Monday, December 8, 2014

16 months... am I dead?

I think this one might be a short one! This week we had lots of cool experiences! First off, the christmas devotional! It was awesome! Wasn't it! I just love hearing the leaders of the church speak! Even though it isn't their voice and it's in spanish! I just felt the spirit sooooo strong! So, this week was good one, but it has had it's struggles.
Our investigators are doing good: They are as follows!
Familia Horihuela Hernandez (4) they are awesome and we have a family home evening tonight!
Familia Pineda (4) they are also sooo great, but we are working with teh dad on some addiction problems. 
Alejandra: She is like 40 and her boyfriend is 25. They are working on getting married so she can get baptized!
Miriam: She is struggling ot read and pray lately and hasn't wanted to go to church... 
I'm sorry I don't really include much about our investigators. It's just that we normally see them each 2 times a week and it's a lot to write down. We invited lots of less actives to come to church this week, but only 1 came. We have an asistance of 50 or so people including our investigators, and about 500 hundred members in our ward boundaries, so we have some work to do, but we're working!
We talked at a funeral last monday night and it went good! I felt the spirit super strong and we shared a nice message and sang a couple hymns for the people. 
We haven't had too much luck finding new investigators this week, but we just need to work harder! 
it's beginning to feel like christmas, but the mexican sun doesn't let us enjoy it too much, it is still pretty hot outside, but it's awesome in the mornings! 
What is that smell? Am I dead? Nope, that would be my clothing because I haven't washed it in 3 weeks... haha So in the mission, when people are "dead" it is because they have lots of time, or they don't really work well. We couldn't go with teh sister to wash last week so we have been out of clean clothing all week. I have never understood how incredible clean clothing is.
Spiritual Experience! So, we were just knocking on a door because we were thinking about where to go, when all of a sudden "sister seja" comes to my mind. va, so we go and she opens up the door. "ELDERS, I'm so glad you guys are here! My neighbor and I were just talking about you two! Could you please explain to him what you 2 do?" That was really cool. we had an appointment on saturday, but he wasn't home! We'll see if we can get him!!!!

So I think that's it! I love you guys! Don't doubt the testimonies that you have. As soon as we stop fighting, we stop winning and and satan then has a place to start causing mischeif! Be strong! May we lift up our head in faith, and lift up our prayers in humility so that god may lean us through out problems! I know the church is true! I know that no matter what our circumstance, our weaknesses, our shortcomings, as we live the gospel we will be blessed and strengthen! PLEASE! Share the video of "he is the gift" and if the people don't speak english, share "Él es la dádiva!" People will love it! You will be able to invite them to hear the gospel!
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 I love ya lots!
Elder Norr

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