Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week in a minute!

ok, so who's ready to here how this week went down????? Well, to start off, terrible... I got so down on myself because everything was going wrong. The 91 year old lady, after hearing about the law of chastity, decided that she didn't want to get baptized this week.... umm.... what??? I was like "your 91 years old! What's the problem?", but hey, to each his own haha just kidding, she had this big long explanation about how she didn't want to be unloyal to her husband who had been awesome and had been catholic his whole life. Sister! he is already on the other side recieving the same lessons! We are trying to help you return to be with him again!!!!! It's just really hard because before my mission, I was really go with the flow chill about everything and I didn't really feel the impact of temptation. Now, HOLY CRAP!!! The adversary is truly gaining more and more power and is throwing all of it at our investigators! It was so frustrating because I didn't understand why other missionaries were baptizing, and we aren't. I'm going to be honest with you guys, I bawled my eyes out as I expressed my feelings from the last 6.5 months to my comp elder chico. I can honestly say I have never felt so insignificant and helpless in my life. Then elder chico told me word that I will never forget: "satan tempts these people because he knows they will be strong members. He knows that the other missionaries are just baptizing anyone and therefore he doesn't need to tempt them; they will be inactive in a couple months anyways." He also told me something I have NEVER thought about before. He told me that i thought the adversary had power to enter my mind and tempt me. NOT TRUE. God lets satan come into our mind and heart to test us, to try our faith, and to make us have to rely on him for the light we need to push the darkness out of our lives. Life is not hard, but it is worth it. God wants us to change. If not, he wouldn't let us be challenged and tried: we would always be the same and never worry about anything. Life is a challenge, but if we are willing and ready to fight each and everyday to come off conqueror, we will be supported by god in our afflictions and will be lifted up at the last day! :)

yesterday, we showed up to church, and one of the counselors in the bishopric was standing in the entrance. He told me that the people across the street were just staring at the church and he didn't know why. I told him "let's go see what they want." I told elder chico to come with me and we crossed the street to talk to them. They asked us what time the services started. we told them 9. They asked if it would be ok that they come and attend. Ummmm.... YEAH!!!!!! BIENVENIDOS!!!! We took them into the church and they stayed for sacrament meeting. We also had a family show up afte the sacrament was passed. Down here, they don't open the doors to pass the sacrament to the people out in the main hall. We passed the sacrament and they were no longer waiting!!! We went out the street and they were getting in their car! NOOOO!!!! I quickly asked them why. The mom said "we already missed the sacrament, and that's the main reason to come to church. We'll go home, and next week be there earlier" I about went off on the ward council for not passing the sacrament to the people who show up a little late, including investigators that are fasting to find out if this church is true!!!! But at the same time, I wish that every member would have that same desire to get to church on time and partake of the sacrament every week! 

We have to go, but I might get on for like 20 minutes later tonight to finish the emails. This week really tested me, but thanks to God and a great companion who is in tune with the spirit, I was able to push through to the better days! I love this gospel, and know it's true. it blesses lives in miraculous ways and helps people know that christ lives and that he loves us, each of us! Thank you to all of you for writing me and being another rock to help me stay firm. Look for ways to serve, and PLEASE, do your home teaching. if everyone did their home teaching, we would have so many less Less-actives in this world! I have an awesome expecience that I will share later, but for now, know that I love you guys, and that I hope you are all doing well!!

Love Elder Nathan Bill Norr

 how taxis work in mexico!

 me and my dogs!
 and the injections in my knees! gross!

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