Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 3 MTC

Well, my companion LOVES to write HUGE, LONG emails, so i guess i'm going to have a little bit of time to type this weeks letter. So this week in Elder's Editorial by Nathan Norr will feature some rather random events, as well as an update to my extremely planned and weight-gaining life... Ummmmm.... to start out the week. My companion left me! Just woke up on Monday morning around 3:30 a.m and left me!!! :( can you believe that??? Just because he had to fly down to get his visa from las vegas! The nerve of some people! :) haha but I found out that our entire district has to eventually fly down there to the Mexican Consolate to get our visas from Vegas, so it will be pretty cool to get to see home again. I keep laughing because all the elders get back and they are freaking out telling us how they feel like a boss the second the walk into the airport; they seem to forget that I'm from there, and they keep trying to explain the different billboards and posters that talk about the beatles, or the Jabbawokees.  I hope you guys liked my pictures and were able to correctly identify my district brethren. Also on Monday, I got to be Elder Ferguson's companion, and I didn't realize some of the problems that he went through. He's really quiet, but a couple days around me and he'll be accidentally calling the sisters chicas :) haha 

It has been overcast all week up here, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I will just stand out there and get wet and look up at the sky. It feels great to just hear the rumble of the thunder and look up to see the sky shred itself apart as a lightning is flashing everywhere. Sadly, most of the time it clears out by afternoon, and I don't get it all day... :/ But the weather isn't hot (which is absolutely amazing) it's only been around 90 during the days, but actually because of the clouds, it's really like high 70's and i hope that it never stops. I just hope it POURS in Mexico city! I just want to get drenched! The only problem is that Elder ferguson got a cold about a week ago, and it's hitting me... :( my nose is stuffed and my stomach is starting to be a little meh. But what's good is that up until this point my stomach has actually done really well with the food. I think i do well when I can only eat at certain times of the day.
Speaking of eating, i'm actually really pounding it down! I've already gained 6 POUNDS as of monday 5 days ago! My goal is 180 by the time I leave. Haha totally kidding! I wouldn't mind getting up to 145 or 150 though. the food here isn't bad, but it's not like home cooking at all. sometimes its better than others, but either way, i eat as much of it as i can because when night time comes, my stomach just hollows out and I'm left to wither away until morning. Plus, EZRA LIED TO ME! THERE IS NO CHEESE SLICES!!!!!! How is a hungry man supposed to make low-quality grilled cheeses on the community iron without sliced cheese????? Answer: he can't :/ usually i grab a couple bananas after dinner and i'll eat those. i've probably eaten like 2 dozen bananas by now (not kidding).
We are playing a lot of sports because we have gym time everyday but sunday. Elder lund and i, as well as the rest of our district have started the 1000 CRUNCH CHALLENGE. 1000 Crunches per night for 1 month. It really hurts, but it will be worth it... eventually. We are lifting a lot, not that anyone would be able to tell if they saw me. When one of our substitute spanish teachers told me that i reminded him of one of his companions, i asked him how. He said is the way i act, look, and my manurisms. I then said that is? he responded with white, tall, anorexic and funny with a great spirit... i'm going to take that as a compliment though  because spiritually I feel like The Rock :) haha
On tuesday, we heard a devotional at the Marriott center from Elder maynes from the presidency of the seventy, and he gave an incredible talk on how we can remain focused and driven to continue our purpose as missionaries. Also, his wife said a great quote that immediately made me think of my mom, mainly because it was this: "Be the type of missionary that your mother thinks you are" and that hit me deep because I know my mom expects me to be the best missionary out there, and I'm going to work my butt off... well, what little amount of butt i have :D haha also after the devotional there was the quote that "if you want to baptize a few people, talk to a few people. if you want to baptize everyone, talk to everyone" and i'm sooooooooooo looking forward to speaking the all the people of mexico who are willing to listen to my white accent.
we went to the temple today, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GOING TO THE TEMPLE

wow. that scared the @$%# out of me! i accidentally pressed the tab button, and it erased my draft of the long email i sent you guys, but luckily it sent it to you :) as I was saying, I absolutely LOVE GOING TO THE TEMPLE

AGAIN. it almost did it again. this is hard.... :/ anyways, for the THIRD TIME, the temple is great! there is always such an incredible spirit, and the new movie is absolutely amazing! the acting is so well done!  This is going to sound weird, but i love seeing old people holding hands down the hallway, or smooching at the MTC because everytime i see it, it reminds of you guys mom and dad. not because you guys are old, but because of the love you guys have for each other and our family. Also, i love seeing couples in the celestial room because it just brings so much love and spirit into the room, and they probably think i'm weird cause i look at them and smile, but it's because it reminds me of all of you guys that are married. the temple truly is a place where we can feel the peace and love that should be felt, and it is such an incredible way to start out the day, not to mention it's been raining all day! best p-day ever!!!!!!
In other news, CRIDDLE'S PARENTS SENT US A NERF HOOP! We ball it up every night, and even though the hoop is only like 8 1/2 feet off the ground, people are getting dunked on and laughing. We have a great time at night. all of the guys are just going between our 2 rooms hanging out and talking. we don't really have time to write letters, but there is more time during the week then there is on p-day, so addresses are my best friends. also, i've gotten the dear elder's that you guys have sent, and even though it isn't quite like a written letter, it's still really good to hear from you guys! Ohp! one more thing before i end. my companions are in love with the disney songs, and they belt out "strangers like me" and "you'll be in my heart" from Tarzan as well as "under the sea" and "I'll make a man out of you". i've started to rap the songs that I used to listen too, but i'll freestyle about the mtc. I'm actually terrible, but my companions don't seem to mind too much.
Ok, this is the last thing I am going to say: Thank you guys for all the stuff that you guys have sent, I love reading letters, and getting stuff. Nat, i never got the book, so i don't know about that... but just letting you guys know, I can get pictures, so if you guys want to send me pictures of what's going on, i can look at them and see how you guys are doing! :) Also, mom and dad, everybody has NORMAL clothes. could you guys please send me a normal shirt (definitely the yoda one) and a pair of cargo shorts (tan please) i love you guys more than anything, and MOM; I'm proud that you "beat the snake to dead" haha it made my day to read that email from you guys. hope you guys are all doing great, and I hope you guys know, again, that I LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I'll send you guys some pictures of us later! The church is true, the gospel has been restored through joseph smith, and we have an incredible living prophet who leads and guides us. please, listen to him! Life may be hard sometimes, but in order to accomplish hard goals, we must do hard things! LOVE YOU GUYS... AGAIN! :) 
"There's no growth in the comfort zone, and there's no comfort in the growth zone" THE LORD LOVES YOU!
Elder Nathan Norr! 

 Oh how I love the rain

 The one where we have a weird face is because My companion (right) has a face we call the snapchat face, and we all think it's different. So we took one together to see how close we were.

 The guy is Brother Call, and the sister is Sister ayala. They're our teachers!

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