Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Well, another week gone...‏

I can't believe that another week is already gone! the time goes by soo fast! This week was great, but we had a couple of issues too.
To start off, it has been cloud (but I'm talkin cloudy, like the sun isn't visible all day) almost every day this week. The bad part: when the sun randomly bursts out of the clouds to beat down on us, it is HOT and HUMID!!! yuck! But I love the rain! Even though i am currently sick with a cold...
So we have a new president this week, and I am pretty sure things are going to change here in the Mexico city SE Mission! He has already approved soccer and has decided that he wants to do a Mission World Cup here in 3 weeks! he is a white guy from california and he is a dentist! he seem pretty chill from what the assistants have told me!
So, this next week we find out if we are going to have changes where I leave :( or if Elder Cuscagua and I are going to be together for another 6 weeks! I'm not sure how to feel... I love this area, but I also like to mix things up.
Just letting you guyss know, Mexico is officially out of the world cup.... :/ sad day man... We were in priesthood/relief Society when we heard a scream that pretty much shook the city: Mexico scored against Holand (the team I think will win the world cup). Then when church ends we walk out onto the sidewalk because every 10 feet on the street there is a tv with the game going and people walking around in Mexico jerseys and we find that Mexico and Holand are tied in the 88th minute. The ref puts 6 minutes extra and mexico ends up losing because of a penalty kick... Sad day in Mexico...
We have been in kind of a tough spot these last few weeks with finding new people to teach. We try to do 15 contacts everyday, but the people have been a little rough lately... We talk to people and the people who accept us aren't from our ward, but at least we are helping them find the gospel! :) We found this awesome couple a few weeks ago named pablo and Elena. Pablo is a less active member, but Elena isn't a member. Turns out that Elena has been reading the book of mormon (she was in moroni the last time we saww her) and she loves it! She wants to be baptized, but they didn't know where to go to church. Umm.. Hello! Sad part: lives in the other ward... Why am I writing this? Because yesterday we were going to an appointment in the other ward to help out the elders there and we ran into pablo and elena again.. Guess what!!?!?!?! THEY MOVED INTO OUR WARD!!! We have an appointment with them tonight a little after 7! SUPER EXCITED!!!!
Things have been going great being myself lately! I am lots happier and I am finding it a lot easier to love the people!

TIME ALERT: There isn't enough! I almost have 11 months already and I still feel so young, but then I look at the beard I have when I get up and I realize I've changed a bit haha But seriously I almost feel the same even though I have changed lots! I feel like more than anything, I am growing stronger in my testimony of the principles of the Gospel and the importance of learning and ssearching fro the truth. I am learning more than ever what the spirit feels like and how it communicates with me! I really do love the mission!
Up until now I have enjoyed my mission, but I feel like My companion and I can do more. I don't want to have regrets! I want to work hard and enjoy each day for what it is: a blessing from God to help us learn and grow. I know this church is true and I know that thi week is going to be better! I testify that God lives, and that he knows that plan and what' best for each and every one of us! I know the book of mormon is true and that anyone can read it, ponder it, and ask god to recieve a testimony from the Spirit that it is truue! I know that I am here in Mexico for a reason! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Lots of Love from mexico!!!!!
Love Elder Norr

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