Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Flu bug... great leadership meeting

hello there everyone! How have you all been doing?!
Well, by now I know that you all know that "the mexican adeventures of Elder Norr" just so happened to be out of comission this last week. I apologize for that, but we had district meeting in the morning and afterwards, my companion was shaking saying that he was freezing. We got him home, and he just crashed on the bed all afternoon. Then, at about 10 o'clock on monday night, "hey, elder norr, could you go grab me a bucket? My stomach is a little upset." I went, got a bucket, give it to him, and lay in my bed...one... two.... BLLLLAAHHHHHHHHH! cough cough cough BLLLLAAAAHHHH! Harper starts throwing up... So the next day I get up and harper still isn't feeling good. He threw up again during the night, but we had some important citas so I went to the doctor in the morning to have my last checkup for my UTI and then I go work with Elder Puello for a couple hours. We get back, I get some food in me, and then I realize "hmmmm, I'm not really feeling so hot either. Before you know it, I went to bed with a fever and chillswith my stomach not knowing what was really happeneing either. Long story short, the 24 hour flu bug hit our small apartment, but thursday we were good to get working again! :)
So, we had a leadership meeting a 2 weeks ago on thurday. Elder Valenzuela, a member of the area presidency, came to talk to all the zone leaders and district leaders. It was so great, and I absolutely loved it! He shared the question if Abraham had told his wife when he received direction from God to sacrifice his son Isaac. He explained the importance that we are all "one" in the mission, in our districts, n our companionship! We talked a lot about love, patience, understanding. I truly felt a very strong and sweet spirit in that meeting!
You guys probably want to know about our area. Things have been going a little rough lately... We haven't had a new investigator (we had 1, but after the first visit, we never found her) in the last month and a half. The work here in our area has been a little slower, but I know that this week is going to be SO GREAT! We just need to show our desire and faith by action and diligence! I heard a quote this week that I liked in church. " When much is given, much is required. When much is required, much is given." I think that is a big thing in missionary work. We are fighting for the most precious thing on this earth: Truth. We need to show how much we are willing to do to help God establish that truth here in this part of mexico!
I really don't know what to write this week. Things have been a little frustrating lately and I am trying to work out how things are going to be smoother in this next week...
I'll just end with my testimony,
I just hope you all know how much I love you all, and how much I love the gospel. It has truly changed my life, and my being. I pray that it keeps on doing so because i have a long way to go to one day become like our savior and redeemer Jesus Christ! I know that this church is true, and I know that God has a very special, perfect, and timed plan for each and every one of his children. Each second of every day is part of it! I know that christ is our savior, and only through him and by him may we once again return to the presence of our beloved Father in Heaven with our loved ones for eternity. I heard that the mission is like ice cream: If you eat it,enjoy it, and savor it or not, it is still going to disappear. May we all look for the most in each day, and look to our savior for the perfect example of how to do so! Such is my prayer! I know that this week will be a great week! I may be a little down on my weight, but the Spirit is going to be way up this week! Love you all!

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