Monday, April 21, 2014

Wow! What a week!!!!!! and "that wasn't there before..."

A la goma!!!!! This week has been CRAZY!!! This week really has been jam-packed with doing stuff and running all over the place, but thanks to the mercies of the Lord, we were able to get everything done:)
So, to start off, you guys probably want to know a little bit about my son. Can anyone say "GABRIEL CONTRERAS?!?!?!?!?!" First off, no. It's not really gabe, but its a twin, a tall, broad shouldered, smooth talking columbian twin!!!!! His name is Elder Cuscagua, and he is a champ!! We normally have to do things everyday to help him be able to teach basic principles and everything, but this time we might as well not even do it. He is absolutely incredible. He already teaches so well and he has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. Even though I have been in the mission longer, it is always so awesome to see the faith, testimony, and desire of the new missionaries that get here. He reminds me a lot of me (with the exception of being good at lots of stuff). He sees so many things and freaks out explaining that those things don't happen in his country, but he is getting used to the Mexican culture. I'm already so grateful to have Elder Cuscagua as my son, but I know that I also need to focus on helping him get better too.
Also, "are we moving? I'm pretty sure our house is moving..." Yep, an EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!" I was sitting there in my chair studying when all of a sudden i started to feel dizzy like I was on a boat and it was rocking. I was currently squeezing a rubber tube and I thought I was just so weak that it was making me light headed, but then Elder Lara looks at us and asks "are we moving?" I'm pretty sure were shaking....  We decided that we were currently feeling an earthquake. "cool, you guys want to go out on the street for a minute until it stops??" Sure. We went out on the street, and we felt the road moving beneathe our feet for about 5 minutes, but I will admit, it was really weird to be in an earthquake. We went back in the house and started talking about what it was on the scale. We all decided it was probably between 4 or 5. Turns out...... 7.5!!!!!!!!!!!! I was actually pretty disappointed.... I was expecting 7.5 to be a little stronger, but then we found out that it had started by acapulco and buildings had fallen and everything. The next day, it hailed so much, the streets looked like it had snowed! While it was hailing I swear we were about to have another noah's arc moments. Water was literally cascading over the houses and down the streets like rivers. sadly there was no one on the street or we could have had another baptism this week! haha
What else?? Oh yeah!!!! BAPTISMS!!! Yay! We baptized 2 young men this week! Their names are raymundo and moises! They are absolutely awesome and I know that they are going to be great members of the Church! Ray has already expressed the interest in serving a mission and is going to turn 18 in 3 months! They are so great, and I will add some pictures of them after this email! I can honestly testify that on the day of a baptism, Lots of things start to go wrong. It just goes to show how much satan wants to stop this incredible work. First, this week was "the holy week". There are lots of reenactments of the Life of Jesus in the streets and actually one night we were walking home (i think thursday) we cross the cualktemoc (wide avenue next to our house) and stop. ON the right are 30 people with giant silver vales walking down the street in military formation and to our left a legion of Roman Soldiers.... Elder, I think we should cross the street now.... haha, but nothing happened. This week was vacations for everyone so there weren't too many people home... We contacted lots, but especially with this being the "holy week" for all the catholic people, we didn't get many appointments. That's ok, this next week is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
So, I need a tie rack. I was up on our roof doing exercise when I saw a broken piece of our neighbor's antenna sitting on the roof in a pile of garbage.  hmmm.... i can use that! I cut up a metal hanger and I went to work and made my tie rack! haha it isn't the greatest thing in the world, but it holds my babies while they don't have the privelege of being worn for the day in the lord's work :)
So, we were walking through the tiangiis today and i don't know why, but I put my hand on my stomach. The thought comes to mind "I don't remember that being there before..." NO. It can't be! It is!!!! MY GUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I have almost 9 months in the mission. I thought I was gonna make it.... Obviously not... :/ It's not a big one, but it's definitely coming. A little bit of mexican cheese and bean lovin with some tortillas should help me give it a little more definition! haha but I definitely need to start doing more sit ups in the morning...
I am so glad to hear that everything i doing well, and I hope to continue hearing that you are all doing well!
I can truly testify that we need to take a proactive role in our lives and do so with a good attitude to really find happiness! I know that this church is true and know that God loves us! He answers our prayers and we need to learn to depend on him to fulfill our responsibilities in this life. The book of mormon is true and i am so grateful for the chance to have these 2 years to help people know more about it! We need to focus on doing the will of the lord each day! If we can do that, the weeks will be better and the weeks will be followed by months, years and finally a better life!! I love you all and hope you can all have a great week!
Love ya!!!
Elder Norr
here's my tie rack!
Elder Toxqui and I
 Elder Cuscagua and I
 Raymundo moises and I

Friday, April 18, 2014

That was a surprise!!

So this week was crazy!!!! It was great, but there were also some challenges. First off, we did like 70 contacts this week and we had no new investigators... That was kinda lame, but it taught me something that really hit me: we can't do what we've always done, or we will only get what we've always got. God does bless is if we are diligent, but we need to be smart too and work to be better each and every day. Am I going to give up?? Uh.... NO!! Obviously these are just things that sometimes are going to happen on the mission. No big, I know that God will bless us as we strive to be better and we work diligently! :)
Ok, so I am not going to lie, it is getting so hot here!! We are only half way through april and it's alread between 80 and 90 everyday with like 45% humidity. Just to help you guys get the feel here's a description. We walk down the street and I jsut feel sticky sweaty nastiness. Does that bug me? Not really, but it is a little uncomfortable to enter into someones home sweating like a pig and smelling not so lovely... I have been told that between april, may, and a little bit of June is teh hottest time of teh year and then it starts to cool down a bit and rain everyday!! So excited for that!!!
This week is going to be a good one! First off, I don't know how, but I'm pregnant again!!! Yep! The assistants called me and told me that TOMORROW I will be expecting a newly arrived missionary from the MTC! I am so excited because the missionaries from the MTC have so much spirit and desire to work hard to serve the lord. I'm not sure what he is going to be like, but I know that God has prepared him for me, and me for him. I know that together we will be able to transform this area! I'm a little nervous, but I know that with lots of prayer and support from God, these next 2 cycles are going to be AWESOME!!!!!!
So, we have a baptism this next week! His name is Raymundo and he is a champ! He comes to church every week and he is 17. He comes to young men's and loves to be with the other young men! We just need to work on his mom and family! Also, we were walking by this guy that was fixing his micro (public transport bus thing). We stopped and started talking to him a little bit. He caught me attention cause when he said hi to us, he mentioned teh mission. Ok, lets talk to this guy!!! So we got talking to this guy and his name is Juan Carlos; he is awesome and about 14 years ago he listened to the missionaries with his family. We just got talking to him and I'm pretty sure this man is chosen! First off, he has already read the book of mormon 2 times!!!! He has ready Gospel Priciples a coupe of times and knows a ton! We have an appointment with him on thursday and I am really looking forward to it!
This week I have focused on living grateful... for everything! I'm not going to lie, it isn't easy all teh time, but at the end of the day it is worth it! Also, I have really come to an understanding of why kids become adults on their mission. We really do hear all about teh problems with families and what happens when people don't do what the leaders of the church tell us. I have come to 2 conclusions: 1) I WILL NOT GET MARRIED TO SOMEONE THAT IS NOT DEDICATED AND CEMENTED TO THE GOSPEL! 2) I will ALWAYS make time for my family, even when I am super busy! These 2 things really do damage if we are not careful. I know that God loves us and wants us to be happy with our families forever. We always need to look for ways to strengthen our family! I am so grateful for a family and friends that love and support me so much!
I don't think anything else really happened this week, but I know that lots of great stuff are going to happen in this next week! I love this Gospel and know it's true. Being a missionary is not always easy, but I can definitely testify that it is worth it. God truly does give us all teh tools, the only thing we need to do is USE THEM!!! I know that our saviour lives and that he loves us and that we need to live each day worthy of his atoning sacrifice! This next week is probably going to be a hot one, but i know that God is preparing people for us to meet! I love you all!! Please remember that! I love and pray for you guys and hope the best for each of you! Thank you for the support and I hope you all have an incredible week!!!!
Love Elder Norr

P.S. I didn't mention Elder Toxqui much! He has been such an awesome companion for me this cycle and he has definitely become one of my Carnales! He is so patient and I hope we can be companions later in my mission! We get along so great and we have never had an argument with ANYTHING. WE both love music and we were always singing stuff in teh streets! I am really going to miss him, but I know that my new son will be great too!

me and my comp with all the young men! 
Me and elder Toxqui! Elder Toxqui and I with Raymundo!

hey, I started buying stuff for you guys! Here are a couple things that I bought. Tell me if there are things like this that you would like!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just gettin robbed again...8 Months Out

Well hello there you incredible people! This week has been great! First off, no. I did not get robbed this week, but I knew it would catch some attention and give you all a little more desire to read this quickly. Things have been going good, but we are running into some problems. We found 7 new investigators this last week (2 weeks ago) but this week, we didn't really find anyone. And the people from last week seemed to disappear... We pass by, but they aren't home for the appointment. We leave a card expressing our love for them and ask them to call us to set up another appointment, but that's about it.... Discouraged????? PSYCH!!!! NOPE!!! That just makes it easier to weed out the people who really have an interest and desire to know more about this gospel! I truly love all of these people, but they have their agency to choose. I love being a representative of Christ, and I know that we will find people to teach as we search and contact with faith. I know that Christ lives and that we are his servants here in Mexico to help people understand his Gospel. This week is going to be great! I can feel it in my bones! Hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Norr.............................
Wow, that would be a really lame letter if I didn't say anything about what happened this week! So, we have kinda been on the slow end this week. We have been contacting lots of people, but we haven't been having much success, but ......AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (choir of angels) we found an INCREDIBLE WOMAN named Maria De La Luz. She let us into her home and inside here home was a 5 foot tall statue of the "virgin Guadelupe" (look it up if you don't know what it is) She was telling us a little bit about herself and she really needs the gospel. She told us lots of stuff and told us that she wants us to help her find answers in her life because it gets crazy sometimes. I know that she will be able to progress. She talks really direct with us and lets us know her thoughts (al fin!!!!!) I know that she can progress!
Ok, so now we get to the other stuff! CONFERENCIA BEBE!!!!!! So, this time, the conference was an interesting experience. First off, we get there, and there is only one room set up....huh, weird....where do we white people watch this lovely conference. I go talk to the stake president. "oh, we don't have keys to the other room.... YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH IT IN SPANISH!!!!" Well, I can truly say that I KNOW NOTHING!!!! haha I understood mostly everything, but then I put my head down to write a note or two, look up, and.....BAM!!!! What is he talking about again???? NI IDEA!!... :/ it was hard to understand, then try to write notes while still listening and understanding and then return to listening... But it was an interesting experience. Something that I will say, it is not the same when you don't listen to the voices of the people speaking. needless to say, we got the keys to the room and we watched the next session and the priesthood session in english! First off, spanish 101 Planchar (means to iron clothes) is also used as chewing out or to correct someone firmly. I can honestly say that the priesthood session planched us all (hope you understood that) They talked with so much power and authority and they said so many incredible things that I will remember forever!!! First, we need loads in our life. If we don't have loads, we will never have the traction necessary to move us forwards. Also, DON'T SLEEP THROUGH THE RESTORATION!!!!! PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... PLANCH! That is something that really touched my soul. How many of us are "sleeping" when we should be helping the lord accomplish his work. Another thing that came to mind. Sleep walking is still sleeping. We can't just go through the motions. We need to dive in and be prepared to do what the lord wants us to. As a missionary of our living savior Jesus Christ, I have seen what happens when people sleep, or at least start to nod off. Here's a question (i'm pulling out the soap box) what happens if you are driving a car and you fall asleep? Well that obvious, you will go off course and likely crash. It is the same principle in our lives. We can't be cruising and let ourselves sleep. WE WILL CRASH!! Even I as a missionary have my moments when I start to nod off at the wheel. I testify that we need to stay away and stay focused because that is what is required to be able to reach our destination. I know that God loves us all more that we can possible imagine. I know and testify that truth is truth, no matter what we want to believe, and that truth will always be fought be that which is false. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I may be imperfect and stumble at times, but I have the desire to stand and walk again. I invite all to do so. It doesn't matter who we are, what we have done, or what we are going through. The gospel will bless our lives and bring us safely back home to our father in heaven! I know that God and his son Jesus Christ live and that Christ leads this church today. I love you all and wish you the best. Hope you have a great week and remember that this gospel is for living!!!! (hope that made sense)
Love ya all!
Elder Norr

 here are a couple of pictures that i took with the people from my ward! Karla and maricela, Presidente Herrera (he injected me), Hugo Olimpo (first baptism) and Elder chico and I!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

People are ignorant....

Wow, otra semana ya se fue!!!!!
I really can't believe that we are starting week 5 of this transfer! I am going to be really sad if Elder Toxqui or I have transfers this next cycle... So, I appreciate the letters that you guys send me! I'm not going to lie, I will always love all of you, but I honestly feel like p-day just slows us down some time... Sometimes, I wish we would have p-day every 2 weeks because after each p-day, we have to get back into the groove for the week, and then BOOM... P-day otra vez!!! I was asleep on my bed today and the alarm went off at 3 to tell us it was time to come write. I literally didn't want to move... We try to work so hard everyday so that the Lord can put us in the paths of others to help them find the restored Gospel, and honestly, this week has been a tough one...
So, this week we had a zone conference with our president, President Morales, and lots of issues were addressed that Elder Toxqui and I needed to improve our teaching and contacting. President Morales asks that we teach 9 lessons a day, do 15 contacts, have 2 new investigators, and a guided visit of the chapel each day! It's not always easy to meet all of those standards. We got back, and I was ready to work. President also told us that when we do contacts, we need to identify ourselves as Representatives of Jesus Christ. That is something that I think at times, we don't understand the importance and power of that. So we got to contacting. We starting contacting people in the street. One lady: "hola, nosotros somos... (english sorry) Hey, we're representatives of Jesus Christ, I'm Elder... and I'm elder... , but who do we have the pleasure of meeting?
her: oh, i'm .....
us:Ok great, we share  message of christ, and how we can apply his gospel to our lives and also to our families to help us someday be able to return to his presence as eternal families......
her:Ok, well that sounds great, but i'm really busy.....
us: ok that's fine, when can we pass by?... 
her: I don't know... I work a lot..
us: ok, sister, lots of people don't understand who we are. We are representatives of christ sent here at this time to help you be able to return to the presence of God....
Her: That's fine, but i just really don't have time to listen to this message.
Us. You don't want to hear the message that God sent to you? or you don't want to listen to us
Her: I don't want to listen to you, but I don't want to hear the message either.....
Us: ok then, we can't do anything to help you then... Have a nice day.
It is so frustrating because I know that people understand what we are saying, but they aren't willing to accept it. Too many people are so comfortable in their lives, in their church, and they don't want to here the truth...
But, I don't lose hope!!!! I KNOW WITH ALL MY HEART THAT GOD IS PREPARING PEOPLE FOR US TO TEACH!! We just have to work harder to find them!!! We have had lots of cool stuff happen this week and hey, remember that lady that hurt her back and we gave her a blessing last week?? Well, she is walking again!!!!! I truly testify of the power of the priesthood in our lives and I bear my solemn witness that priesthood blessings are from god to bless the lives of his children!!

ok, so I am going to be honest. I have been pretty terrible about telling you guys when we have investigators, and when we are going to baptize. I will be quick! This lady's name is Concepcion Olvera and she is almost 80 years old! We found her about 3 weeks ago when we were talking to her daughter Soñia. They were both going to be baptized on saturday, but there was a little problem and we are focusing on soñia for one of the following weeks! These 2 ladies have fallen in love with the gospel and are such great people! They come to church each week and the first time we talked to them about the commandement to keep the sabbath day holy, they both said "no problem, we won't work until the afternoon on sunday!" I LOVE THESE LADIES. They are great and I know that they will be strong members. The baptism was great! We baptized as a zone, and 7 people were baptized! It is so exciting to see people be able to enter into the waters of baptism and leave chirldren of God! :) I love this "job" of being a missionary. We don't get paid, but we recieve a higher wage that most. I love the gospel with all my heart and know that if we follow it faithfully we will be happy and will be able to see the hand of God working in our life!!!
I don't know what else to put, but I love you all and I know without a doubt that this church is true. About the contact that I put up... I sent it by accident. I don't want you guys to judge the lady. it is not our place to judge the decisions of others. Please don't pay much attention to that. It is my fault for sending the mssage on accident. Please, use your own agency wisely and remember that god loves you!!!! Please, help the missionaries in your wards!!! I love you all and will talk to you guys this next week! Sorry that I haven't sent many pictures lately, but my memory card is full and my flashdrive has a virus. I don't want ot infect my photos so I will work on buying a new memory this week to help you guys know what's going on!
This church is true. The time of christ is definitely getting closer, and I know that if we work hard, then God will bless us with success. Everyone needs this gospel! Love you all again and hope everyone has a great week!!!!
Love Elder Norr :)