Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July! Adios Maravillas! new President!!!‏ 11 Months Out!!!

Well hello there handsomes! :) (that's usually how I say hi to the other missionaries) Translation: "Eh, que pasó guapos?"

So, just to start things off, WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT! He is SO AWESOME!!!!! he and his wife have such a great testimony of the gospel. half the mission was gathered in the stake center where we have changes and we were just chillin there when suddenly.... What?! a smiling older white lady walks into the chapel saying a ton of awesome things about us in english?! I believe that would be the president's wife! :) Then this super smily white guy walks in saying a bunch of great stuff in english too???? That would be our PRESIDENTE!!!!!! President and Sister Stutznegger (just try to say it right) They come by  and one by one shake the missionaries hands and aksing their names and where they were from. When president got to me he asked me my name and where I was from... Obviously one of the best cities in the world! LAS VEGAS!!!! Then he went to give me a hug, a mexican hug. They are still great hugs, but they are on the right side instead of the left. I asked him if I could give him an american hug? He said yes!!! That would be a firsst in 11 months!!! WOW! I have 11 MONTHS!!!!! No! That's almost half......

So, the new president is great, but he got here with pneumonia..... nasty stuff, but he is doing a lot better and we are hoping to have in the changes tomorrow!

Speaking of changes.... I have them.... with my luggage... That means that I am leaving my zone. It's kinda weird only having 2 areas with almost a year int he mission, but i have loved maravillas! The people have been so great to me and I am going to miss them lots, but I am also excited for a new area. I am going to miss my son Elder Cuscagua a ton! We have grown so close and things have been so great for the last couple months! but, he is going to be a dad!!!!!! LOve this guy! We're going to get pics of my OTHER GRANDKID THIS NEXT WEEK!

So, being this week the 4th of July, I began singing the starspangles banner at about 10 at night walking around in the US world cup jersey that I FINALLY found after a year in mexico with my hand on my heart! Great moment! Other than that, we didn't do anything too special....

Recap of Maraviallas! Here are some of the moments that I have never told you guys and I won't mention too much about them.

-Danced salsa with a drunk dude in the middle of the street because he wouldn't let us go in peace..
-Got super inflamed intestines and had to take special meds. 
-Found great people to baptize: Raymundo, Concepcion, Jacobo, Jorge, Carolina, and Daniel.
-Got robbed for my 8 dollar watch and 30 pesos... my first sunday....
-found out who I am
-almost died because of stress
and some other great stuff!

don't really have much more to say other than that I am excited for a change! I love hearing your testimonies and I know that mine is truly growing tons and tons! I know this church is true, and I hope that someday you will all be able to meet the great people that I have grown to love here in mexico. Maybe not in this life, but hey , that is wat's so great about the plan of salvation! Things may be hard, but life goes on. The question is "will we?" I love you all lots and wish for your safety and happiness. I hope you can all learn more about the gospel and the blessins that we each recieve every day from God!

Hope I don't forget anything! I hvaen't gotten packages. I lost my sweet sweater today because My comp and I accidentally left our sweaters in the soccer field... Chafa, but other than that things are good! I am more or less healthy and my conversion is becomeing stronger! Please keep strengthening yours!!!!! I love you all!

Elder Nathan Norr

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