Wednesday, July 15, 2015

1 Week Til He is Home

Let monsoon season begin

Hey mama, 
The weather here has been incredible too!!!!  Every single day we get up and it's cool outside til about 11 and then it heats up a little til about 3 and then the clouds come in and it is either overcast or rainy for the rest of the day. I will probably enjoy the rain even more when I'm not walking outside in it for 5 hours haha I honestly don't mind the rain. It's either get home wet from rain or wet from sweat; I prefer rain cause it doesn't smell as bad :) I have really enjoyed the mission though. I can't believe that it has already been almost 2 years. I didn't even remember that yesterday i completed 23 months! haha it's interesting because the time has recently been counted going down, not going up.

let's see... what happened this week..... well, we are still pretty much teaching the same investigators, but we found this incredible lady last saturday! We walk into her home, and it is just so pretty and open to the spirit! her boyfriend is a member of the church that got baptized about a year ago, and she called him when she saw us on the bus. She didn't want to jsut talk to us. So she decided to do the following: If we got off at the same time as her, then she would talk to us. I remember that day; we were going to get off a block later, but we decided that we might as well get off with her. ummm, coincidence? i know that it wasn't. She is sooo incredible. She is already in 1 Nephi 17! Yep, she is pretty freakin awesome!!!!!! She couldn't come to church on sunday, but she is going to come this week for sure!

I also saw some pictures a couple of weeks ago that I hadn't ever seen that you guys had taken, and I kinda got emotional as well, but it's ok mom, we can make it! 

On monday, we got called by President and we had a special "suicide watch" assignment. Needless to say, someone had to be with this elder at all times, and his mother had asked that we watched him for the night. So we tried to pull an all-nighter (worst decision of my life)! We played monopoly til about midnight, and then we got permission from pres to watch both the Lego movie and Frozen (both of which were phenomenal!!! And even though I tried, my stomach started hurting so bad by about 3:30 that I just decided to go to bed. Elder Orchard was the only one who made it all night, and the sick elder got exhausted and crashed til morning as well. We had to get up at 5:30. I swear I almost puked multiple times because even when I tried to nibble on things, my body was like "i'm too tired to eat, I'm going to give it back to you!" So I didn't really eat until after we got back from the airport and I got to crash for a few hours before going back out to the area to work. I felt pretty aweful though. However, now that I am a little more rested and feeling a little better, it was a pretty fun night without the stomach ache! 

I am not sure what else to really write about... We went to my first area today to say goodbye to some converts. It was such a good time! I love them soooo much! i got the opportunity to share my testimony with one of the families that has been struggling with going to church because of their schedule, and that was very special for me. I hope that they can come back to be sealed in the temple! That would be sooo awesome for them! 

I think I am going to ask you to forward this mom! Thank you much! I know this church is true. The mission really has changed my life. I know that christ lives, and it had never occurred to me how important it was to share our beliefs with others that he lives and that he has restored his gospel! It is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! I hope we can all find a chance to share our beliefs this week!

Love Elder Norr