Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quick one!‏

Well, this is going to be a quick one! This week has been..... crazy. To say the least... But, I learned something important this week! I am hear to serve the lord, and I don't need to be worrying about offending someone. Strong decisions need to be made if we want to make real progress. That is one of the biggest things. 

Also, emotionally crazy! First, Hey Elder Norr! Guess what? YOU'RE GONNA TRAIN!!! 
me: oh.... freak.....  It felt sooo weird to hear that....

Then, when i was getting more excited about it. I get a call...
Elder Hammond (assistent) Hey elder norr, we've decided to hold off on the training for a while, so this cycle you won't be training....
me: oh..... whatever I have to do is fine then.

So, I have officially lost another son, but it's ok. The president does this by revelation, and i sustain our president! God has something planned!

Ok, that's it.

Not too many pics this week! But the work is going good. We have really dropped latedly with new investigators in the mission... But I know that the Lord has something special planned for us. We just have to repent, pray, and then get up and do it! And we can DEFINITELy do it! Hope you guys all have an awesome week! Their are lots of opportunities waiting!!!!!!! Use them!!!!

Elder Norr

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