Tuesday, January 21, 2014

God is truly watching over us

Well, This kinda sucks. Put my usb into the computer and it wouldn't read. Ok. no big deal. I just left it in for a minute to see if it could read it. The computer decided to get super hot and melted my usb, and I don't know if it still works, but ALL OF THE PICTURES FROM MY MISSION were on it.... :( I am not going to check to see if it works on this computer because if not it will probably destroy my memory... Sorry, but no pictures this week...

So this week has truly been great, but it has also been a real struggle. If it wasn't obvious enough, I am not nearly humble enough. I truly try to listen to the spirit and be obedient to help people out, but I realized that I really i am not doing my best. I just felt aweful at the start of this last week, and then about thursday, after realizing truly how much I need god to have happiness in my life, God blessed me to feel the happiness of serving again. I have been praying so much to be humble, and even though it is uncomfortable to truly be humbled, it is definitely worth it. I still have a long ways to go to be truly humble though.

We went to play bowling today, and that was fun! wait.... play bowling? is that correct? it's a direct translation from spanish, and i am not goign to lie, it gets harder and harder to speak correct inglish. I find that I get mixed up a lot with direct translations and how I should really talk. Anyways, Bowling. We went to a place called Plaza Jardin, and it was SWEET! It was like a really nice mall straight out of the United States. I was so excited, happy, and slightly guilty for being there, but it was awesome! We got to go to some sporting good stores and see what new stuff there is, the only problem is everthing is for SOCCER! All I wanted was a VOLLEYBALL! Then elder Schaap and I went to.... DAIRY QUEEN! DELICIOUS! I haven't had a blizzard in FOREVER!!!! I can honestly say it was probably the greatest thing I have tasted in a while. We went bowling, and I WON!! YEAH! I ended up bowling a 170! Not sure how it happened because I am usually not a very good bowler, but it was really fun because the bowling center was really nice with couches and stuff, but I can't believe that I almost have 6 months on my mission! Sometimes the time goes by soo slow, but we are trying hard to do what is right, and God is blessing us.

Ok, so I don't really have much time, but I am going to explain to you guys my two super spiritual missionary experiences for the week! So, we finally contacted that lady that gave us all her information without even contacting her! She invited us in, even though we weren't announced and got the family together. We teach something called the vision for the first lesson. It includes an overview of all the lessons and an explication of pray in the way of God. We were talking to them, and the spirit just got so strong. When we got to the end of the lesson, I extended the invitation of baptism to them. THEY SAID YES! The mom is like 40 and so is the dad. One son is 14 and the other is 8, just turned 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This family explained to us that they are looking for a religion that is centered on the family and is going to help their kids have a testimony of christ and help their family grow in unity and love. DING DING DING!!!! We have a winner!!! The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO! the spirit was soo strong in that lesson, and the mom (maritere) said the prayer to end the lesson. IT was incredible! My eyes watered up as she prayed and then broke into tears. They also came to church on Sunday and have the date of February 9th to get BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, they are awesome! Here is another one.

We have talked to this lady, Carmen Rosiles, about coming to visit her 3 times before, and she has never been. After eating, we were walking by my house and Elder Chico told me we should knock. we did. and she came out! She invited us in, and again, she truly has been prepared by god to recieve the restored gospel in her life! She explained to us how she needs a direction, and that she has been having a lot of problems. She told us that she has lived in the same house for 5 years, and just a little while ago, she started to have serious problems with emotions and other stuff all piling up in her life. That's when we contacted her a couple weeks ago. She told us that she knows it is a sign from God, and we taught her the vision. She truly wants a good life for her son and her to be with God someday. She came to church on sunday, and she really liked it. Everyone in the ward was awesome, and welcomed her like she had been coming for months!

I have to go, but I can truly testify that God is preparing his children to recieve his gospel, but we have to be looking and listening to be able to be guided to those people. Luckily, my son Elder CHico was in tune and listened to wha the Holy Ghost was telling him. He is such an incredible companion and I am super lucky to be his dad. We are going to have salso classes a couple times each week because before his mission, he was a professional latin dance instructor. I truly know that god loves us and will help us find those people who need OUR help. There truly are people in the world that can only be helped by us, and we must be worthy to find those people. I know this church is true and I thank you all for all the support you have all given, and continue to give me! I love you all, and hope you have an awesome week!

Love Elder Nathan Norr

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