Tuesday, March 18, 2014

19!? Wow, that was fast!!

well, this has been a fast week, and also a really awesome week! We found 2 new investigators this week and they are truly incredible! They love the gospel, and showed up to church a half hour early without a fellowshiper to help them or to pass by. They have the baptismal date for the 29th of March, and I truly know that they are prepared for the Gospel! Also, I would like to formally say thank you to all the people who sent me a shout out on my special day! This day has been cool and I loved the Ties I got sent!!! Thank you! YOu guys know me so well! Ties... YES I love them so much!!!! This week has been pretty cool, and I guess I will start with this last week!
Tuesday: Pretty normal. We worked hard, and we found the new investigators SoƱia and her mom Concepcion. They are awesome!
Wednesday.... ok, I can't write lame letters like that that go day by day. I just don't have the capacity to wrie well in that form. This week has been good, but it has also had it's ups and downs. One of teh recent converts started to have a couple problems, but he is super strong and wants to serve a mission. He is currently the young men's president and he does a great job! We went to eat with teh bishop on wednesday, and he.... wasn't home.... again... So we went to this economical kitchen and they gave us lots of food! For 2 bucks!!!! SWEET!!!!! This week should be a good week, but I really don't have much to say this week! It's not that this week wasn't cool, but nothing super exciting happened... oh, so we went with a brother who has been really inactive for the last couple of years, but his family is super active, and his wife is the relief society president.  We started talking to him and he just unloaded questions on us and I honestly felt like he was trying to fight with us. He couldn't get
 passed how the book of mormon says some stuff, but history says something else. The truth I learned is this: We have to be firm in the truths we have recieved in our lives. If we begin to question, or wonder if something isn't true, in that moment, satan jumps in and starts trying to tempt and confuse us. We need to be strong, firm, focused, and then God will bless us with the testimony that something is true. Also, a family asked me to say the prayer for the food in English... couldn't do it.... It is now harder to speak english than spanish, so I almost never speak spanish. I stumbled so much in that prayer and I was trying to directly translate everything.... SO HARD!!!!! THIS IS WHY WE SPEAK SPANISH IN MEXICO!!!!!! Gosh, no wonder not many people speak english here, it is SO HARD!!!!!! 
I just want to finish with my testimony, and I only pray that you may feel the way I feel when reading this. I know that this church, The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the ONE and ONLY TRUE CHURCH OF GOD ON THIS EARTH! I know that the priesthood was restored by heavenly messangers to Jose Smith. I KNOW the book of Mormon is True and that it contains the gospel of jesus christ needed for our salvation. I testify of the importance of a testimony. a testimony is a shield, a testimony is a sword, a testimony is power. I know that if we live the commandments of God, we WILL RECIEVE A TESTIMONY. I know that this life is a life of sacrifice, but I also testify that God will always give us a greater blessing for giving things up to fulfill his commandments. I know that each time we bear our testimony, we become stronger in that testimony because we are proving to God and ourselves that these things are true. I know that I am in Mexico for a reason, and that even when I have days that I miss my family and friends, if I keep working, God will make it known to me through his other children. I know that THis is the only church on this earth that possesses the true priesthood of God, and that having that power is a privelege, not a right. We must earn the blessings of God! I know these things are true, and I will never grow tired of sharing my testimony, because IT IS TRUE! I love you all, thanks agin for writing me on my special day!!! The time goes by really fast, enjoy the time that you have!!!!!!
Have a great week, and know that my love is with you all!!!
Elder Norr

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