Thursday, January 2, 2014

What's it's really like to be a dad!‏

Well, to start off, Feliz navidad! Hopefully you guys will have a great new year too! This week has been AWESOME! First, christmas was weird. I love my district, but it was still pretty weird to not be around the people that I love and miss so much! It was also kinda weird to get to talk to them on skype. I haven't seen a white person that spoke english in almost 5 months! haha but these weren't just any white people, they were my incredibly attractive family members. it went by so fast! I swear we were only talking for like 15 minutes, but I look down.... 1 hour 45 minutes! WHAT? Where did the time go? But I only cried once, while I was bearing my testimony to my family in spanish. It was such a strong moment for me that i really couldn't help but crying, hard... But it was great and they are all doing well and with that I was happy :)

Ok, WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wow! it was the most incredible thing that I have done in so long! I haven't went to the temple for 4 months and I have honestly never been so excited to go anywhere in my whole life! We showed up, and it was ENORMOUS!!!!!!! This is the largest builing I have ever seen! We couldn't go to the visitor's center or the store where they sell scriptures and stuff though :/ It was the most spiritual experience in my entire life, and I went through the temple.... IN SPANISH!!!!1 It was so weird. I had never spoken spanish in the temple before, and then whi9le we were waiting in the room before we left, I started to cry. It is such an incredible place and I have never felt the spirit so strong in my entire life! It truly was gorgeous! the only problem was that we thought we were going to be there until 12 and then go home.... NOPE.... We got home at 4 and we had tio sprint to a............... BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!

We baptized alan this week and he truly was really nervous and because his family has never had a religion and so he didn't really know what to expect, but he got baptized twice..... The first time I thought it was good. Apparently not... But nonetheless it was incredible and The spirit was truly there!

So saturday I found out what it was truly like to be a dad when Elder Chico decided to get sick in the middle of the street.... We were walking down the middle of the street and he just looks at me "Voy a vomitar" (I'm going to throw up) Seriously?, Yeah. He tries to get to the other side of the street to throw up in the grass, but doesn't make it.... He jsut lets it out in the middle of the street... :( I felt so bad. But after he threw up, he said lets go work, cause he felt better haha however, he threw up after our next couple appointments and then i decided we had better head for the house. We got home at like 7 and he got changed to sleep. He kept throwing up and I tried to help him. I wanted to call my family so bad for help. But luckily for me, especially with the family that I come from, he is the best sick person I have ever met. I could hear him getting sick and I would ask him "elder, are you ok? What can i do for you?" and h would respond like nothing was wrong. 

It's going to sound bad to say, but I like chico being sick. I got to sit and study the scriptures, magazines, and church stuff for 3 hours!!!!!! LOVED IT! I truly do have an incredible love for the scriptures, and the temple! The scriptures truly are the keystone to our religion and they have so much increidble information and guidance that will bless our lives. We need only open the pages and read. This church is truly the true church of God on our earth. if you have any questions, then ask. It is a promise from god that "ask, and ye shall recieve. knock and it shall be opened unto you" and I truly have a testimony of that scripture. God is willing to give us everything we need, but remember that in the scriptures, everything that god says he will give us is proceeded with an action word. Be Active! God needs to bless you! But we must be actively angaged to get all the blessings of god! I love you all, and hope you all have an incredible new year!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Love Elder NOrr

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