Monday, October 13, 2014

crazy week...

ok, so this is going to be a quick one. So, highlights: Almost got robbed...again. but they were drunk, so this time we just dipped. 
second: i didn't see noah, but I was worried we were in for a rough one. It rained so hard. We had to goback home to change,and that was 4days ago, my shoes still aren't dry... 
third: We found 3 new investigators! they are awesome,but information will be withheld for now.
Fourth: My kid isn't coming.... He hurt his knee in the MTC and has been released so he can get surgery probably... :/
Fifth: I'm staying with elder clark! he's a champ!
Sixth: Saw a 75 year old man named ignacio break into his own home. He's just a small skinnyman, but he locked his house from the inside by accident. So he grabs a hammer and busts out one of his door windows that is filled by thick cardboard. then,he jumps up grabs the frame of the door and ninja swings in through a hole thatisprobably 15x 12 inches. Itwas sweet!!!!
so, Idon't really have much to say this time, but I hope you all know that i love you. I read areally interesting talk yesterday from the may 2013 conference. It talked about a man who served in the war in vietnam and was taken prisoner. he did not talk to his family for 2 years, and they didn't know if he was still alive. finally, he was able to send a message of 25 words or less. I am going to do my best to write this next message in 25words....
Live the Gospel. Study the scriptures. go to the temple. Live and love like Christ. Never Settle. Families are forever. remember I LOVE YOU!
Elder Norr :)
YOLO district!!!!
Hmmmm.... I think I have an idea haha
this is me 2 months without getting a's worse than I thought....
 this is my candy bar!
everything you see is a small part of the ward(not sure this is what he meant to send)

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