Monday, October 28, 2013

What's Up What's Up?-Week 11

OK everyone! What´s going on? I hope you are all doing fantastic. I know I am! Ok So this week has been pretty crazy! We haven't had too many appointments, and that kinda bums me out, but I do have quite a few funny stories to tell you about, and got a couple things to let you guys know about. First off, I am going to answer all the questions that everyone asks me different emails in an attempt to finish typing to everyone before I run out of either time or money (not sure which will happen first) yes, Nat I have been getting all of your emails, and the email  ".net" is the right one. Heck to the yes we celebrate Halloween, but I'm also a little nervous because some of the people down here are pretty creepy...  I also got the package, and I think that you guys will like the picture that I have to show you guys :) 

Ok, so first off, I am going to tell you gus a little more about the culture of mexico, and it is one word... FOOD! Oh my gosh, each day i just feel fat. I'm starting to get fat like a normal person, and I´'m not sure if that is good or not... But the good thing is that I don't know why but I have tons of energy, and so I have been going to the gym a lot and excercising a lot, and to answer the question that no one will ever ask me, YES, I am getting pretty buff, thank you for noticing haha totally kidding, that still will probably never happen. But anyways, they eat sooo much food here. I am literally forcing food down my throat to try to eat as much as possible so I don't affend the person that is feeding us. So we went and had pizza at a members house, and she made 30 7 inch pizzas and expected the whole army of us 6 missionaries to eat them ALL. ummm... I don't think so. So i only ate 4 pizzas, but hey, I tried. Also, we go to Sister Rosa Albas house, and after trying to eat as much as I can, I apologize for not eating enough. I only ate a huge plate of rice, two bowls of soup and 2 bowls of dessert... and after I apologize, she says to me "it's ok elder, but you need to start eating more, because you won't be able to find any girl that wants to marry you if you return home that thin" MAN! Woman please! I did not know how to respond, so I laughed and told her that I would eat more. 

ok, so we had another baptism this week, and and what's even more crazy is that I got the chance to confirm MICHAEL during sacrament meeting. I have given so many blessing already, and I think I have done like 7 this week, but each time, it gets easier for the spirit to guide my spanish to say the words that God wants me to, but still, it was nerve racking to give michael a blessing in front of the whole ward.

So we were having our weekly planning meeting on thursday at the stake center, and i was aobut to walk out in the hall, and all these WHITE PEOPLE WALK IN!! WHAT?! WHITE PEOPLE!? I politely greet them in spanish, and then I realize that they don't speak spanish! BLASPHEMY! Turns out they were all from utah, and they were part of some chruch resource division, and they all spoke ENGLISH! You guys really can't understand how incredible it was. It was like I just met Justin Bieber (yeah not really), but I did kinda freak out in front of all of them at how cool it was that they spoke english. They were all so nice, and it was awesome to speak english for a minute.  

So yesterday, I learned.... HOW TO MAKE TACOS from the best taco guy in our ward! he legitimately has the greatest tacos, and he showed us all of his ingredients and how much and how to make everything. Watch out america! When I get back, you won't know what hit you. BOOM! Nathan the Taco Man! I LIKE IT! I might just decide to have a career shift on my mission! PSYCH! But seriously, I am going to make you guys some awesome tacos! :)

Ok, so mom, it's funny that you told me that I should write a book, because that's what I did this week! Elder Holley is coming home on wednesday, and I always joked about making a Returning to Normal book. I decided that that was what I was going to do! So walker and I made 10 incredible, completely one-sided, incorrect comical pages at how an elder can return to the normal world. We included 10 topics: Music, Movies and TV, Driving, Dancing, Dating, Talking to women, How to dress, Dealing with PMCWS (Post-mission companion withdrawl syndrome) sociality, and social trends. It was awesome! I have a picture of it, and I will send it to you guys!

Well, that should be all the fun stuff for this week! Also, Day of the dead is this week, and that is oging to be CRAZY! I should have tons of pictures of that! Before I go, I would lik to talk about someone we taught this week! We taught michael's family, and we were oging to baptize them the 9th, but jordy's first comunion is that day. YEP! He is giong to become catholic and the week after, he will become mormon. He doesn't want to be catholic, but his mom is a little weird, and says he has to do it. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. We talked about the importance of reading and praying everyday. We bore our testimonies that as they continue to read and pray, they will know like us, that they are supposed to be baptized. I realized something. WE are nothing! The spirit teaches everything, and my big thing is staying diligent so that when the spirit needs to teach through me, I will be able to deliver the correct message. I have a testimony of testimonies. Each time we bear them, we are fortifying ourselves against the attacks and thoughts of the adversary. I know that if we read and pray each day, we will be able to overcome any and all problems that we will have! I love you all, and Hope that you have an incredible week! This church is most definitely true, and I have the opportunity to tell other people that  each and every day!

have a great week!

Love Elder Nathan Norr
Pictures from last are just some random funny pictures we took last week! Schaap is smiling when I'm not and walker is in green! LOVE YOU GUYS!

 Love this one...the true him

 His 1st arrived safely and pretty timely sent Oct 3(so roughly 25 days to arrive)

 That's guy that we are holding is our bishop! He is so cool! and That guy standing next to me is Elder Holley (probably one of my best friends) oh, and mom, Holley would LOVE for you guys to come to his home coming! It is Nov. 10 in the Meadows 8th ward, but he doesn't know what time it starts. He should call you!

 The Book

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