Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How we doin?

ey, how we doin? This week has been SO FAST!!!! Cambios are this next week (changes), and I found out... ya me voy.... (i'm leaving) It's kinda weird to be leaving. I know I have 6 months in this area, but I would like to have one more change here. The people are so great, and there are so many people that are ready for the gospel in this area. Ok, so last week, I didn't have much time to write, so here come the miracles of Mexico!! :) We have an older man in our area names Hermano Montiel; this man has been inactive in the church for 15 years, and when I say inactive, I mean he has not attended an acitivity or stepped foot within the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints for 15 years. He refuses to tell us what went down that made him leave, but we taught about... I forgot :/ but after, we told him we would pass by his house at 8:30 on sunday morning to pick him up and take him to church. We TOTALLY forgot... but as I am saying hi to all the people in the sacrament hall, I see an older gentleman walk in the double doors.... HERMANO MONTIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I about cried and I couldn't control myself; I straight up yelled across the sacrament hall to Elder Chico "ELDER CHICO!!!! MIRE!!!!" We seriously about cried! I ran over and gave him a huge hug and found him a nice, comfy, senior citizen-safe chair next to me, and he stayed for all of sacrament meeting!! We also had lots of people come to sacrament meeting, including our mission president, and the President of all of Mexico and part of the US, President Johnson and his wife. We had 9 confirmations on sunday, but sadly, none of them were our investigators..... Bummer.....

Miracle #2 - so, blanca valencia is the sister of one of the less active members in the ward. She got really bad depression about 8 years ago, and now she gets really upset and almost gets sick after going into the streets. We go to their house on saturday to visit her and her 90 year old mother who we are trying to baptize. Blanca is in her room with the door shut. She got really bad after selling in the streets the 2 previous days. After teaching the mom and the less active sister, we asked if we could go in and talk to blanca. They told us "you can try, but she doesn't even want to see or talk to us". Ok then. We knocked and went in. She was just laid on her bed witha blank look on her face and the television on. We asked if we could sing her a hymn. She said yes. We sang "More Holiness Give Me" (favorite hymn) and she thanked us (she loves hymns). We sat down, and began to talk to her; she expressed her sadness, and her desire to not live... She told us she didn't want to see or talk to anyone and that her mom and sister didn't understand her... Finally, Elder chico and I, with the power of the spirit, began to give her advice and express to her the love that God has, and also the love that we have for her as a daughter of God. We talked and talked. Finally, we asked her if we could go to the church, a place where it is quiet, peaceful, and a house of God. We told her we were going to give her a blessing first, and then leave. the blessing was given. and we left. On the street, we assured her that she didn't need to be nervous because she was walking in between 2 representatives of the lord Jesus Christ. When we got to the texcoco (the main street), we asked her if she wanted to take a taxi? She said NO. We walked. We got to the church, and Elder schaap and the other Elders were there giving a guided visit and doing a baptismal service. Blanca loves grass, so we went out and sat down the 3 of us. Chico ran to the bathroom, and blanca began her life story about how she got her depression, and the things that have happened in her life up to that point. Elder Schaap, my homie and district leader, asked if he could go talk to her. Yeah, that's fine. He went out and sat by her on the grass. They began to talk, and I realized he was probably talking to her about baptism. We have told her so many times that baptism will help her be happy, and that she will be clean, but she always allows the promises to be swallowed up in her depression. He talked to her for like an hour, and then they came back into the church... Schaap came in and told me that blanca had something to tell me. With a smile that looked like the grinch (practically eating her ears) she declared that she would be baptized this following sunday after the church services. I almost cried. If there was ever a time when i almost hugged a woman on my mission, that was it. I was SO HAPPY FOR HER! She told us that is was the first time she had been happy in a long time, and was ready to join the lords church!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!

God lets us be the tools to help others and then gives us the spirit to help those people. IN his own words, "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee". God will support us in our efforts to help and lift up his children, our brothers and sisters. 

GUESS WHAT???? I'M GOING TO HAVE A GRAND KID!!!!! THAT' RIGHT, chico is EXPECTING! I am so happy for Elder chico, and can truly testify of the growth I have seen in him as a man, missionary, and as my son. Like we always teach people. God puts us in families to help one another, to support one another in our trials, and to help us progress throughout this life. In my family, I already have at least 6 new brothers that I can look to for support and counsel in my life. I have to go ALREADY, but I love you guys so much, and I know that this church is true. I know that God helps us, and will continue helping us while we strive to live worthily of his commandments. To those people not of this faith who recieve or read my letters, please, come and see. I promis that you will find that God has prepared a place for you here and is also preparing blessings that will enrich your lives and help you find peace and joy in this life. it's not easy, but it is worth it. We must stay strong, and when we are to week to stand, let us kneel. Only from our knees will be able to reach the height of God. God loves you, I love you, and time really does pass to quickly! Don't waste a day. Magnify your callings, do your home teaching, visiting teaching, and give freely of your time and talents. God may send missionaries to an area with people that only they can reach, but their arm will never be long enough without the assistance and support of the members. Stay good, speak good english, and don't eat cow hoove tacos (even though they are pretty tasty :))

Have a great week!


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