Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Short One...Picture Overload

ok, so I kinda got sidetracked today, but this is going to be a short one. I got transferred to aztahuacan in the Paradise stake. Up til now, I LOVE IT! The weather in the morning is always overcast and cool, and our house is nice! My companion is de Guatemala and has about 8 months in the mission. His name is Elder De Leon! He's a cool kid! we have lots of awesome investigators and I will include a little bit more about them this next week. i will also take more pictures so you guys know who my comp is. we found this awesome lady when we went to visit an investigator, selina, and we have a cita tomorrow to teach the plan of salvation. SUPER PUMPED!!!!! I love this work, and even when it's hard, and even when we aren't seeing tons of success, I remember that I am still blessed in that I am set apart as a representative of the lord to preach the true and everlasting gospel to all of these wonderful, sometimes grouchy, sometimes shy, sometimes "why is this white boy talking to me"-faced children of God. I know this church is true! Learn it! Love it! Live it!

Elder Norr !
The family carrasco! I love these recent converts!
Elder Ocampos last day in the mission. he is now back in peru!
Us with the family Nava! They always invited us over for awesome food. Their home is and was a paradise to be in! 
 Jesus, and I in a random picture!
me with Esteban (the proffesional chef) He's so awesome!
Us with Rocio and Esmeralda! Clarke decided to pick the dog up, an this is how it came out!
I love these 2 ladies! This is ofelia and her daughter rocio! She did so many things for us and is just so great!
we made these with the chef! They are called "garanpiñados"! They are delicious! They remind me of christmas! 
me with the bishops wife! She saved my stomach with awesome food!
My mugshots with the ward secretary! haha I love this guy! he has super classy hair!

we went with the chef from the MTC and made belgium waffles! They were delicious!
I went snake huntin in our house! This really is a cobra that was killed and made into a belt... haha
 Brother Ignacio! I just love this man! He's like my mexican grandpa and I love him to death, he came to church in his pancho.

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