Monday, August 18, 2014

Well, this was interesting...‏

Buenas Tardes Guapos y Guapas! Espero que cuando lean esta carta, todas sus vidas sean llenas de paz y amor! 
This last week was pretty crazy, but to start off, the less important, not so spiritual stuff. I have been feeling GREAT!!!!! I get up each day with energy, and I can lift weights, I am eating well (normally elder harper and I go through 2 and a half loaves of bread, 18 eggs, and almost 2 gallons of milk each week.) I am doing a lot better with my shoulders and my knees are getting lots better witht he meds i take! HEALTH TIP ALERT! ONE WORD!!!: CHILLA (you pronounce it like a chilla pet) It is called the "marathon seed". What it does is it helps your body work more efficiently (take in more nutrients from food, helps conserve energy, helps you focus, helps your body digest and recover easier and quicker) and the great part is that you can buy a 2 and a half pound bag of these little suckers for 10 bucks!!! It is a really small seed (ize of a fruit fly) and you put 1 spoon full in like 32 oz of water and drink it throughout the day! I have been feeling great and i think it helps me with the sun too!

Ok, so I have been loving the calling as a district leader, but the first few days were pretty rough. We were jumping in between an enormous hill and our large area for almost 3 days, and then at the end of the night we would just get home to crash, and I would then have to report and check up with everyone. ut now that I "made it til sunday" (mtc saying) I am SO READY! I just love the elders here and I know that this next cycle is going to be the BOMB! I am so grateful for this calling, and I am ready for the new adventures we are going to have in these next 6 weeks! (changes are tomorrow. Elder Harper and I are still together)

ok, so now the good part. I feel the same, but i also know that I have changed a lot. This week was pretty rough. We would check with people before te appointments, and then we would get there.... knock knock knock! ..... NO ONE.... We were teaching like 4 or 5 lessons each day, and that is in total, not just investigators. we were just going around trying to contact everyone and do the best we could. I have really noticed that my way of thinking has changed. Instead of getting to a fallen appointment and thinking "oh crap, where are we supposed to go now?", I now think "who is the person God has prepared us to help now?" and then we just go about talking to people, and I have found that after each appoinment that falls, we almost ALWAYS find someone that accepts our invitation to learn more! It truly is amazing how the plan of God works in our lives! :)

So, I think that is about everything.. we are just sitting normally at a balmy 90 to 95 degrees down here with 60 percent humidity and free afternoon bathething here in the beautiful city of Chimalhuacan. I really miss air conditioning... haha I have really come to a greater knowledge of the gospel and especially what God has in store for us. I have seen some of the greatest missionaries I know get frustrated because there has been some problems (me included), but the truth is that the plan of God can't be frustrated. We just have to keep moving on in faith that HE KNOWS! I also have a testimony of what my president says: "YA GOTTA WANNA" followed by "Poder es querer!" "to be able to is to want". This gospel, and this life, are for progress. I saw a saying above Elder Harper's desk that I like "Who we are is God's gift to us. Who we will become is our gift to God!". I truly testify that our eternal progression is going to be at one point or another our own responsability! May we look to the lord for the strength to change and the peace in our moments of hardship! I love you all! Take care, and don't eat weird things! hahaha

Love Elder Norr
ok, so I am going to send pictures first!
First, these papers are always out in front of this church, and they always looked really cool, so I got a pictures with em.
 This is me and Filiberto! He is probably one of the greatest men tat I have met in my mission and I love him to death (from my last area)
 This is my pimp mobile. This is public transportation here. It is called a Micro, and they pack like 40 people in these things and pretty much race on the streets. When you need to get off, you touch the doorbell, andthe driver slows down enough so you wont die when you jump off! haha
umm, my bedroom I think
 My companion and I rockin a "selfie"
 and i don't remember what the last thing is...oh its my english preach my gospel book
Also, Elder Harper i roasting marshmallows on our little heating coil haha
 I found a 5000000 peso bill! high rollin in Mexico!!!! Totally fake!
 ok so heres is my Neck beard that I got a couple of weeks ago inthe hospital.

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