Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sickness en sunday, and an interesting day

Hello there my wonderful family and friends! 

I hope you are all doing awesome! This week has been a tough one. Once again, I found out the hard way that the pork down here is not very healthy. I had some in my pazole on satuday night and woke up sunday morning feeling like GARBAGE! Couldn't go to stake conference, which sucked, and ended up throwing up and just chilling in my bed all day. It was aweful! But I have truly learned to appreciate good health, especially when you are away from home. I feel like we lost so much yesterday with me being sick, but we are going to try to make it up this week. 

I don't have much time, and i don't really have any random facts that I can tell you this week. We were contacting this awesome family when this drunk dude comes out of no where and begins to try to preach the word of god. Needless to say, I told the women we were contacting to leave and we were harrassed for a minute by the drunk dude. He then told me he would die for the US and that he was a citizen. Weird... We also contacted some dude who asked us what god did before he created everything. I explained to him that we as imperfect beings cannot comprehend, and will never be able to comprehend that. he retaliated with "yes we can" if we study enough we can know everything, We as humans don't have limits" Ummmm... Dude, no. It just makes me sad when people are so hardened to the wonderful blessings that they could have in religion, even moreso in the Restored Church of Jesus Christ. 

My mom told me that the theme for this year is growing together and she explained to me that some trees grow really tall, but have shallow roots, and that they are strengthened by intertwining roots with those around them to be strong. I hope you all know that You guys help strengthen me with your weekly emails and words of motivation. This work is hard, and we have really been struggling with finding people to teach. However, the lord will not give us a testimony until after the trial of our faith (ehter 12:6)

I love you all so much, and I know that God loves you all. he knows you and knows what you need, even when we don't. This church is truly a forest where we can connect with other to become strong. I truly know that the spirit speaks to each one of us, and if we are listening, we will always be the right place for God to use us for the best. Love you all, and remember to stay strong, no matter what may come, God will always be there to help us. Remember to talk to him DAILY! Love you all, and hope you have a great week!

Love elder norr!

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