Tuesday, November 4, 2014

15 Months Out!!! Awesome week!!!!

Well, let me start off telling you that this week was so awesome! We had a really cool district meeting last monday and went to talk to the ward mission leader to see what we could do to get the ward more invovlved and committed to missionary work.
So, let's just start off with the miracles:
1) we were walking by this house (huge, green, white door) and I really felt the need to knock on it. A couple of ladies walked by and we waited for them to pass to knock; turns out, they went in... Bueno. So we go knock, a woman comes out named lorena, we say our names and that we are representatives of the lord Jesus christ, and then "do you guys want to come in?"  US: ummm.....? HER: Come on in! US:ummm.....ok.....
It turns out that it is a family of 8 and two of the kids are married! We only got the chance to talk to 3 (mom, dad, and one of the sister-in-laws) but they told us that we were allowed to come back whenever. We had an appointment on friday, but they had to leave so we didn't get to go with them again last week.
2) We were just walking by a lady's house that we had contacted a couple weeks ago. US: Hey, let's go see if she's home. She wasn't, but then We decided to know two doors down. Eva paz comes out (that's her name). We tell her who we are, and she asked us if we wanted to come in and eat with her because she was just getting lunch ready, and then said we could go by on friday. We went by on friday and she was there. She really liked the message, and she seems interested. We have a cita with her on martes (tuesday)!
3) Yazmin and Alfredo. A couple that has had some difficulties (from last week's email) we taught them on thursday night, and Alfredo is already in 1 Nefi 10 and says that the Book of Mormon has already answered a couple of his questions! YES! I testify that it is a true book, and it has been tested and retested by millions! They are doing great and want to be baptized!
4) I was on divisions with an Elder from our district (elder paredes). We walked by this lady on the street, and as we walked by I glanced over at her. We kept walking, but I just felt aweful for not talking to her, so I told Elder Paredes, I turned around and we went to talk to her. Her name is Karina and she said she wasn't really too religious, but she wanted to know more about the message (we talked about eternal families). We had a cita with her yesterday after church at 1. and her oldest son was there Alexis who has 17 years. We taught them and asked to come by tuesday or wednesday. She said she was really liking the message and that we could come by wednesday. She said, you can come by the day you want, but please just keep coming. I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR THE AWESOME PEOPLE GOD HAS BLESSED US TO FIND THIS WEEK! 
Obviously there were more miracles, but those are some of the ones that stuck out more.
This week has 3 holidays: Halloween, Day of the dead for kids, and Day of the Dead for adults. 
MEXICAN CULTURE TIME!!!!!: Day of the Dead is a day in which mexico remembers their family members that have passed away. They do this by putting up pictures in their homes and surrounding the pictures with fruits, candles, breads, and the other things that those people enjoyed while they were still alive. On saturday (the day for niƱos) all the little kids dress up and go around asking for treats just like halloween, and then on sunday, the adults and families go to the cemeteries to clean the graves and decorate them with flowers and fruits and things. It really is a cool thing!
Good News/Bad News: Elder Clarke is going to train! I therefore and probably going to have transfers this next tuesday. I have loved this ward, and I am really excited for the people that will be taught by whatever missionaries that are here!
Ummm.... I think that should be it! I'm just lovin it down here! Fall is definitely in the air. It's not as hot, the nights cool down, we have a nice breeze going most of the time. It's awesome! The smell here really reminds me of lake powell, especially when I put sunscrean on my face before we go out! Random fact!
I know this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives and is our savior and redeemer. God gives us commandments to help us recieve according to our needs, including the needs that we ourselves cannot easily identify. Read the book of mormon daily, pray often, go to church regularly, do family home evenings, because in these things are safety and peace from the problems of the world. I testify of these things and invite you all to pray to see if this message, this church are true(even if you have already done so). God will answer you in a personal way that you will be able to identify.
I hope you all have a great week! Love ya lots!
Elder Norr!

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