Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dirty Jobs with Elder Norr

Ok, so we had lots of cool experiences this week, and also some weird ones. 

I went on divisions with my son Elder Chico (who is now my zl) and we burned his shirt for him completing a year in the mission. That was interesting :) Then we were out working the next day and this lady let us into her house. the spirit was super strong, and when we went to leave you reaches up and grabs my head and tries to kiss me. After fighting with her for a couple minutes, she lets go of me as I try to explain to her that she can't kiss me.

We have a family (the familia Orihuela) and he wanted to know who were the names in the book of mormon. I told him to read the introduction and then we would talk abou it the next time. The next time we go we are on splitz and I am with the Elders quorum pres and his wife. I ask Brother Orihuela to explain what is the book of mormon..... OH. MY. GOOODNESS. This man profetized. He explained exactly what the book of mormon was, down to explaining about the nephites and lamanites! I was so happy I almost started to cry in the middle of the lesson! The spirit was SOOOO Strong!

We were on our way home from our junta with the zone leaders to report, and also after having a ping pong death match and we were walking by this man, I felt the strongest feeling: "GO TALK TO THAT MAN." I stopped in the middle of the street and told me companion we needed to go talk to him. We went and talked to him for a minute, and he told us his name was Jose Luis, we asked if we could go visit him and he said "yeah, follow me, I'l show you where my house is." ok, so we go. He gives us a drink of water and we offer a pray with him, and then he keeps talking to us. HE explains to us (he doesn't know what church we are from), but he tells us that his brother, IN UTAH, gave him a copy of THE BOOK OF MORMON! He hasn't ready to much, but we are going to go see him tomorrow! It is gonna be sweet! 

Here in about an hour we are going to do something that I have never done. We are going to be speaking at a funeral of the grandpa of a family in our area. I don't really know what I am goign to say, but I pray that the spirit can help me bring peace and comfort to thse that are present.

Well, my hands is killing me because this keyboard is really tough, so there probably won't be any more capital etters. i know that the church is true and that thomas s. monson is our prophet today. i know that god loves his children soo much that he has prepared a plan of happiness, a plan of salvation by which we may recieve knowledge, peace, and testimony during hard times. I love jesus christ! I love this work! The time goes by sooo fast, but it's time for us all to pick it up! God is with us as we strive to keep his commandments. He will help us be strong! Hope you all have a great week!

Chao! Que tengan una bonita semana!
Elder Norr

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