Monday, July 21, 2014

Xochitenco (sotchi-tenko) The promised land!‏

Hey there how we doin? This week has been a little stressful but at the same time sweet!!!!!!! First off, we had to go take pictures with everyone on monday and then I hd to pack everything. We get to changes and I just find a ton of buddies and we start to talk it up about the olden days (6 months ago) haha We here President stutznegger in the back part of the gym hitting the table with so much enthusiasm as he talks to the elders that are going to train about how they can do this great work and help these new elders! First off, The new president is INCREDIBLE! I truly do love him so much! They asked me to play the piano in the changes. That was pretty cool. My companion?..... WHITE DUDE!! SAY WHAY????? That's right, me and my buddy elder Harper from rexburg idaho are workin xochitenco! He's a great guy and he has a really great testimony. Neither one of us knows the area and our area is pretty huge this time, but we do our best to follow the spirit and talk to lots of people! :) Elder Harper has had a pretty rough mission up til now because all of his other companions have pretty much been disobedient and put him down, but I'm am so grateful to have him! :) The president came out to talk to the missionaries before we went to our areas and he grabbed harper and I and asked how we were doing and if we were excited. he started in spanish, but then just busts into English: "we can do this! Can't ya just feel it?!?! Life is GOOD! LIVE IT!!!" he is such an incredible man and his wife loves us so much!
My area: Xochitenco 3 aka Promised land! 
Population: who knows!
People ready for the gospel: TONS
Members: Incredible! 
I just feel so great in this area! it's not even in Neza, it's in a town called chimalhuacan! The air is clean the streets are wide, and the weather is great!!! It reminds me of a type of st. george version Mexico and I really feel so comfortable here. I just love to work here!!!!
This week we have just been working hard. We have been contacting lots of people, but the addreses are so hard here... They are by street, apple, and lot number. You can be looking for street achiote apple 7 lot 15 when you see apple 6 and the nexxt house is apple 546 lot 94.. The people are ready fro the gospel, but it is harder to find people, so we try to know more doors...
I think that's about it. We have some great people. OOH! MIRACLE! We got a call from this girl that has been going to church for the last couple weeks and we had an appointment with her, but she wasn't home... The next day, we are walking on the street, and we get a call... from her!! Her name is Marlen. She called: Elder! When can you come to my House?
me: we'll come over right now
Her: ok, what do I need to do to get baptized? i really want to know! It's urgent!
me: ummmm............................................ we'll be over there in a second to talk about it!
We get there and talk a bit. then she just says: " I want to be baptized before the 27th!" ummm....... ok. She hastn' recieved any of the lessons yet, but she has come to church like 5 times. She told us on sunday that she wants to get baptized THIS SATURDAY!!! Not sure what to think honestly... We are going to pass by her everyday this week and see how she progresses, but she is going to get baptized in these next couple or weeks!
I testify that the church is true. And it is the ONLY true church on the face of this beautiful earth. I testify of the words of my President! LIFE IS GOOD!!!! LIVE IT!!! I testify that because of Jesus Christ we can be strengthened in our weaknesses and be able to become strong. Trust in the spirit! I testify that God knows more than any of us do. I was reading this week in the first chapters of Nefi. I just love how faithful Nefi is in keeping the commandments of the Lord. Even after everything that happens to him and his family, he trusts in the lord and is willing to act. I testify that this week is going to be a good one!! I love you all and hope the best for you!!!!
Love Elder Norr

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