Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oye, como están? 4 Months Out

ok, so i don't have much time because it's almost 9:30, and I am actually writing from a members laptop while my companion says goodbye to everyone. We are still together, so no one worry, but Elder Lugo has been here for almost 10 months, and everyone loves him, so we have been running all day! I have a butt-load of stuff to tell all of you guys.

First, mom, the flower poinsetta yes started in Mexico, but here it is called "noche buena" and it was discovered by Taska Guerrera, and it is gorgeous and because it grows here, it is super cheap. For a large bouquet of flowers, it is like 20 pesos, or 2 dollars. We went to visit the familly that has the poinsetta tree in their courtyard and took a couple photos.

Also, because Lugo is leaving, we have been eating with everyone, and so when i checked my weight today, another 2 kilos (5 pounds), but we had teh chance to go to an awesome seafood restaurant with the Bautista Family, and I had a HUGE PLATE of shrimp completely soaked in butter. It was delicious, but as I was eating, I could almost hear my stomach pleading "Why? Why Elder Norr? I don't want to be on the biggest loser after my mission", but nonetheless, I ate it, and it was awesome!

Last night we went to a party, and we ate like 5 times yesterday, and i have never felt soo full in my entire life, but we went to the Gonzales family and ate pasole, and after we had a party to break piñatas and then we sang a bruno mars song. It was soo funny because i broke the piñata, and so the sister went up on the deck and was about to dump it out on all of us. Elder Walker and Elder Lugo were waiting in anticipation for the dilicious goodies that were about to rain down from the heavens. The sister flipped the piñata, and out they fell..... APPLES, ORANGES, and Onions!!!!!! Walker about got knocked out, and Lugo about lost some teeth, but then we all raced to pick up the fruits and vegetables that were scattered about on the ground. 

This week has been kinda hard because lots of people have been busy, and we haven't had a lot of people keep their commitments, and honestly, I feel a genuine sadness for the people that don't let us in, or choose not to keep a commitment because I understand that they are missing out on the blessings of god in their family. I only hope that this week with my son that we will be able to soften their hearts and hlep them understand the blessings that they WILL RECIEVE when they are living the commitments we leave. 

Oh yeah, and lugo and I had to teach a general authority! In front of 2 stakes! My spanish almost completely disappeared, and I have never been so nervous in my entire life! I will tell you more later. 

I got your photos this week, and I would like to say thank you for completely trunking me out with photos of the house, and inside the house! I completely love getting your emails, and I hope you guys know that I truly recieve so much support and motivation from all your letters. 

I know this letter was really short, but I hope you all know that I love you, and hope you are doing well!

Love Elder Norr
Ok, so i just wanted to send you this picture because I'm not going to lie, My butt is FREAKING HUGE in this photo. Try to show it to all the sisters. I need some prospects! totally kidding, but love you all! Hope you like the pictures. The big group is our zone!

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