Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm more healthy than I thought...‏10 months out

So this week has been a good one! We had some pretty awesome and unforgettable experiences and I think that this has been a successful week! We have some pretty crazy plans right now so I only have like 5 minutes to write this letter...
First off, Photo shoot after church! So Jorge, Jacobo, and Carolina came to church with us again this week! They truly have been prepared by God to accept this gospel! I go outside after church and Jorge is taking a picture of Jacobo on the backside of the church. I told them we could take pictures in front of the plaque and they said awesome. We went out front and they were saying how they are going to send these pictures to all their friends to let them know about how awesome this Gospel is. They start posing and we are taking pictures. One of them has the book of mormon and the other the bible and we took a bunch of pictures with them! They have a date for the 21 of June!
second! Daniel! This guy is awesome, but he has been going through some problems lately with finding work. He won't accept a Job if he has to work on Sunday! He is truly such a great example for me! He is so ready to get baptized this saturday!!! I am so excited for him! I truly love this gospel and it is so sad to see people being held back by teh mischeivious behaviour of the adversary. The important part.... God will ALWAYS WIN! I know that this is just a small moment and that this Gospel will bless the life of Daniel and ours if we live it well!
Went to the psychologist and she gave me some exercises to do every 2 days and I have been doing pretty awesome! I feel more relaxed, but I would love to have another 3 or 4 hours in each day to be able to get thing done! We get up, do exercise, eat, get dressed, study, work, eat, work, eat, plan, sleep. It passes so quickly sometimes.... OH NO! 10 MONTH ALERT! This is weird... I still remember the airport in vegas when i said goodbye to the "padres"... Time really does pass so quickly!
Ok, so I am actually a lot healthier than I thought! We went with Dr. Herrera today to check my knee (the psychologist told us to go with him) and he also fixed an ingrown toenail. I asked him to check my colitis. He did and said "what colitis" Your intestines are just a little inflamed. Here are some meds and in a couple of weeks you'll be good, but don't eat lots of salsa. Turns out that the other doctor misdiagnosed my colitis and gave me that diet... DIET OVER! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also had to get my knees injected again... Kinda sucked, but that's ok :) Turns out that that little piece of my knee that always moved when I bent my knee was one of my ligaments. The doc injected me to take away the inflamation and fix the ligament. Healthy! Feelin good! Not to stressed! I testify that God knows that plan; we can find peace and comfort in that knowledge!
So we have to go, but I love you all lots and hope you guys are doing great! I truly know that this church is true, bt this week I have read lots about the pioneers and everything that they went throught to let us have this incredible gospel! I find my problem of people not wanting to talk to me in the street to be rather unimportant when compared to what they went through... I am so greatful for my parents for helping me have this incredible gospel in my life! The church is true! if you want to know that for yourself, don't ask me! Ask God! Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Norr
My comp and I decided to play avengers this week.. haha
My compe and I eating on friday! Chicken!

us with jorge, jacobo and carolina! They are so awesome

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