Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 2 MTC

Ok then! This week was an AWESOME week! I have had soo many spiritual experiences and we have been learning to use the language sooooooooooooooo much. Actually, sometimes it feels like a little too much; we have class for 8 hours a day, and language study for another 2 or 3.... :/ at the end of the night, my mind can barely process english, but I can't just speak spanish because... well, I don't know that much spanish :) haha But, funny story, one of the elders in my district, Elder Durrant, sleeps on the bunk above me, and he said that a couple nights ago I was sleep talking REALLY BADLY.... except I was sleep talking in SPANISH!!! :D haha I thought that was awesome!
Last Sunday we went to a devotional at the marriott center at BYU and we had an Incredible talk from Richard G. Scott, and because we know the executive secretary to the MTC president, he put us right on the very first ROW! I could see the wrinkles on his face we were that close! He gave an AMAZING talk on how we can communicate with god and how much God wants us to talk to him so that he can comfort us and give us direction. Also, a quote that really stuck out to me was that "if we want to reach goals never before accomplished, we must be willing to do things never done before" That was such a strong motivation for me to continue to push my scripture and language study so that I can be a good missionary! :) also, at the end of his talk, he gave us a blessing, and I quote " I give you an apostolic blessing that ye shall all receive the gift of tongues on your language and in your lessons". It was so incredible. he also told all of us that he loved us, and the rest of the general authorities loved us 3 times!!!!!!!!!! 
Next is the gym, apparently its not allowed to be athletic or competitive, so we've started keeping score in fun rather than score, but of course, you always want to be the team that has had a little bit more fun ;) And that hasn't really stopped us from being competitive. Soccer has been getting pretty crazy, and most of us have been tripped, bumped, thrown, and course there are those pansy guys who flop... :P but even though we are competitive, we are building great relationships and growing ever closer!
Our first investigator discussion was last saturday with "Maria" and we were already nervous going into it because we had to do the entire thing in spanish! But to top it all off, she was clinically depressed and suicidal, and that's all she talked about the whole lesson. I couldn't help but feel a little down for the rest of the night; however, we later found out that she is actually our teacher and she is a very kind, incredibly spiritual person. Sadly, her and her twin sister are going back to guatemala til january and last night was her first, last, and only lesson with us. She taught so well, and the spirit was so strong! I wish she could stay to be our teacher... 
Funny thing as comic relief to my last paragraph, we found out that our name tags double as KAZOOS!!!!!!!!! It's awesome, you just put your mouth on the side and blow and it sounds just like a kazoo! We are working on a dubstep/ mo-tab remix of a lot of different songs that we can get all our district to be in on, and we'll probably record a small clip when we get really good! :)
We went to the temple this morning and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE NEW MOVIE!!!! The acting was sooooo much better, and it was so much ( i don't want to say better) but it was a lot better quality of shooting and acting. Satan did an incredible job (as terrible and sketchy as that sounds) and after the movie, we got to eat at the temple cafeteria. it was actually really good! I had a waffle, and when I asked for texas toast, they pulled out a bag of texas toast and put two uncooked pieces of bread on my plate. Not was I was expecting.... But overall, i love the temple! We get to walk it and take pictures every sunday, and we get to go to a session every friday morning!
I know this really doesn't have to do with me, but it is a crazy story that my branch president (president tyler) told to us. he was drafted after having four unsuccessful attempts at trying to find a wife, and he was stationed in N.C. In his branch, there was a sister missionary that he would SOMETIMES say hi to in passing. He started to have these feelings, not just physical, but spiritual too about her, and he knew that that was not allowed. he talked to his branch president (bishop) and he got transferred to a new fort, but he was still in the same zone. Later, the Mission president asked if he would play the organ at the zone conference. he of course said yes and went. As soon as she showed up to the meeting, he said he didn't play a correct note haha he was his bishop go out of sacrament meeting (in the middle of sacrament meeting) and come back. The bishop stayed for another few minutes, looked at him, and left... That week, he was asked to come see the bishop on saturday at 1. he said yes, and when he arrived, the bishop was outside his office and told him that the sister missionary was inside, and he had told her ALL of the feelings that President Tyler was feeling about her!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have flipped. he then told President Tyler that she expressed the same feelings, but told no one. After introducing them (they had maybe talked for 5 minutes over the last 3 months) he explained that he had talked to the mission president, and that arrangements were being made for the sister to be released from her mission because the branch and mission president knew it was the lords will that they got married immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!  They got married and sealed a week later, and 2 weeks after that, he was sent to the highest casualty unit in the vietnam war.  Crazy right.
Ok, that's enough new stuff :) Mom, my cars name is "HOWARD", not harold :P but that is absolutely incredible what the guy paid  dollars for him! That is such a tremendous blessing! The lord works in special ways! :) Hopefully i can find another car that is good when i get home. I'm thinking it has got to look like a LOUIS. Louis is definitely my kinda car :) haha You guys are great, and I hope you guys are all doing FANTASTIC. I know that the lord blesses us according to our needs, but also according to HIS timing :) Be patient, and everything will work out! Oh, and BTW, for everyone who gets this, you guys can just go to and write me letters that will get to me the same day that you guys type them! All you have to do is put in my info: Elder Nathan Norr, Mexico mexico city southeast, Sep 16. I do enjoy getting handwritten letters if you guys prefer that too :) I love you all, and hope you are all doing great. My pictures should be right above this email :) Til Next week! 


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