Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 4 MTC

Ok, so this week was pretty exciting! We got rid of our last district earlier this week, and we had a total of 10 people in our entire zone for a couple days, but it's still really good! You're never going to believe this, but we got ANOTHER APOSTLE to come talk to us. This time... Neil L. Anderson! He gave an awesome talk in which he talked about Love and Sacrifice. There was an incredible spirit, and he shook hands too! He was practically glowing as he spoke and then floated around to shake people's hands. I was soooo close to shaking his hand, but we were still only like 15 or 20 feet away from him! The thing I liked most was his quote that "we sacrifice for the things we love, and we love the things that we sacrifice for", but it was interesting because after, when we had our district devotional review, our incredible district president Tyler told us that the original meaning of sacrifice is to give in order to make something more holy. I thought that was incredible because although i love you all sooooo  much, I also love this mission that I am sacrificing for, but at the same time, it's not really a sacrifice because it will be one of the greatest blessings in my life, and I hope you guys are all doing great as well! :)
We speak a lot of spanish now, and even though we could do it all the time if we needed too, we just prefer to speak english. The lessons are doing pretty well, but sometimes it's hard to get synced up with Elder Lund on what the Spirit is telling both of us; however, even though we may struggle, the glory is in the struggle, and i know that we will grow to become better teachers and missionaries! I find that if I don't worry about what I'm going to say, but just focus on loving this son or daughter of god, and truly try to understand what they are saying, I am able to express myself freely, and I am a true believer in the gift of tongues!
Everyone has been sick, and it is SO ANNOYING! I'm even sick (shock) but I know that we will all get better... eventually. We are have been growing a lot closer as our district, and sometimes its hard for us to focus on study time when we enjoy talking to each other so much, but we find some way to do it, and we also find ways to help one another feel the spirit.
FIESTA TIME! Elder Criddle's parents sent him a big ole package that said "you're half way through the MTC, time for the FIESTA" and inside were dozens of small straw sombreros and fake mustaches, as well as maracas! We Latined it up and took lots of pictures as we danced around the hallways and brushed our fake mustaches. We also just said a lot of random Nacho Libre quotes and laughed for a long time! :)
I'm running into the pahrumpians here, and each time I see them, neither one of us ever has our camera! but I did get to see james witten right before he left and we got a pictures, but i think it'll be different than you guys expect because the person who took the pictures on my camera only got one of us looking, and it's not a normal one ;) but I still just love going to the temple! We are going to take a great picture this sunday while we're there, so next week you guys will get a really good picture!
The weather here has been FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the last like 4 days, it has just been dark, overcast with light rain ALL DAY, and I couldn't get enough! I wish i could just bottle up that type of weather and save it for a sunny day! It POURED on us on our way back from Elder Anderson's devotional! McWhorter and I's suits were soaked clear through, and it was a lot like when we went to lagoon over the fourth of july! Water was just being retained in my hair and it like a river was going down the curbs.
Well, I guess you're wondering why you are gettting this email on thursday instead of friday... I've already told you guys that everyone else has went to Vegas to get their visa, and guess what? Now, it's MY TURN! I go on Friday, and I'm going to have to go to the consulate to get my visa. I'm not supposed to tell you where I'll be staying the rest of the day, but I'm nervous that I'm going to see lots of people that I know... It's kinda going to feel like I'm coming home, but at the same time, I've only been gone for a few weeks.... Hope you know mom, dad, and Maddy that I will be closer than normal on friday, and I'll be thinking about you guys! :)
This week hasn't been incredibly exciting, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! I love reading the letters and Dearelders that I get, and I try to respond to them. That package by the way? SALVATION! I've been needing fig newtons FOREVER! Could you just put my subs in the next package? haha and Nat, I FINALLY got your book of all the pictures of us, and it is AWESOME! I love looking through it, and I usually do everyday! I hope I keep getting to hear about your lives and I hope you know I look forward to reading your emails every p-day! LOVE YOU GUYS MORE THAN ANYTHING! The church is most definitely true, and If we put our trust in the lord and allow ourselves to have more faith than fear, we can fight, and win, the battles that need to be won in our lives, and we will have joy! :)  D&C 6:36! "Doubt not. Fear not."
Elder Nathan Norr (Nate) :)

 This was us at the temple! The sisters are in my zone, and the guy rockin the sunglasses is our branch first counselor, Brother Talanoa!

  Here are the pictures of James and I as well as the temple picture! Oh, and the reason I'm smelling the tree is because is SMELLS LIKE CREAM SODA!

These are just some of my companions and I. The guy that I'm soaked standing next to is Elder McWhorter. he's waiting on his visa to go to Madrid! he's a really great guy, and he's already grown to be a really good friend of mine!

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