Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Nathan's Missionary Farewell

Cactus Ward 

Las Vegas, NV

July 28, 2013

Nathan gave his missionary farewell address this past Sunday. He spoke with two new converts that were baptized this past year. They told of their conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and blessing it has been to their family to be members of the Church. Having two converts speak was a great lead into Nate's talk. He chose to speak on his decision to serve a mission. He told the story of Ammon and the 2000 Stripling Warriors. In both of these stories they put their faith in the lord and he provided a way. Nate's is doing just this and putting his life into the lords hands to change lives and preach the gospel. He expressed his love for the gospel and for his savior Jesus Christ. He is nervous and excited to serve the people of Mexico City. He expressed his desire to reach his full potential and be an example to those around him. He has a great love for the gospel and desires to be obedient. He will be a wonderful missionary! It was a very special day, and we are so proud of him for choosing to serve the Lord in Mexico City.

Kim, Nate, Luke and Ezra

Ezra, Kim, Luke, Nate, Maddi, Mom, and Dad.

I Love to See the Temple...Endowment Day

June 8, 2013 was another special day when Nate was able to go through the Las Vegas Temple and receive his own endowment.

 It was a great day shared together as a family that we will never forget.

The Call

On April 10, 2013 Nate received his call. We all received the news via text message with an addition note that he would be opening it a couple days latter when more of his friends could attend. But Nate did his best to try and figure it out
 The time finally came to open it on April 12, 2013. And the question was answered...Nate would be serving in Mexico City, Mexico. He will be speaking spanish and reports to the Provo MTC Aug 7.
We are all very excited for Nate and all the opportunities serving a mission will bring into his lives. We are all very proud of him, the person he is, and the decision he has made to serve.