Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 5 MTC

This week from the MTC prison grounds! We were threatened to be thrown in the hot box without our scripture or food for 3 days if we spoke english! Not really, but it almost feels like that sometimes. We had a sister in our district for the last couple weeks, Sister Reyes, and she was ALWAYS FREEZING, so she would put the air on 4+ and I about sweat my clothes off. I was right underneath the vent, so i was always super hot, and the air coming out of the vents was pretty warm too :) haha We had some great devotionals this week! First, we had the President of the las vegas mission talk to us about the Philipino MTC and then on Tuesday we had a devotional about Elder Evans of the Seventy. He gave a good talk in which he described, " the most important part of missionary work, is work" and if we are willing to work as hard as we can, we can "know that the lord is laboring with us". Kyle, You were definitely right. There are people who don't want to work, and it is SO annoying when people just dink around and don't want to do work.
This week has been pretty chill week, but at the same time, it has been really good. Going to the Mexican Consolate in Vegas was weird! It was the weirdest thing. It really was like that return home from my mission feeling, but at the same time, i was just going to be there for like 5 hours. Oh, btw, not a fan of flying! Got a little sick both ways, and by the time I got back up here, I was just ready to pass out. I didn't realize how crazy it is to wear my tag out in public until I hit the SLC airport! EVERYONE says hi, asks where we're going, and then pulls out their phone and offers to let you call your family. I apologize for not calling anyone, but i just felt like it wasn't the right time. I get to call you guys on the 16th though! I'll make sure I try to get of hold of you guys! I'm not sure how many calls I can have, so we might have to do a group call, if that's possible?
Yes, I did get to see Bro. Stuart and it was so great to see a familiar face. I also love it when you guys send me pictures, whether it be through an email, the mail, or they are printed onto the letters you send me. I love getting to see your shining faces. Plus, I get to show my district that I am related/know some good looking people.
The new district is just gettin better. They are so chill, and lots of fun. i feel like every time any of us run into each other, there's some form of hit, punch, slap, pop, wink, laugh, or some other random funny thing. There are a couple people who I struggle with sometimes, but i just try to remember that they are here to serve a mission, and that means that they deserve my love and respect. Not going to lie to you guys though, it's pretty hard sometimes; especially with the people like kyle mentioned.
I got a robe this week! Yep, bath robe! Our districts found them in the free bin like 3 months ago, and now they get passed down through the "generations" of districts. I got a black plush one that feels just like my blue blanket at home! It's pretty sweet, I always feel like that weird steward guy off of the last Lord of the Rings movie when i where it.
We had a lesson with native speakers! It was sooooooo cool to get to finally hear someone who could just ramble a billion miles an hour when they respond to us or ask us a question. I truly am a believer of the gift of tongues! Sometimes I don't even really think about what I'm saying. The words are just coming at 1000 words per minute and, by the looks of the investigators faces, it actually makes sense sometimes! Sometimes, the spirit is so strong, it's almost like a tangible thing that you could reach out and touch.
Kim and Ez, loved the package! The first thing my roommates said when I opened it was "we need to take that to the field tomorrow!" and thank you for the BYU shirt too! I've kinda been needing another shirt to wear on p-day or free time. Also, Nat, I love getting the letters you type and getting pictures of the little demon munchkins. Nic! I got your letter today, and I always almost cried when you told me that Rigden kisses my picture every night and every time he sees a missionary he thinks it's me! I love getting letters and packages from you guys. As of right now, I don't really know anything that I want or need, but I just like getting letters during the week, even if it's a dearelder that says "hey, we love you". It makes me feel so good to hear from you guys, and i truly hope that I can be the missionary that you guys have always taught me to be.
Last thing, and definitely the funniest! Our buddy, Elder Knighton (the one with the kinda red spiked hair has been sick FOREVER! I swear he was going to keel over half the time during class. So the doctor gave him some "special cough medicine", but little did he know, Elder Knighton is VERY SENSITIVE to medication, and the cough suppressant turned into a narcotic! I walk in the room (an he only took a half dose that night) and he was practically asleep, with eyes half open leaning against the wall, I shut off the hall light, and while I'm walking back to my room, I hear "elder norr, elder norr, elder norr, elder norr, elder norr" in a totally monotone, kinda excited way. I walk in and his arms are fully extended above his head. "look at my hand" he say, I look at his hand and it is making the love symbol. "That's for you bro! I hope you know I love you elder norr!". Then I said goodnight. Last night however, he took a double dose!!!!!!!!!! I walk in, and I could tell he was doped out of his mind! He tells me that he has a hilarious scripture to tell me from Alma! He reads it and busts out hysterically! I knew what could happen and I just got really excited about it and said "hey man, that's what we're all about" This then develops into him jumping up on top of his bed (standing) saying,"i am king mosiah...wait, nevermind, I am alma the younger. he then goes into a sermon about missionary work. I'll send you guys the video. We then later walk in. And he is just GOING TO TOWN in his journal! We ask him what he's doing. he responds,"I am Alma. I must write the story of my people on large plates." this is then followed by the question from us "who are your people". He responds,"well, of course, you are my people! You are the fruit of my loins"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all about pass out from crying and leave him to sleep off his "medication". The weirdest thing: he remembers nothing! we are a little worried about him, and are going to monitor his "medication" use tonight!
I hope you are all doing well, and I hope you know that I love you guys with ALL my heart and soul. this church is such an incredible church, and i know that there are people out there in the world that have been specifically prepared for us. We must be worthy to receive the guidance to help them! Love you all once again, and i know you guys are all doing great!
Elder Nathan Norr
This is my Vegas trip and the temple trip!

 the elder asleep is biggs

the guy with me with the dark hair is Mcwhorter
 The older gentleman is my branch president

 This is our district! Apparently I wasn't looking, but here they are anyway! 
 And before my first haircut here!
 The Lord of the Rings Robe

So this is what I think is a really cool story that I want to share so that Nate will remember as well. I think every one has at least heard of how missionaries exchanges ties both in the MTC and the mission field. Well the morning Nate was going into the MTC Kim was getting Luke ready and Ezra took Nate back into their room she wondered what was taking them so long and went to go see. Ezra had taken Nate into the closet and told him to pick any tie he wanted as kinda a reminder of home. Nate was hesitant and asked what if he picked Ez's favorite tie. Ez told him it didn't matter he could have any one he wanted. Nate ended up picking this purple stripped one in the picture above and below(which was one of Ez's favorites). When the missionaries started exchanging ties I guess lots of them wanted the tie Nate had taken from Ez and he refuses to trade it for any other tie. I thought it was a sweet thought Ez would do that.

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