Friday, March 7, 2014

Goodbye Juan Escutia..1st Transfer--7 Months Out

well, it's been a good run, but after 7 months of my mission, I am going to have changes out of my first area. ok, I really don't have much time because I have to go say bye to lots of people and take lots of photos, but this week has been truly INCREDIBLE!!!! First, Guess who has permission to play sports again?!?!?!?!?!? That's right!!!!!! THIS KID!!!!! Fun health fact of the week from mexico: did you guys know that shark cartiledge is a great vitamin to fix problems with your joints? I am officially on a life time of SHARK PILLS haha! ok, I probably should have said this first, but I was really excited. We also baptized this week............... 8 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people are so great, and they need the gospel in their lives! One lady, blanca valencia, has lots of health problems and stuff, and to make things better, she is deathly afraid of water; to make things even better, we get there, the sisters told us everything was ready, we entered the water.....FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blanca had to look up at the ceiling so she wouldn't freak out in the water! I told her it would be quick. I said the prayer, and (i'm not sure this is a the best word to use, but it is the most accurate) I threw/ dunked her and then brought her back out. I didn't realize it, but I had lifted her out of the water, and her feet weren't touching the bottom of the font haha but she had some troubles and it took her a minute to get herself together, but after that, ALL SMILES!!!!!!!

Also, this week of miracle, a mom that said she would never get baptized told us during a lesson "hermanos, I want to be baptized in this church" ummm...... YES!!!!!!!!!!! She told us that she finally got the answer she was looking for and wasn't going to deny that answer. Only problem.... not with her boyfriend..... 2 kids. What did we do???? We MARRIED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a different experience, but it was awesome!!!!!! I lvoe these people and it is so sad to have to leave, but they will be ok.

other stuff! Ok, just so no one freaks out anymore, yes, I got my insoles (they are incredible), Yes, I am doing ok, and No, I am not sending my shoes home yet (just needed the insoles and they are doing great again! The mission choir was good! The spirit was really strong, and it was a really great experience to hear from a 70 and also the general mission president of Mexico! Ok, so I have never really tell you guys about chico, but he is great! He loves to dance, and he has helped me out with so many things. We always sit on the beds at the end of the day, look down, and then have belly fat conversations :) haha, but also kinda gross... Hey, my address will still be the same, so don't worry about if my stuff will still get here! Who knows where I'm going, but I have to go finish packing ;( Hope you all have an awesome week, and know that I love you all!

This church is true, and I know that the power of the preisthood has been restored in our day to bless our families and those that we love. I know that if anyone wants to find out what is right, they can knee down and pray to god, and THEY WILL RECEIVE ANSWERS! I would like to invite all of you (member, nonmember, less active, weird people too) to ask what is the truth and how they can prepare to have forever families. I know that I will be with my family some day, and with how time is going right now, it won't be too long until I am with them again. We need to give of ourselves and of our time freely to help those around us, only then will we be doing the will of god! I love you all! Be active! Learn some spanish! Eat lots of tortillas! and maybe someday, you too can be happy like Elder Norr!!!! haha Have an awesome week!!!!!

Love Elder Norr
With the jimenez de leon family
 hermana cruz (nicest old lady) and then I told her to do a gang pose. She tried to do Bunny Ears on me, but poor old lady, she wasn't tall enough.
we are messing around after weekly planning

  this is the valencia family

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