Tuesday, October 7, 2014

PURE POWA!‏ 14 Months Out

ok, well this is probably going to be the shortest email I ever written in my mission, but it is going to be awesome,and i hope you guys can feel thespirit!
So, sad news.... My schedule to give birth has been pushed back til next week... apparently he hurt his knee in the mtc (kinda ironic) but he'll be great for me then! haha I am currently with Elder Clarke, he is from Latin Ut, and he isawesome! this week has just been PURE POWA!!!!! we are eating healthy, and we have already found 3 new investigators!!!!!!!1 they are great. First off, Isela. we taught herthe first time and she was just like "in theend, we are all going to believe what we want to".Soiwaspretty  bummed, but we got a return visit, and she had changed! we explained the book of mormon, and we invited her to read and to pray again, and thistime she just asked "how will God let me know?" well, we explained a little bit, andthen we just promised her "you will know". AWESOME!!!!!
Other than that, I am healthy, everything isgoing well, I love you all lots.
Something important and then we have to bounce. I realized something: every time we have struggles, we don't have to return to square one and doubt the church. I'm done with that junk.This church is true. I know it, God knows it, and if you ask, you too shall know it! the atonement makes possible repentance unto the cleaning of our souls. I would love to write more,but the keyboard iskinda wigging out. I love you all andhope you have an excellent week!
Elder Norr

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