Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nate's In the Hospital

No letter this week.  Nate's mission president called today to let us know he is in the hospital. His sickness from last week is salmonella and he's been getting IV antibiotics since yesterday. Feeing better today and hoping to get out tomorrow. Please remember him in your prayers and hopefully the chronicles of Nate returns next week. Love you all. 
Nate's Dad
And Today This Came From Nate
well,the best part is that they continue this week! We just got on really quick on our way home to let you all know that I didn't die! :) Igot out of the hospital today and the problem is under control. I will not be writing much because I need to go lay low in the house, but just know that I am doing well, I got the package with my shoes (it was half opened though....) and the president will be giving you guys a call tonight to let you know what went down! Love ya lots!!! Take care of yourselves!!! :)
Love Elder Norr

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