Tuesday, February 4, 2014

6 MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Holy What?!?!?! I have 6 months?!?!?! This is so weird! I already have a fourth of my mission! It really just goes so fast. This week has been a really crazy, really stressful, and really tiring week. Well, we have had some awesome lessons this week and we have the possibility of baptizing 16 people this month!!!!!!!!!! It is so exciting because we have been trying to find people to teach and trying to find people to listen, and we are having the opportunity now to really work harder than ever before and help lots of people and families recieve the ordinances of salvation. 

Ok, just so I can get this out of the way already, I got sick again, but the only problem is that this time, it was completely avoidable. I make a breakfast smoothie everyday. I literally put everything except the kitchen sink in it. Normally, I will put things in this order. Milk, blended granola cereal, calcium chocolate powder, banana, apple, powdered cinnamon oatmeal, fruit juice, yogurt, actual cinnamon, and then usually an egg... That last one is the killer. I got up on tuesday and I felt pretty good, but my head kinda hurt. Throughout the day i just got a little bit worse and worse until my companion and son (elder chico) told me we were going to the doctor. I won't describe to much, but long story short, I explained my symptoms to the doc. Oh.... UMhm he tells me.... I know what you have................ Salmanila! Ummmmm.... that sucks... I had to go back home and just lay in bed all night. could only eat jello. and then Got up the next day to go have an interview with the mission president which went good. He always helps me learn so much and helps me get so excited to work. Just sucks that I couldn't work that day either. I was put under quarentine to chill at home and just sleep and stuff. Good news: I'm back to normal. Bad news: I lost 2 days of work. We only have 2 years to work as hard as possible for god and we don't have time to waste them.

Ok, so we should have a baptism this week! He has been in teaching for over a year, but he is really changing to accept his role as a son of god and role model for his family. I just love having the opportunity to help people. I have been thinking so much about helping others, I don't really think about much else, but I don't feel bad. I feel the love of God helping me love these people even more. I thought about home this week one night, and then it hit me like a brick: These people won't be in my home. Mexico truly feels like home to me, and the ward Juan Escutia just feels like my home. The bishop is my homie and he is fluent in english so we always talk in english. I truly do love these people! It just seems so hard to think that they won't always be in my life like they are right now. Each week I get to see them grow little by little. We have less actives coming to church more often and we get the chance to visit these people everyday and try to help them recieve the eternal goal: Exaltation with our heavenly father. We had a really special experience last night. 

Ok, don't call me dead, but we watched the super bowl. We went to a families house to eat tomales last night at like 8 and they just happened to have the game on. I didn't want to be rude, so I sat intently eating my tomales and watching the seahawks absolutely destroy the broncos, but that isn't the experience. 

We have an incredible family that we are teaching. The familia Solano-Rivera. they just randomly didn't go to church on sunday and when I called them yesterday, they told me they were talking about our church.... ummmm..... ok...... My comp set an appointment with them last night at 8:30 and we went. We get there and the dad starts to explain to us that he would like ot know more about our religion. Ok, this is your time to ask us questions then! His family loves the church and every chance she gets, the mom throws in a good word about our church. Luckily, the mom's brother and sister, and niece came over last night while we were explainig the gospel and answering questions. The dad had some reasonable questions and then some pretty crazy questions. I just prayed for my comp every time he started to explain a doctrine that he would say the words god wanted him to. At the end, all the questions led to the same doubt: What is the difference between our church and the other churches. Ok, again, I just explained "our church has the authority of god" and before I could really explain too much, my comp went into a testimony. Even though i didn't understand at first why he didn't let me finish, but then I humbled myself and listened to his testimony. He poured out his heart in some of the most powerful invitations to find the truth for one's self that I have ever heard. He truly testified that God really wants us to know the truth, and if we are willing to ask him in faith, he will let us know which church is really his.

I don't have more time, but I can truly testify that this is the true church of god, and that he wants us each to ask him what we need and ask him the questions we need answers to. The scripture D&C 46:8 came to mind. God wants us to ask him and pray to him for guidance because he wants to help guide us away from the false traps and doctrines of the world. I truly know that God guides us and That his son Jesus Christ is our redeemer and salvador (forgot that word). I truly testify about prayer, that it is a conversation and a connection with our father in heaven. Don't doubt. Pray in faith and ye shall recieve. Love YOu all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder norr

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