Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Soul Searching...

Well, you are probably wondering why I put such a corny title to my email this week, but I'll tell you why! I no longer feel stressed, ovrewhelmed, or down! You know why? because after 10.5 months of serving my mission, I have finally decided to be myself! I realized that when I got set apart as a representative of christ, I became lame... I have been trying to be someone that I'm not for the last 10 months of my mission, and the truth is that I was pretty much lying to everyone! So, this last monday night I got thinking about who I am and what is really important in the mission. I made my list, and I decided to be the person I have always been. The truth is is that I like to talk to people, I like to talk about the gospel, and I like to have fun and be myself. This week... I DID IT! Just decided that I'm not going to suffer trying to fit into everyone elses expectations! I LOVED THIS WEEK! It was easier to get up, to do exercise, to eat, to love my companion, to love the members, to ENJOY THE MISSION! 

Ok, so now that my incredibly deep testimony about who I am is over, lets talk about what went down this saturday..... BAPTISM!!!!! This time Jacobo! The darker skinned man that was taking photos outside the church with his brother in law! It was so great, but we had a couple of challenges... First of all, the ward decided to show up to clean the church while we were getting ready. The put the chairs up and mopped, leaving a "wet floor" sign, don't pass plastic stand thing! so, after waiting a while to enter the church again, we put the chairs back and started the baptism. It was awesome! This next weekend we are going to baptise jorge and carolina, but we need to see if we can get them married first.... either way, jacobos baptism and confirmation was so great!

Mexican Rain! Just a heads up, monsoon season in las vegas doesn't come close... So we had to go the part of our area that is farthest from 
our house. We left with clear blue skies and just our satchels and shirts. We walk the 30 blocks to get to where we were going to meet with other eldres to get some papers, and it begins to sprinkle. Ah, no big... Half way crossing the street I was afraid we were going to have another noah's ark moment. We got soaked before even crossing the street and then we decided that we were already wet enough with dirty rain that we needed to head back to the house... I was so soaked, you could see my skin through my shirts and my pants went that uncomfortable thick, hard, soaked feeling while my shoes became little titanics, slowly filling up with water until it became uncomfortable to walk... and you know what? I LOVED IT! These are the types of things that make memories and help us be grateful. Rainy season has officially started until october and this same thing is probably going to happen at least a couple times a week...

I really don't have much time because we need to go to the family home evening in the church, and this keyboard is chafa (sucks) and I can't even type a word without some kind of problem. Thsi is going to be a short one, but it still has all the same love. I appreciate all the love and support you guys give me! 

I would just like to end with my testimony. This church is true! I know that christ lives and directs his church! I testify that God wants to make us better, but we need to use what we already have first! I know that we are each where we need to be, and if we do our best, we willa ll be in the same place someday! (celestial kingdom) I hope you all have a great week!

Love ya!
Elder Nathan Bill Norr

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