Friday, March 28, 2014

Testifying to the "testigos"

What a week! The truth is that this week started out pretty hard, but it actually was an incredible week to help me learn! I got thinking and I started to talk to my compaƱero and I realized that we don't normally get up exactly on time, and that we were normally like 5 minutes later, and then with everyone needing to shower, we nomally didn't start our studies on time either... :/ I wasn't really feeling to good for the first couple days, but then Elder Toxqui and I talked and we started being more obedient. Guess what happened?!? Things got better! SHOCK!... We found some investigators that we hadn't seen in like a week and they told us we could teach them; we sat down on the curb and taught the vision (the first lesson that we teach to invite people to be baptized) and they both accepted!! Their names are Raymundo and Edgar! They are awesome, and they brought a third friend named "moises" (Moses) to church with them on sunday. IT IS A SIGN!!!!! :)
I have really gained a testimony of the importancee of obedience this week. We started being more obedient, and God started to bless us more. I have derived this formula to help illustate my point: ·$%&%$·&% + 283645/!·$%&% + the sum of your foot size = &%$%&/&·"! Got it?! I will interpret. GO TO CHURCH! READ THE SCRIPTURES! PRAY WITH REALLY INTENT! KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS! after doing this, YOU WILL RECIEVE YOUR ANSWER (blessings). Ok, now that we have established that concept, on with teh following topic of today's lesson. Any Questions? Wait.... I won't get them til next week anyway.... Just do your homework and you will get the answers!! :) haha 
ok, so Jehova's Witnesses are called "Testigos de Jehova" in Mexico. this week we successfully entered teh houses of 2 Testigos to teach teh vision. The first testigo we were really expecting a fight, and if it happened, we were going to leave, but it never happened.... We got through the whole lesson without many stumbles or stories and then we invited her to be baptized. She has been a testigo for 5 years, and she didn't understand why we recieved the spirit by teh laying on of hands... Acts 8 and 19!! She said she will do some research and will tell us on thursday! I just hope she doesn't want to argue... I don't like to argue because it truly does push teh spirit away, but we'll see what happens!!
Round 2!!! FIGHT!!!!!! In this corner we have the good looking american from las vegas and his equally awesome companion from Puebla Mexico! In the  other corner, we have the Varona Familia that lives on calle 26... It wasn't really a fight, but we did gte to teach them. They said the name Jehova like 5000 times and each time they said it, I thought to myself why do they keep saying jehova and then Jesus Christ. I know the beliefs of the J-Dubs, but still. We taught the lesson and we invited them to be baptized. They accepted.... But then they said they mainly want to hear more the God's word and find the truth, because they don't believe the true church of God was on the earth..... YES IT IS!!! DING DING DING!!!! FIGHT! This time, I did get a little more out there with my words because the truth is that if we don't help these people understand the truth and feel the power and truth of this Gospel, they might not ever find the truth in this life. I asked them to listen carefully and to pay a lot of attention to their feelings in the following minute or 2. I Testified that this church, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one true church of God on this earth, and that they didn't need to search any more for the truth because they were listening to 2 messangers from God to help them understand the Gospel and someday return to his presence as an Eternal Family. My companion then extended the baptismal invitation again that "if they can know for themselves that this is true, if they will be baptized into the true church of God?" They said that if they know, they'll do it!! YES!!!!! Our next lesson with them isn't til the Next sunday, but I KNOW that they can accept this gospel and be able to progress!
Last experience, and then i have to go take a nap before our Junta at 6 in the church. We went to visit the familia papas (potato), but that's not really their name. Everyone only knows them as that because they have a potato chip shack thing outside their store. But anyways, we went with them because we couldn't find ANYONE to teach and they are always available before lunch. We went, and we met them in teh street, they were leaving..... :/ They were going with a sistr that hurt her back about a month ago, and now she can't walk nor come to church cause it hurts her too bad. We get there. We knock. She yells to us that no is their and that a sister that lived about 15 minutes away had the key. We didn't know if the sister was home, but just before we went to leave, the door opened. The sister had gotten out of bed and had walked like 70 feet to the door to let us in to drop off the food!!! Sister Papas grabbed her to prevent her from falling and then I ran and grabbed the walker to help her walk. She went into the kitchen with sister papas and we helped hno. papas fix the door and grease up a few things in teh house to fix them. WE then entered the kitchen and offered to give her a priesthood blessing. She said yes, and asked if I would give it. As I put my hands on her head and began the blessing, I began to feel a tiny bit of the love that God has for this woman, and that love filled me with a love that helped me give this sister a blessing. I finished and I saw this sister differently. She wasn't just an injured sister, she was a loved daughter of God that he wanted to help. I was going to help her stand up, but she said no. She said through grunts of effort " YO TENGO QUE PODER!!" (I have to be able to do this) in this moment, this sister became an example to me. We face so many trials in this life, but we have to make our stand and say "TENGO QUE PODER!" I know that God is with us, and for that experience, my love for God's children has grown and I have been able to see the blessings of God more in my own lfe. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to be someday, and I have truly felt impressed to study in teh field of Physical Therapy. There is so much gospel application and I love helping people. Also if it wasn't for physical therapists and good doctors, I wouldn't be able to run, play sports, or even lift my arms..
I truly know that this church is true, and testify of it's divinity and perfection. God has put this gospel on the earth to help us find the right path and help us bless the lives of others. I know that the book of mormon is true and that with teh bible, we can be fortified in our knowledge o the truth. I know that I am in Mexico for a reason, and even in hard moments, we all need to push ahead with faith and then God with help us with the part that we lack. "TENEMOS QUE PODER!!!" (We have to be able to do this)

I hope you all have an incredible week, and know that I love and appreciate each and every one of you!
Love Elder Norr!

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