Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey from a week of pain, surprises, and miracles

Ok, so I apologize in advance because the zone leaders are bugging us to get the stake center to have our meeting to help us prepare for this week, so i will have to be pretty quick! So this week has been, to say the least, the most EXHAUSTING week of my life. We get up, elder chico does exercises as I watch and eat my breakfast in quite envy. Luckily I have some good news.  We went to the doctor to get my knee checked out. after waiting for like an hour chillin and joking with the doctor (he's the 2nd coucilor to the stake president and he's in my ward... we're homies) he told me to lay down and walked in with the shot; I HATE SHOTS!!!! He is a really funny guy, and for like 5 minutes before he injected me, he was making jokes like "i'm jason" and acted like he was going to poke me haha triste vato presidente! Then elder juarez had to hold my leg down as the doctor injected me. It hurt SO BAD! then, after squeezing the pillow behind my head, I relax, only to open my eyes and see that the doctor is filling up the needle again. "hey doc, what ya doin?" Oh he replied, "i'm going to inject your other knee too!" OH FREAK! NO! He then told me that it was slightly damaged and that i needed to get the shot so both my knees would be healthy. Ok, entonces, me vale! He poked me again! Then, elder chico had an ingrown toenail; the doctor wasn't afraid to get in their. Elder chico's toe nail had ingrown backwards!!! The doctor had to use these special needle nose plyers, and he just held chicos leg down and probably just dug about an 1/8 of an inch back into his foot. I cringed the whole time!

So, for surprises, SURPRISE! I have officially completed more than 6 months of my mission! SO CRAZY!!!! We also had 9 new investigators this week, with 9 people who came to church too! We had a crazy surprise! So we have this awesome investigator Abel Rosiles; he has been progressing really well, and then we went to house for our appointment. HE didn't come out... ok... We called, and then knocked again, and he came out. HE said "listen, I really don't want to be baptized. I have been talking to my family, and all of them are catholic!" Well, there's your problem haha just kidding! The first time we met him, he told us that he lived alone, was divorced, and that all his daughters lived near by. He didn't know that his daughter was already one of our progressing investigators and so told us that we shouldn't visit his fmily. Ok, esta bien. He decided to come to church to check it out before he decided to stop listening. He shows up to church, and guess who is there???? HIS DAUGHTER!!! It was so awesome! She went and got him a hymn book and helped him sing and then sat by him to explain stuff to him! It was SO AWESOME! 

Ok, another miracle! this family, valencia, has been listening to us forever, and one of the daughters and her daughter is mormon and baptized already. We decided that the time was now right to invite the other sister and the mom to be baptized. The sister has super depression problems, and the mom has been catholic a long time... 91 YEARS!!!! THEY ACCEPTED BAPTISM FOR THIS NEXT SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This week has been crazy and I am so excited to echar las ganas again this week to help these people out! I'm sorry i can't explain all the investigators this week, but we have found lots of new ones. The doctor told me that in about 3 weeks my carteledge wiill be new and I will be able to ease my way back into sports. he said that my knees will be as if they were never damaged for at least the next 10 years!!!! SO EXCITING!!!! 

I truly know that this is the true church of god! If it wasn't, i wouldn't be here, and people wouldn't be baptized. This the church to help families be forever and I know that someday i will be with mine, Including my incredibly gorgeous wife (who knows who) someday and we will be with god for time and all eternity. I hope you have a great week and remember that I love you all and love to hear how you guys are doing! Work hard each day and you will never waste one!

Love Elder norr

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