Stay strong, and stay worthy of the blessings and protection that the gospel provides, because trust me, I know that it has great power! 

Elder Norr

Friday, December 26, 2014

Feliz Navidad‏

Well, it's beginning to feel a little bit like christmas!!!! Finally we are gtting some cooler weather down here in mexico! This week was sweet! First, serviced project! We ripped out some trees and got some sweet pictures, but I don't they were saved to the camera.... lame, I am gong to have to check that! Also, we found some of our other investigators! The familia lobaco!!! They are so great and we were in a lesson with the dad just answering questions that he had about the church and religion. That was cool!

I feel like we were vrey blessed this week with some awesome miracles! We went with quite a few people that said they had been praying that we went to their houses to see them, and we ended up showing up! :) Those were some really cool experiences!

Ward christmas party! So, we ( the elders) started off singing the "first noel" and then we shut the curtains. I jumped off stage to the piano and the curtains opened up with the other elders in santa stuff and we cranked out mariah careys "all I want for christmas is you"! It was SWEET!!!! Then we were voted by the audience to participate in the last act with the young men dancing to "I love it" by icona pop. That was an interesting experience haha 

Ok, so I don't really have much more to say because we need to run to see if we can find some peeps in their houses, but I know that christ lives. I just LOVE CHRISTMA!!!!!!!!! It truly is a time for love and service. And in mexico their may not be as many lights, but I still feel like I am home. I love the savior. I am his representative. I know that he came to this earth among the humblest of circumstances so that he could show us that even though we may be at the bottom, we may rise above the world and become like unto our father in heaven! I testify that this church is true! Share your testimonies!!!!!

Love Elder Norr

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Short One

Wow, we are almost at christmas! This week was really cool, but we didn't work too many days... ;/ We had the mission activity on wednesday and that was awesome! All the missionaries singing and being happy! It was such a strong spirit! Then we played sports and watched............FROZEN!!!!! but I didn't see hardly any of it cause I got sucked into a basketball game.... maybe someday! 
So this week we had some awesome spiritual experiences! Last monday we went with the familia orihuela and it turns out they have been having some family troubles... :( we were just talking to the dad, and the elders quorum president gets there. YES! So we had a pretty franc talk with the dad and I truly testify that it was a time of revelation, where the words weren't said, but they truly fell out of our mouths as the will of the Lord. It was such an AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!!! 
We found an incredible woman named Batseba and she is so awesome! She has awesome questions and we have a cita with her tomorrow!!!!!!

We have a ward christmas party this saturday so we'll see how awesome that goes! 

I think that's it for now. Changes are this week, but not for me or my companion!

I love the gospel! This church is true!!!!!!!
Elder Norr!
eating canelitas edicion navidad! Been looking for them for a month!
 My comp and I in our jammies!
 Me fixing our christmas tree!
Inventory report! How are your shoes??????

Monday, December 8, 2014

16 months... am I dead?

I think this one might be a short one! This week we had lots of cool experiences! First off, the christmas devotional! It was awesome! Wasn't it! I just love hearing the leaders of the church speak! Even though it isn't their voice and it's in spanish! I just felt the spirit sooooo strong! So, this week was good one, but it has had it's struggles.
Our investigators are doing good: They are as follows!
Familia Horihuela Hernandez (4) they are awesome and we have a family home evening tonight!
Familia Pineda (4) they are also sooo great, but we are working with teh dad on some addiction problems. 
Alejandra: She is like 40 and her boyfriend is 25. They are working on getting married so she can get baptized!
Miriam: She is struggling ot read and pray lately and hasn't wanted to go to church... 
I'm sorry I don't really include much about our investigators. It's just that we normally see them each 2 times a week and it's a lot to write down. We invited lots of less actives to come to church this week, but only 1 came. We have an asistance of 50 or so people including our investigators, and about 500 hundred members in our ward boundaries, so we have some work to do, but we're working!
We talked at a funeral last monday night and it went good! I felt the spirit super strong and we shared a nice message and sang a couple hymns for the people. 
We haven't had too much luck finding new investigators this week, but we just need to work harder! 
it's beginning to feel like christmas, but the mexican sun doesn't let us enjoy it too much, it is still pretty hot outside, but it's awesome in the mornings! 
What is that smell? Am I dead? Nope, that would be my clothing because I haven't washed it in 3 weeks... haha So in the mission, when people are "dead" it is because they have lots of time, or they don't really work well. We couldn't go with teh sister to wash last week so we have been out of clean clothing all week. I have never understood how incredible clean clothing is.
Spiritual Experience! So, we were just knocking on a door because we were thinking about where to go, when all of a sudden "sister seja" comes to my mind. va, so we go and she opens up the door. "ELDERS, I'm so glad you guys are here! My neighbor and I were just talking about you two! Could you please explain to him what you 2 do?" That was really cool. we had an appointment on saturday, but he wasn't home! We'll see if we can get him!!!!

So I think that's it! I love you guys! Don't doubt the testimonies that you have. As soon as we stop fighting, we stop winning and and satan then has a place to start causing mischeif! Be strong! May we lift up our head in faith, and lift up our prayers in humility so that god may lean us through out problems! I know the church is true! I know that no matter what our circumstance, our weaknesses, our shortcomings, as we live the gospel we will be blessed and strengthen! PLEASE! Share the video of "he is the gift" and if the people don't speak english, share "Él es la dádiva!" People will love it! You will be able to invite them to hear the gospel!
Go to mormon.org/christmas 
 I love ya lots!
Elder Norr

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dirty Jobs with Elder Norr

Ok, so we had lots of cool experiences this week, and also some weird ones. 

I went on divisions with my son Elder Chico (who is now my zl) and we burned his shirt for him completing a year in the mission. That was interesting :) Then we were out working the next day and this lady let us into her house. the spirit was super strong, and when we went to leave you reaches up and grabs my head and tries to kiss me. After fighting with her for a couple minutes, she lets go of me as I try to explain to her that she can't kiss me.

We have a family (the familia Orihuela) and he wanted to know who were the names in the book of mormon. I told him to read the introduction and then we would talk abou it the next time. The next time we go we are on splitz and I am with the Elders quorum pres and his wife. I ask Brother Orihuela to explain what is the book of mormon..... OH. MY. GOOODNESS. This man profetized. He explained exactly what the book of mormon was, down to explaining about the nephites and lamanites! I was so happy I almost started to cry in the middle of the lesson! The spirit was SOOOO Strong!

We were on our way home from our junta with the zone leaders to report, and also after having a ping pong death match and we were walking by this man, I felt the strongest feeling: "GO TALK TO THAT MAN." I stopped in the middle of the street and told me companion we needed to go talk to him. We went and talked to him for a minute, and he told us his name was Jose Luis, we asked if we could go visit him and he said "yeah, follow me, I'l show you where my house is." ok, so we go. He gives us a drink of water and we offer a pray with him, and then he keeps talking to us. HE explains to us (he doesn't know what church we are from), but he tells us that his brother, IN UTAH, gave him a copy of THE BOOK OF MORMON! He hasn't ready to much, but we are going to go see him tomorrow! It is gonna be sweet! 

Here in about an hour we are going to do something that I have never done. We are going to be speaking at a funeral of the grandpa of a family in our area. I don't really know what I am goign to say, but I pray that the spirit can help me bring peace and comfort to thse that are present.

Well, my hands is killing me because this keyboard is really tough, so there probably won't be any more capital etters. i know that the church is true and that thomas s. monson is our prophet today. i know that god loves his children soo much that he has prepared a plan of happiness, a plan of salvation by which we may recieve knowledge, peace, and testimony during hard times. I love jesus christ! I love this work! The time goes by sooo fast, but it's time for us all to pick it up! God is with us as we strive to keep his commandments. He will help us be strong! Hope you all have a great week!

Chao! Que tengan una bonita semana!
Elder Norr

good week

As you have probably already noticed, I am starting to lose the catchy email titles... I think about the week and I honestly cannot remember if the events happened this week or last week or really what happened! The weeks feel like they don't go by that fast, but at the end they just have gone by TOO FAST!
Well, this week I gave a talk in our ward and I talked about "supporting our load with ease" using the talk by Elder Bednar. I talked about how our load as member of the Church of Jeus Christ is missionary work! We have the celestial mandate to take the true gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people! What a great blessing! We also had an awesome lesson with a family of saturday. We watched finding faith in christ and the dad at the end just broke down crying saying how awesome the sacrifice of jesus cristo was! It was an awesome experience! He came to church with us too! 
Does happiness really exist? That was a question that I got this week. We were presenting ourselves to a less active sister and I told her that I was a happy person, she then looked at me funny and asked "is it really possible to be happy? Doe happiness really exist?" I told her that it does, and that by living the gospel we may receive it forever. To anyone who may be reading this email: Living the gospel brings true happiness, and peace, and Joy in an evermore unstable world. I know it. We also had a really cool lesson last night with a family that has been having some issues. The brother is an ex-missionary and asked us to share a message about missionary work. We felt that we should talk about the atonement. The spirit was really strong and the brother is goign to come with us on wednesday to do splits! super excited!!!!!
Well, I don't know if there is really too much more this week. I will try to remember more things for the next letter!
I know the church is true. I know it, and i don't dare deny it. God knows this and will give us confirming testimonies as we diligently strive to live the gospel in our lives and share it with those around us. We need the loads in our lives to give us traccion to some day be able to return back home to our father in heaven. I love you guys lots! I hope you guys can all talk to at least one person about the gospel this week and tell me how it goes!!!!! 
Elder Norr :)