Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2 Months Out!!!!

well, this week has been a really good week! I can't believe how excited I was to get to my email and check to see if I had emails from all of you incredible people :) This week really has been a really quick week, and I can't believe that I have been out 2 months TODAY! My district is awesome, and we have such a good time all the time. It's funny because we have 4 white elders and only 2 natives, and when we walk anywhere together everyone looks at us. Today, Elder Lugo (my companion), and Elder Paredes (walker, my white american homie's companion) wanted to sleep so elder walker and I went to the bodega (grocery store) to buy food. It was like everyone was stunned when we were in the store. Everyone stared us down; it's like they've never seen 2 good looking white people in their whole life haha just kidding, but seriously. EVERYONE STARED AT US! Mom, what you said about that guy saying that we just have to buy stuff down here. I have a budget, and no matter how hard I try, I can never afford PEANUT BUTTER. its 50 pesos, and I only spend 200 pesos a week on food! That's all I really want. Peanut butter, and I love getting pictures from you guys! I get so much motivation from that pictures that i see of you guys on my wall, and each week on my email. When I get enough pictures, I'm going to get them developed at the photo center down the street, but until then, and please after, keep sending me pictures! 

We have lots of investigators, but it's really hard because they just don't have the desire to do our commitments. We check up with them all the time, but it's just that they are too lazy to have the desire to do what they need to. I refuse to let people who are soooooo close to having the gospel in their lives just give up on it. Im going to do everything in my power to help these people understand the magnitude of this decision in their lives, but at the same time, we need to take the advice from general conference "we can't force others to have the spirit, we can only give them the opportunity to see and feel it through the way that we live our lives". 

No mom, I have not gotten parasites from eating cow intestines, but I prefer to have the sausage tacos. I actually haven't had stomach troubles. The only stomach problem that I've had is that I can feel mine growing... I started last monday exercising every morning up on the roof for either 30-45 minutes, and I started back into the 1000 crunch challenge. i got to about 250, and I swear I was about to cry. My stomach was sooooooo sore, but I refuse to get fat on my mission. I am only going to gain good weight on my mission, both spiritually and physically. I've been reading my scriptures a lot, and I've truly gained a stronger testimony of the scriptures. Even if we feel like we are not reading anything that we can apply to our lives, we will still be blessed with comfort and peace as we continue to read. I know that the stronger our testimonies are, and the more we strive to strengthen our spiritual side, we will be able to overcome or endure whatever challenges that we will encounter in our lives. But we must also remember President Maynes talk that in order to get in shape takes effort, self-discipline, and time. We must continually be working to become stronger. 

Well, most of the stuff I have talked about this week is spiritual stuff, and while I'm still talking, I'll talk about conference. You can NEVER REALLY UNDERSTAND how INCREDIBLE conference is until you get the opportunity to watch it as a full-time missionary. I have never felt the spirit SOOOO STRONG by watching conference. I was finding that my pen could not move quickly enough to catch all the incredible revelation that we were recieving that we can apply to our lives. I found myself antsy waiting for the next session because I couldn't wait to hear what else they had to tell us. i would definitely say my favorite talk was by... well, I don't know which one to choose, but I loved all of them sooooo much, and I was soo sad when president Monson said the fairwell at the end of the last session. I was soooo motivated to just go out and baptize someone, even if that meant just carrying a huge 5 gallon bucket, of course I didn't do that because that's incorrect baptism, but if someone really wanted to be baptized, I would have fit them in a five gallon bucket of water right then!  :) haha

I'm soo glad to hear that all of you are doing well, and I hope you all know how much I look forward to getting your emails each week. The language is definitely coming, and I find that a lot of the time, that I am saying things that I was never thinking, and in reality, wasn't processing as thoughts at all; my mouth was just moving, and the people had a face that I was actually making sense. Nat, you said you wanted to hear the story about the deaf woman that I felt prompted to pray for her hearing. Sadly... I neglected that prompting and simply said a normal prayer. I truly wish I would have had enough faith and courage to say what I thought, even if there was the chance that it didn't happen. I know that we will always miss all of the shots we don't take, and to everyone that reads this: PLEASE, do not brush off the promptings or thoughts that you may have. If you are truly trying to live the best way that you can, you will be guided by the spirit, even if you don't clearly identify something as a prompting. 

I truly know that we are guided by the Lord, even when we are not thinking such. I know that... i'll do it in spanish and you can plug it into google translate. Yo sé con todo mi corazon que estamos guiados por Díos, aunque no realizemos. Yo sé que podemos hacer mucho mucho mas que pensamos y podemos ser herramientas en las manos de Díos si estamos dignos. yo sé mas que todo que Díos nos ama mas que podemos imaginar y que podemos mejorar nuestras vidas cada dia se estamos esforzandonos a lograr to las personas en nuestras vidas que están teniendo problemas y desafíos. Yo sé que esta iglesia es verdadera y cada de nosotros, no importa donde moramos, podemos ser misioneros a las otras personas que conocemos. Por favor, no se impida de tener las bendiciones en sus vidas que pueden ayudarles en qualquíer aspecto que necesitemos. 

I love you all with all my heart, and look forward to hearing about your next week and all of the incredible things that you guys will do. 

Elder Nathan Bill Norr

Ok, so the story behind the dress is that dia de los muertos is coming up, and one of our member friends has a store, and everyone had already tried to put the dress on, and so when i tried, I didn't think it would fit, it did... 

The picture of the 3 of us is the first presidency picture that is everywhere with monson sitting and eyring and uchtdorf standing behind him
This is my district. The guy in the back is holley, and the guy next to him in the back is Schaap. Paredes and walker are the other two guys, and Lugo and I. plus the sisters in our district

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