Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quick Week

Hijoles! Esta semana fue, pero se fue con un rapidez impresionante! (Elder Cuscagua aka my colombian kid's favorite word)
This week really went by quickly! We started off last week with a zone conference! It was so great! The president stutznegger and his wife are gust so great and they love us soo much! Every time we get out of a zone conference with them, I just feel a higher level of the spirit and i just want to go preach to the peeps on the street, mototaxi and all! 
We FOUND SOME NEW PEOPLE! First off, Luis. He is 20. He goes to a christian church and he's a little hard to get a hold of (especially when we don't have a phone...) but every time we are with him, the lessons have the strongest spirit, I JUST LOVE IT!
Second, Brenda. She's 29. has 3 kids. We taught her and after explaining everything I asked if she had a question. She was like "nope. I'll just have to keep having you guys over and I'll go to church and I think I will be able to get a hold of things after a little while.... (jaw drop9 she didn't come to church, but we are going to pass by with her early this week!
Ok, well anyways, Daisy. We contacted her on friday morning and put an appointment to see her in the afternoon on friday. We went and she said "I thought you guys weren't going to come...." But we did! We taught the restoration and the spirit was really strong. We asked her to be baptized and she said YES! We then invited her to church and she was ready.... at 7:15 in the morning!!!!!! That's right! Let's us all take some notes because the lord knows that even we have problems with that :) haha on sunday, the stake presidency came and they talked all about self-suffiency... for the whole 3 hours... Afterwards I talke to daisy (like 35, 2 kids, married) and I asked her how she liked it? She said" Wow, that was awesome, I loved it!"..... The is so great and we have an appointment tomorrow with her!!!! :)

This week i got thinking about the temple. By the time I go home, I won't have gone to the temple in almost 2 full years. I am saying this because the temple really is SOO IMPORTANT! It is where we become more one with God and learn his teachings at a level that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I hope that each of you who has a current recommend is using it often to go visit the house of the Lord because there is no other place like it in this world.

So, this week Elder Harper finished building our home gym. We go through about 2 gallons of milk....each week. and we have been filling up the milk jugs with water and we use a broomstick for a bar. we then have a rope to do other exercises with the jugs. I am currently up to lifting a gatorade bottle... lame :/ but the shoulder therapy will pay off someday! 

I have really enjoyed this week and the sweet spirit that has been present in the work. I know that this church is true and that our resurrected savior Jesus Christ stands at its head. I know the book of mormon is true, and if you are feeling like you need a special message from God, offer a prayer, open it up to whereever and start reading; GOD WILL SPEAK TO YOU! I know this. I know that the holy ghost really is a sacred privelage that we only recieve by living worthily and keeping the commandments. I love the Lord, this is his work! I hope you all have a wonderful week! love ya!

And thank you for all the letters! I love getting emails and pictures; it makes my monday! Oh, and tomorrow is MEXICO'S INDEPENDENCE DAY! Should be sweet!

Have a great week!
Love Elder Norr
Finally, DAISY.,..... buh buh buh buh, CHOSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, so this computer is being stupid and I don't want to wait 50 years for it to load so here is elder harper and I today in front of our new curtain! VIVA MEXICO! :)

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