Monday, October 20, 2014

miracle in xochitenco

This has been a good week. we got to do some different stuff. to start the week off, we had interviews with the president on wednesday, we found a new investigator on friday, and we had a mission conference on saturday.
things were pretty calm. elder clarke is just full of energy. he is so funny. he saw this cat on the side walk and starts tip toeing and then tells me to get ready. i was like "what is my companion doing?", then Elder Clarke takes off trying to catch this cat i can't help but laugh when Elder Clarke and I are out in the streets :)
I just love our president and his wife. they just love the lord so much and want us to come more unto christ. In our mission conference, the president had told everyone to bring all there contraband items (ipods, ipads, iphones, movies, cds, books, fireworks, etc.) and promised that they would not have problems for just this time. He stood before us, and he explained "what I say is the will of God; and I do not excuse myself. I will probably say some hard words, that I do not excuse myself." He then proceeded to give an incredible talk about repentance and the importance of being worthy, faithful representatives of christ. then sister Stutz, not knowing spanish, got up and gave her talk in spanish that explained the relationship between faith and obedience. I just loved it. they love us so much, and you just feel it as they talk to you, as they shake their hand. I'm so grateful for the chance to serve in this mission :)
So, we were walking up a long street looking for an address of a new investigator. We couldn't seem to find it, but we passed by the home of a man that we had supposedly missed a couple of days before. I said to Elder Clarke "hey, lets just see if this guy is home." we knocked on the door, and he came out, opened the door, told us to come in, and then as we walked in he said "I thought you guys weren't going to come.". we then sat down as he told us he didn't know anything about our religion. we then talked for the next 2 hours as we explained the restoration and answered his questions. we invited him to church, and he told us directly "I go to church to change. If I go to into a church and come out feeling the same, i don't go back. but, I'll see if i can go this week." Ok... So sunday morning I sent out a couple of messages inviting nonmembers to come to church with us. about 45 minutes into sacrament meeting, i look and that man, rafael Luna, walks into teh sacrament hall. I go shake his hand an we sit down. Long story short, he stays for the second hour (gospel principles. the lesson on sunday was the restoration of the true church of christ) and then has to go, but before he goes, he tells me "I think i am going to be here with you guys next week." YYYYEEEESSsSSSS! We have an appointment with him on wednesday and I'm really excited to talk to him again. 
other than that, I'm pretty healthy. I gained 5 pounds. No, I don't have a foot fungus for those that saw the pictures last week. It rained early and I was walking around in titanics all day. the dye from my socks rubbed off on my feet. 
I love the gospel. I love the savior. It's very important that we learn how to look at ourselves and ask god "lord, is it I?" The book of mormon is true and there is no other book like it in this world. God Lives, This is his church. Please, search for a testimony because it is the only sure thing thatwill keep you safe in this world of constantly changing values and standards. God loves you. remember that. understand the atonement. Love those around you!
love Elder Norr

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