Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The time goes by soo fast!!!!

Ok, so I am pretty sure I have no idea where this cycle went! This cycle has been so fast with Elder Cuscagua and I feel like it is going TOO fast! I obviously miss you guys lots, but I don't want to be home yet! This week has been a different one and I can honestly say that God has touched our lives and helped us meet with people that are really ready to accept the gospel!
First off, sad news.... We got a call from Laura and we went to see her. She was really sad looking and I knew that it had something to do with her parents. Just a little while earlier she came to my mind and the random thought that her parents had done something. We get there and she is outside her house. She explains to us that she has some debts and stuff and that her dad (even though she is 39) said that she is not allowed to live in that house if she is listening to us or going to church. Her parents are really irreligious and don't even really believe in God... It was so sad to have to leave her. She told us that she would read the book of mormon and within the next little while she is going to do everything possible to move out of her house and be able to get baptized. Satan really is trying to stop this incredible work, but as long as Elder Nor and Elder Cuscagua are living representatives of christ, HE WON'T WIN!!!!!!
Also, we went with Mario this week and his son told him that he got home after drinking lots and was inside the house asleep.... :/ his son is also listening and can progress but has a couple of issues that we are tryingt o work out right now, but we are going to do everyting possible! 
Ok MIRACLE ALERT!!!!! We were going to a lesson and a guy on the sidewalk said hi to us and told us that his brother asked him to find us and ask us to come over on monday night. We went, and he has truly been prepared by God to accept the gospel in his life! His name is Daniel and he suffers from chronic depression and has tried to take his life quite a few times, but now he wants to grow closer to god. He is separated from his wife and has a young son that he can't see. He wants so badly to be good. He has already read almost all the pamphlets and we are working right now on the plan of salvation to help him know a little bit more of the atonement and where he came from! He came to church, and he loved it! He is going to be baptized the 14th of june! we are so excited for him!
Ok, so now we are going to talk about Jorge, Jacobo, and Caroline! Jorge and Jacobo are brothers in law and they actually contacted us. We felt a little uneasy like they were going to rob us....but... they didn't. They asked us to go to there home. We get there and we teach the gospel of jesus christ: Faith, repentance, baptism, endure to the end, and exaltation and eternal life with God, Jesus Christ and our families. After teaching it, Jorge asks us "is that it?" Well yeah we replied. He then says "I can do more. I want to do more. I know I can help more people!" The angels literally decended down from heaven singing halleluah! This people are so incredible and they all came to church this week! I love them so much and I know that they will be incredible members if we can ehlp them feel the holy ghost and become converted!
So this week we almost weren't in the house.
Monday: went to the temple to the doctor and then the offices and stuff.
Tuesday: Daddy-son day with the president! Just kidding haha but it was with trainers and their kids to help us be better.
Wednesday: Went to chopo to do blood test and brain scans to see what's going on with me
Thursday: Weekly planning as a zone in the stake center
Friday: in the house, but we went to the paper store and bought me an awesome stress relieving ball with a smiley face on it! haha :)
Saturday: We studied in the house and ran all over looking for our investigators to remind them to come to church
So, our president has us doing something really great! Each week we study one gospel principle (all week) and then at the end of each week in our letter to the president we write what we have learned and bear our testimony. I would like to extend the same invitation to you all! This week I studied patiente (I wonder why). I invite each of you to read the scriptures a little bit each day about a specific topic to help you gain a testimony of the truth. To the people who don't have a book of mormon, you are going to need it :) please talk to the local missionaries!
I know this church is true and I know that this work (in the words of my mom) "is not for sissies" haha love ya mom! I know that we need to enjoy our lives because if we enjoy it, we will learn more from it! I was reading an incredible talk from the October General conference by Richard G. Maynes about how to gain a testimony. He explained that "like physical health, if we want to have a strong testimony, we have to pay the price of dedication, discipline, and perseverance! I know that this church is true and hope to see you all at the other end of this week doing great and still being awesome!
Love ya lots!
Elder Norr
P.S. WE still haven't been able to go to the doctor to examen the brain scans so we will have to talk about that next week!

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