Friday, August 9, 2013

The Last Supper

Tuesday afternoon Elder Norr flew into Salt Lake(Nate's 1st flight ever!). We were all anxiously awaiting his arrival and met up for dinner. We decided to do something nicer since it was a special occasion....Tucanos was the place. 
 Ez was Elder Norr's named companion until he was dropped off to the MTC

 Nate is such a sweet and tender young man that all the nieces and nephews realize. We couldn't stop thinking about how big they will be when he gets home.
Hallie was pretty excited about getting to eat at a "fancy" restaurant
This is what the kids did to pass the time while the adults finished eating
And Gracie was content to just sit like this
 After dinner we headed back to Kimber's house in Riverton for some games and cake. Nate was so exhausted he fell asleep on the floor before we even got the party started. We visited while he slept and the kids played mostly in the back yard.
 Then they did some playing inside, somehow Gracie figured out how to get into the walker...only backwards.
 Once Nate had a quick rest it was time for some cake, pictures, and of coarse some play time. Nic had made a german chocolate of Nate's Favorite.

 Then we moved outside for some more squeezes and final see ya laters. It was a great night spent with Nate I think we all got the feeling that he was ready for the next chapter in his life....he is ready and will be an amazing missionary.

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