Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo! 5 Months Out

Prospero año y felicidad! haha Hope you guys are all doing well this week! THis week has truly been a good week! We actually got some new investigators this week and we are so excited to teach them! We have been striving to do everything right this cycle and we are starting to get the blessings! God truly does not give us everything we want in the moment that we are obedient, but tries our faith to STAY obedient and then just DUMPS the blessings! Ok, but here we go!

Ok so Firstly, this actually kinda sucks, but anyways  I have been banned from physical activities for the next 3 MONTHS!!!!!! Freak! Apparently after lots of volleyball knee-banging and jumping in addition with my auschter slaughter did some damage to the cartiledge in my left knee! So two injections and 3 months and I should be good. Just figured i would get JACKED in my upper body over the next three months! :) hah that's right kyle, I'm COMING FOR YOU! haha, but it's all good! cause I am helping the Lord push his work in these last days!

Next, we had a party on new years eve, and first went with Hermana Lupita (mama galleta) and we did... Karoake! Elder Walker and I did the rendition to "love song" by Selena gomez, and then one of the daughters put on a song by 50 cent. NOw that was my old life, but I just went off! I started wrapping and everyone started to crack up because they were still recording us. I realized that what I was singing was... not right for the time, and went into a freestyle rap about mexico! haha it was pretty cool and maybe I can show it too you guys some day! Then we went to ANOTHER PARTY (mexicans know how to party ;)  and we ate... AGAIN. At like 11 when all of the us were out of our mission clothes in Elder Schaaps house, they walked up and asked us to present a message at their new year's party. None of us had clothes, so we all put on Elder Schaaps clothes (210 lbs) I looked like a thug. I didn't feel too good just cause they were going to stay up super late so I went up and went to sleep. I woke up for a second at 4 and the members were still going hard downs stairs with piñatas and fireworks! New years was pretty chill, and we got to just hang out for a minute, and I finally opened my new year's package from my family! IT WAS DOPE! All of the other missionaries want My "green eggs and ham" book. We had two really cool experiences that I will tell you guys cause we don't have a ton a time today. 

First, we walked by the fuentes family house and they asked us for help picking their lime tree. We said yeah and they brought out a chair to stand on. Wasn't tall enough... So I decided to climb up on their 10 foot rickety chainlink fence and pick limes!  It was pretty fun cause usually the members think they are burdening us when they ask for help, but nonetheless, I had a lot of fun picking limes. 

Sidenote just to keep you from getting bored. I'm getting fat... :( kinda sucks cause with my knee I am restricted from cardio so I am slowly starting to get my little gut. We have belly fat talks sometimes, which usually end in laughing and talking about the importance of exercise! haha

Ok, so this truly was one of those moments that I truly just LOVE being a missionary. Elder Schaap and I had to go to a meeting at the stake center and when we got back, we decided to keep doing divisions and go work. We felt we should go visit Hermano Hajj because he wasn't in the capilla on sunday. We go, and the light is on in their kitchen and their window is open (the sign that they ARE HOME) We yelled "hermana Cruz" (his wife's name), and... no one. We yelled again... NO ONE... We look around, and there is this lady that looks to be staring at nothing... weird. I walk around to the other side of her where she could see me and I asked her if she was ok. She said that she was fine, just looking at a nicely decorated house. She then began to talk to us about how we were doing. We thought about contacting her, but we never did. Her sons showed up out of no where and introduced themselves. Without telling her from what church we were, or what our message was about, she told us, "i don't live on this street, but I live one street back in House number 100, whenever you guys want to visit me would be great! ummm..... WHAT!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! then we proceeded to plan an appointment with her. She told us good night and took a few steps. Schaap and I were still standing like deer in the headlights with our jaws almost touching the street when she takes another step turns around walks back, and says, "here is my telephone number so you guys can call me to get a hold of me!" Um...... Again, WHAT?! THANK YOU! SHE IS CHOSEN! We have an appointment with her this saturday and her name is Mariseti. I guess we will see what wil happen with her! Fingers crossed. Please pray for us! We have lots of incredible people that we are teaching right now and I am super excited to get to work! 

I truly know that this church is true and that we ahve a living prophet, Thomas. S. Monson to lead and guide us. I truly know that if this work wasn't true, I and my buddies wouldn't spend two years of our lives in other countries getting fat and talking to such incredible people. The blessings of the gospel are so incredible and I ask that each one of you can always be greatful and diligent for the blessings from God! I truly love you all and Hope you have an awesome week! 

Love Elder Norr

P.S. Mom, it is Feliz Navidad and Navidad means christmas. Cristo means christ. The translations just aren't the same here :/ Love you all and hope you are doing well!

  a bad picture day when i had a monster pimple...
 That time in central when Elder schaap and I bought ice cream 
 Christmas, and the baptism of Naheli. 

 here are just some pics of us on new years and on the day of the temple trip!

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