Monday, December 2, 2013

.......I'm going to be a dad.....

Ok, so this week has truly been an incredible week, but before everyone totally just trips out over the title that I put, I have a little story for you all. So the assistants to the president came to chew us out because the mission is really losing motivation. They were talking about people who would be training. I thought "ok, cool, no big cause I won't have to." Ok, so they get to that part and start talking about the people who are going to train the brand new missionaries that are going to come in a week. "Walker, Cumbal..... blah, bah blah," and then, "Elder Norr". I really felt like that gut wrenching feeling when you are about to get pulled over, and my expression went "deer in the headlights". Me?, "Yes, you elder Norr" and then Lugo starting freaking out and hugging me and everyone congratulated me. So, here in about a week I will have a son! I have never been nervous in my entire life because my son is either going to be latin american, or from spain, and chances are that he will speak no english. Lugo is my dad, and Also, My grandpa going home in a week; his name is elder buchanan and he came to visit us today. He is really chill, and so we took a lot of "generation photos" which was pretty cool.

We had a baptism this week! It was so incredible be cause we have been teaching this young man named alan for a coupe of weeks, and we go to his house to teach him, and he wasn't there... but his mom and all his brothers were. They have never been really religious, but we took them to a guided visit of the church building. At the end, when we were explaining baptism and showing them the font, the spirit was truly so strong, and Elder Lugo extended the invitation of baptism for the 21 of december. She was very unsure, but Elder Lugo and I bore our testimonies to her, and she ended up committing her and all of her kids to that day! SO EXCITING! The only problem is that they didn't come to church on sunday, so therefore, we have to bump their date back to the 28th. It is sometimes so frustrating because people say that they will be ready to go to church, but we pass by, knock on the door, and NO ONE comes out.... :( it is truly difficult sometimes because these people do not realize the blessings they are missing out on by not coming to church. We are really going to try to amp up our teaching this week and get our people to commit and progress more. 

But anyways, I realized that I didn't tell you guys about the baptism. So Hugo Olimpo, the first man that I baptized has a wife, and her name is guadelupe. We had another guided visit with her, and at the end (on saturday night) we were showing her the baptismal font, and Lugo extended the date TOMORROW. I wasn't sure, but I was a little nervous. She thought about it for a second, and then said "I believe I'm ready" YYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! Lugo and his wife are now both baptized and can work on getting sealed after the temple reopens because they still need to get married (by law) but also, about a year ago Hugo had a heart attack or stroke or something that completely paralyzed the right half of his body. Well, now he can almost walk normally, and he can now open and close his right hand as well as write a little bit. He still cannot talk, but he is increasing soo much, and he told me that in about a year he should be back to normal. ONLY A YEAR! I don't leave for 2! I'm soooo excited to visit him towards the end of my mission and see how much he has improved. His family truly deserves to be blessed because they really are such incredible people. 

The spanish is coming along, and apparently it's enough to train someone, but it still is something that I pray about often. My friend brailee (Sister Ogden) wrote me and told me that Quentin L. Cook came to her mission for a talk. She told me that he said "Never underestimate the power of your faith!" I just love that! Faith is truly a principle of power!" And I truly believe that. God truly wants to grant us the desires of our heart, but sometimes we are the ones who lack the faith to recieve the blessings that we want. 

Oh, and I got to wear a luchador mask! Jacobo, a young man in our ward has about 7 masks, and we were eating at his house. We all put one on, and had a little photo shoot! It was so cool, and I really hope I can find luchador masks somewhere because they really are super cool!

One more thing. We got to go teaching with the bishop on sunday night! It is so strange because the people are so much more willing to talk to the bishop than us (makes sense though) and while we were with one couple, the bishop asked them when the last time was that they had went to the temple. These people are active members and hold stake callings, but the answer that we got SHOCKED ME SO BAD...... They thoughtfully replied "6 YEARS....." I was completely blown away! I have not went to the temple in 3 months, and I want to so bad, and it makes me sad because the temple in our mission is closing the first week in January and won't open til July..... OF NEXT YEAR! I will never get to go to the temple during my mission, but I truly bore my testimony of my love for the temple to that family, and I truly hope that they can get their recommends again to be able to go to the temple.

Ok, so i think that is it for this week, but I truly am so nervous to train! I really have felt the spirit this week as we have taught people. I try to be bold and be willing to say everything that the spirit prompts me to; it's incredible at how firm and outright blunt some of the things are that I have said after being prompted and tryed to put it off. I truly have a firm faith that this church is true, and that I am here not only to teach people about christ, but also help them find the path that will lead them to become like christ. I know that Thomas S. monson is a true prophet of God, and that the holy ghost will truly guide us if we are willing to give ear to its promptings. Our lives our good, but they can always be better if will allow christ to become an active part of it. I love you all, and I will not lie, I really was missing the U.S. on thanksgiving. I had my own "special dinner" though :) I know that this church is true and I hope you all have an incredible week!

Love you all!

Elder Nathan Norr

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