Wednesday, October 1, 2014

week 6‏

HMMMM...... Are we really in october already? dang.... The time really does just go by soo quickly... I can't believe that this week with Elder Harper is already gone. Things have been pretty rough in xochitenco. We are trying to work hard, but our investigators for some reason keep disappearing and we haven't been able to teach them as often as we would like, but we keep working because that's why we are here! 
This week was pretty good, but it was hot! it is staying up in the 80s but with the humidity and the lack of protection due to all the pollution, it gets pretty hot. We have mainly just been trying to swing by with less actives and help them come back to the gospel that they once loved. It's crazy down here in our ward. Our ward directory is 52 pages long and if all the members were active, our ward could be it's own stake, but so many of them have fallen away and it's hard to find them again. But this week is going to be great!
Yes, we do have changes this cycle therefore "los guapos" will no longer be with each other (elder harper and I) haha but I know that this is part of the lords plan to help us be better. 
This week in the training meeting, president told us some awesome stuff. I just love him and his wife and the love that they have for us! The sister doesn't speak hardly any spanish and I always see her go straight up to the latino elders and, in spanish, ask "hola elder, como està?" (how are you) and then i watch as they respond in normal spanish as she obviously works very hard to try to understand a small chunk. When I asked her if she needed help, she said "nope, I'm getting a little bit." She really is such a great lady and she has such a great testimony of the gospel!
Sad news. My kid will not be getting here for another 2 weeks, so tomorrow in the changes I am going to get a temporary companion for a couple weeks until my AMERICAN SON gets here! I am pretty nervous to have to teach spanish, but it is going to be great! I am really excited for whoever it may be!
I think that might be it! I am so excited for the General conference so that we may here the voice of the Lord through his beloved prophet and other leaders of the church! I am so grateful to have this gospel in my life, and even though we are imperfect, because of the atonement of our savior jesus Christ, we may be be made better and cleaner amidst all the filth and iniquity that surrounds us. I lvoe the lord, this is his church, and this is his work. If you don't know when the conference will be, I invite you to look at "" or ask the missionaries, and I invite you all to invite one friend or neighbor (preferable nonmember) to watch it with you! Hope you guys have an awesome week!
Love Elder Norr :)

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