Friday, August 9, 2013

Week 1 in Provo MTC

Before Nate left he was reminded several times to write long detailed letters and take lots of far so good enjoy. He will have 1 hour to check emails on Friday mornings so get your emails in before that. Letter from Nate.

I know I'll write a longer email later, but for now, I'm just going to send you the pictures from the last few days. There aren't a whole lot, but I really like the elders here and I feel like I am growing with spanish :) Nevermind! I have time now. The SD card reader is kind of weird right now, so I guess I'll have to try to send pictures later. I can't believe I am here already! It almost feals surreal, like I'm really dreaming. The SSM (spanish MTC) is really pretty good. The food isn't too bad, and the Elders that I share my room with are pretty cool, but apparently we aren't supposed to use the word cool because we are supposed to try to find better words to express ourselves. We have also been quickly informed that calling one another by anything other than Elder is a complete no no. Which is REALLY weird for me. I keep calling everyone brothers, or dudes, or guys and I keep having to stop to correct myself. We can't even call our companion by anything but elder, even when we are in our dorms! The dorms are pretty nice, but after a day at the SSM you definitely need some more sleep (I'll tell you about that in my letter ;)  ) We have about 4 hours of classroom spanish instruction and we don't really speak english... EVER. Luckily my spanish is going pretty good, and I have a great companion, Elder Lund, who is definitely the best spanish speaker in our class who helps me out if i happen to not be able to find the word to express myself. The spirit here is so strong, and I love the people already. Sometimes, we just havev to accept the flaws that people have, realize they except our and just go with it and express the love that they deserve. We have to harmonize differences is what our branch president, President Tyler, told us.
The weather is great! It's not too hot because it only gets up to the low 90's, and we got to go and play soccer for our gym day yesterday. I actually scored a goal, and I hope there will be more to come! :) haha It's great to be here, but I'm not very good at writing letters. Wait, I've got something!!!!!!! So, on our FIRST NIGHT, we were asked to teach THREE INVESTIGATORS to the church (of course they really were members, but they played a VERY CONVINCING ROLE) Not gonna lie to you guys. IT WAS BRUTAL. But what do they expect from a bunch of fresh greenies who are still so shy they'll barely talk to their companion. Even though it was pretty rough, the spirit was definitely there from the testimonies and promises that were given by the new elders and sisters, and I think that, even though they weren't real investigators, they felt the spirit as well. Also, (this is my favorite thing so far) we gather ALL the missionaries that got here on wednesday for orientation and we sang armies of helaman. It was like a giant wave of the spirit, and I got that shiver up my spine as we sang it with greenies energy and gusto. It really is such a great experience to be here! And even though it is REALLY draining and I wish I got more sleep... lots more sleep. It will all be worth it when I get to mexico city and get to start preaching the gospel! :) Although I'm not really nervous, it is kinda sinking in that this is going to be a two year thing. It won't always be awesome where we are teaching and baptizing everyone, but it will be awesome! I pray that the Lord will give me the strength I need to stand... and to eat (I'm STARVING, mainly because I have a funny stomach and I refuse to stop putting down food) But know that I love you guys, and pray for you while I'm gone. This church is true, and life will be hard sometimes, but we just have to power through, or I gues in my case, spirit though it until the lord sees it necessary to bless our lives. Hope everyone is doing well, and I can't wait to read emails and letters.
Love you guys again, LOVE,
Elder Nathan Norr

 Nate's Elder roommates

 The story about this little figurine...So one day while shopping at Seagull Book my mom saw this Ammon figurine and thought of Nate so she bought it to sneak into his suitcase to take with him on the mission. During his "farewell" talk Nate mentioned that his favorite BOM story was Ammon and so here he is Amman fighting off all the stick Laminites

 MTC from the outside
 Week 1 in MTC 

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