Monday, May 19, 2014

well, only God knows...

this week has been really different.... We have been trying so hard to do everything we need to to help us find more people to teach, and I know that this work is really God's! We had lots of people that we contacted in the last week give us an appointment to return and visit them, and they were there! I have never felt the spirit so strongly in the lessons as I have this last week! I truly have a stronger testimony that this is the Lord's church! So, I am going to try to be better with letting you guys know about our investigators. First, Laura Flores. One word... "CHOSEN"! This woman is incredible and wants the Gospel so bad in her life. She has a 13 year old son that we still don't know, but she has such a great desire! In her guided visit of the church building, we explained the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy, showed her the sacrament table and the baptismal font. After the visit, she told us that she is going to quit her job to only work part time to be able to come to church and learn more about the gospel! I already love her so much! Then there is Mario Salazar. He is awesome, and came to stake conference with us. He has a couple problems, but he has the desire to grow closer to God and help other people. Another couple is Katia and Ernesto. They want to know more about eternal families and all of their questions fit perfectly into the plan of salvation! They didn't come to church, but I think they can progress great!
ok, so now that that part is done, we have some other stuff that went down. I got kinda sick on Friday night at he house of a member and we had to go to the doctor on Saturday morning... at the temple!!! we called all the doctors and all of their phones were shut off, so we called president and went to the temple to get checked out! I can honestly say that the spirit, even on the temple grounds, is so much stronger than other places. We got to he doctors office and there were a few other missionaries and a mission president. Got to talking to them, and the mission president knows Ez! His name is President Whitehead! Then, this sister named "sister Evans" came into the office. I hear her say that she is from Garland! I look at her for a second and then ask her if she has a brother in law named Dane Harris. Dear in the headlights look! It turns out that it is Liz's (dane's wife's) little sister! The world is small people! So it turns out that I don't do to well with stress... The doctor said that i have to go do some tests at the lab: a blood test and a brain scan! Yep, a brain scan! Apparently I need to learn to relax. No big, God knows what is going to happen and I have faith that he put me here for a reason and I still haven't reached my expiration date! :)
The church is so true! I can see it each day as we find willing brother and sisters who have the desire to remember what they once knew! I know that I am here for a reason, and only God knows what reason that is; but i can do everything in my power to help him fulfill that reason! Hope you are all doing great and if you have any questions, talk to the missionaries!
Love you all and hope you have an incredible week!!!
Love Elder Norr :)
I don't really remember the pictures, but one is Elder Cuscagua passed out on the bed and the others are us bowling, the mexican sunrise and the temple

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